Dread Girl PDF ✓ Paperback

Dread Girl My Girlfruend read this and said it was an excellent book once started was hard to put it down Aimed at teenagers but im certainly no teenager and loved it She cannot wait for Annes next book They call the Head Girl 'Dread Girl' in Annie Wilkinson's school Loathed by everyone whoever steps into her shoes is bound to find herself the target of flicked fingers rude remarks and hostile looks The Prefects or The Perfects as they are known are almost as detested as the Dread Girl Who would want to be one of them As soon as the badge is pinned on a Perfect's chest that's it He or she become the target of ridicule and abuse Annie has no intention of being so visible She doesn't have the right hair or the right clothes Her boobs are non existent Her new dentures make her sound like her Nan All she wants is to keep her head down slip under the radar and pass her final year in school without incident So when Annie's name appears on the new prefect's list she is suddenly thrust into the limelight But there is worse to come

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