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The Island of the Women So far I have only read the first story in this collection of short stories by George Mackay Brown and I loved it The first story The Island of Women is set in medieval Orkney and tells the story of a noble woman who takes a sea king as a lover while her husband is fighting in the Crusades It is beautifully written as are all of George Mackay Brown's books and has the feeling of an Orkney sagaI am looking forward to reading the other stories in this collection This collection of short stories set in ancient times was a very difficult read I didn't find it flowed like I expected it to I wouldn't necessarily recommend this to anyone and wouldn't read it again However having said all that I get the feeling that George Mackay Brown's other work would be well written although I don't know why I might give another of his books a shot at some point As always Mackay Brown's writing is just stunning Rich and atmospheric with here an approach to time that fascinates and mystifies in eual measure One of the stories here states that Time walks the islands in a coat of green and it does seem that Time itself works as a character in these narratives From the tiniest minutiae of everyday life one is suddenly tossed into the whirlwind of mythic time ages spinning by in seconds give a glimpse of a much larger tapestry on a loom of ever weaving years The rugged magic of the Orkneys abounds in each one of these tales This collection is just gobsmackingly good These six stories lead back to Orkney's past and to fables To break a siege of the Broch of Guirness unlikely champions come forward for single combat Njalsay is seen through the eyes of a poor idiot laird misunderstood by his people and a poet becomes laureate by embracing silence

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