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The Selected Poems of Cavafy The Greek poet C P Cavafy 1863 1933 is one of the most singular and poignant voices of twentieth century European poetry, conjuring a rich interior world through lyrical evocations of remembered passions, imagined monologues and dramatic retellings of his native Alexandria s ancient past. [Read] ➬ Fisica 1 - Principios y Problemas By Paul W. Zitzewitz – conjuring a rich interior world through lyrical evocations of remembered passions ❰BOOKS❯ ⚣ The Beautiful Disruption Author G.G. Renee Hill – imagined monologues and dramatic retellings of his native Alexandria s ancient past. Cavafy never published a volume of poetry in his lifetime, instead he chose to publish each poem separately in magazines or small self published pamphlets given to anyone who s interested I think he did that on purpose considering the fact that he was famous enough to publish a full volume.having to read these poems consecutively slowly becomes tiresome and boring since cavafy follows the exact same themes of greek history and homoeroticism, poems that, individually, are quite wonderful and moving, but after a while, start all being predictable and all sounding the same non the less through these poems you could tell what kind of person cavafy was and what kind of poet and I definitely liked what I saw, he wrote poetry for his own pleasure and happiness, he was a rebel and a non conformist, although slightly in denial of it, despite his very reclusive lifestyle another wonderful thing about his poetry is, unlike a lot of greek history themed poetry, you dont really have to know the facts to follow the ideas and, his style of poetry, although revolving around the greek culture was, apparently since I ve never read greek poetry very Non greek, and I could see that, he was obviously a modern poet.and lastly, his attitude towards homosexuality, he was born in 1863 and died in 1933 and, as you may know, thats not the funnest time to have gay sex but he realized what people thought of it, what Christianity said of it, but just simply dismissed it as bogus, published slightly vague poetry about it, and just lived on with grace, thats pretty amazing I do however think his eroticism was a little too objectifying and did not deal with the emotional aspects and so it lacked the beauty it could have had.but, again, it just got really boring to hear the same beautiful thoughts repeated over and over and over but every now and then an unexpected and beautifully written idea pops are some of my favorite poems that you could just read online Voices Prayer The Horses of Achilles Done The God Abandoning Antony Insight Darius A Young Writer In His Twenty Fourth Year In The Same Space personal favorite I ve also just read that the beauty of his poetry is almost completely lost in translation, and thats super sad to hear It always amazes how, sometimes, one finds a book completely by chance, and this book happens to be exactly what one needed at that very moment Those selected poems by Cavafy are such a book I knew the name, but nothing else The cover caught my eyes I bought it And I immediately fell under the charm of those unusual poems which are like exquisite miniatures, minuscule short stories that enthrall and evoke old, faraway worlds Some poems take the reader back to the Greece of Antiquity, and they re so vivid, so full of life, that they beautifully recreate the spirit, atmosphere, sense of life of those times Other poems are melancholic odes to the beauty of young men, to forbidden desires, to loves long gone, to the allure of youth those are quite poignant and heartbreaking, and their explicitly gay content remains stunningly powerful and contemporary Cavafy s writing isn t necessarily what one may expect from a traditional poet it s much than that. Part of The City , so far my most favorite poem in the book You will find no new land you will find no new seas.This city will follow you You will wander the samestreets and grow old in the same neighborhoods your hair will turn white in the same houses.And you will always arrive in this city Abandon any hopeof finding another place No ship, no road can take you there For just as you ve ruined your life herein this backwater, you ve destroyed it everywhere on earth I rejoiced in poems in which he recollects memories of previous lovers, filled with explicitness, with passion and desire and regret and longing and secrecy, with admiration for beauty, both physical and emotional no wonder i enjoyed so many of his works not the ones that are solely historical, either because i found them cold or for my lack of knowledge , as they mix reality and imagination and memory, a city on decline and people living in this city and himself observing and mingling with these people I came across a quote from one of Cavafy s poems while visiting an exhibition in Athens and I was intrigued enough to buy this small selection of his poems from the museum gift shop His directness and often melancholic style appealed to me as did the inspiration he drew from ancient history.My favourites were, for obvious reasons, the historical ones Ithaca, The God Abandons Anthony and Ionic, but also the City I felt like his poems often echoed my own feelings about belonging and exploration and I see why he strikes a chord with so many people I definitely intend to give his entire 154 poetries a read Doth thou seeketh epigraphs There are some beautiful reflective poems here, including well known ones, such as Ithaca, Waiting for the Barbarians and The God abandoning Anthony These and others are about the Greek, Roman or Alexandrian ancient past, real or imagined However, the imagined epitaphs to lost ancient youths lose their charm from over use.There are also poems about Alexandria at the turn of the 20th century, all with a yearning and longing for the past which is not sentimental My favourite of these is An Old Man.Finally, there are many about beautiful youths and forbidden passions, which are too repetitive for my taste. I like his style clean, sparse Lovely writing I ve noticed that I tend to like poets earlier work better Perhaps it just resonates with me because I am young.Favorites Antony s Ending, The Footsteps, The God Abandons Antony, Ithaka, and As Much as You Can, this last one less for the prose than for the sentiment expressed therein I d have to name The God Abandons Antony as my absolute favorite in this collection and one of my favorite poems of all time.Makes me want to write a rebuttal from Octavian s point of view, seeing as he is one of my heroes. I love Cavafy and his totally free way of writing poetry This edition has both Greek and English poems The translation is pretty solid, well made and the feeling is the same which is extrordinary His style has a lot to do with it and i would recommend it to people who are not familiar with poetry Amazing edition 3 A collection of rather academic poetry mostly themed around ancient history While I enjoyed the austere feel of the poems, I feel they must have lost something in the process of translation Particular gems are the poems that describe homosexual life at the time of the poet these glimpses of illicit meetings or longings for beautiful young men in an intensely homophobic time were worth than any imaginings of the lives of kings and emperors, which mostly made up the poetry collection.

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