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Warm Oklahoma Winter Heartwarming This is a well written tale about finding love in the midst of heartache The characters are well developed and the storyline flows from the pages An orphan is dragged to an elderly couple's home by an unscrupulous ruffian She's forced to work both inside and outside taking up the slack the older couple can no longer manage to do Any misstep or defiance is severely punished She meets a neighbor woman who stirs forgotten feelings in her After her neighbor's husband is found dead and the elderly couple she was living with both died she's determined to return to her roots in the bowels of New York City A tornado tears through her house and badly injures her Her neighbor takes her into her home while she recovers They both feel something for the other but seem afraid to act on their feelings This book should be added to your must read list Great bookThis is a beautifully written well thought out book Parts of it are brutally honest But the theme is love friendship and caring Good butI loved the romance Hated the historic inaccuracies There would have been resistance from the town People are products of their time and their would have an uproar from the church goers Overall a nice read Though the author could use an editor More please? This is a Lesbian Historical Romance that takes place a few years after the 1893 Cherokee Land Rush in Oklahoma It is the story of Minnie an orphan who is caught stealing food on the streets of New York and is put on the Orphan Train to be placed with a family out west It is also the story of Grace a married woman with a young son Isaac from Kansas City headed for Oklahoma to rejoin her husband Ben Both Minnie and Grace are on track to meet through tragedy and fortune as their two lives and hearts are destined to entwine

About the Author: Judy Folger

Judy was born in Oklahoma and raised in Kansas With the end of a sixteen year same sex relationship Judy has devoted her time to her love of writingIn the past four years of the single life and retirement Judy has been busy writing lesbian romance novellas To date she has published sixteen on with another fourteen waiting to be edited and published As usual she is busy writing yet

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