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His Holiday Matchmaker This was such a beautiful story full of emotion and touching moments Miniseries Texas Sweethearts I love a book where you can laugh out loud one minute be near tears the next but leaves you with such a feel good feeling at the end This book does it all I'm ready for the next book in the series His Holiday Matchmaker by Kat Brookes The second in the Texas Sweethearts series Nathan Cooper has a six year old daughter called Katie She wants a new mommy for Christmas Nathan has a hard time forgetting his wife Alyssa McCall comes to town to help with final touches on the rec center there that a tornado had blown down and they are rebuilding Alyssa is considered blind but she can see up close things A lot of feelings in this story This is a just a romance novel pure and simple; and that is what makes this book good There are no little bits of mystery or conflicts with others It's just a story of a romance that blooms between two people Nathan no longer trusts God and has difficulty letting go of the past Alyssa trusts God with her future and is a realist about life Then there is the little matchmaker who is the thread that joins them together This is a comfortable and sweet romance that leaves you with a smile Miniseries Texas Sweethearts A Mommy for the Holidays Nathan Cooper's daughter wants only one thing for Christmas—a new mommy Caring for six year old Katie is the widowed builder's priority and he doesn't want to risk heartache for either of them Yet when interior designer Alyssa McCall comes to town on a temporary assignment both he and Katie are charmed Working together to finish the new recreation center Alyssa and Nathan form a connection though Alyssa worries that she can't be the mother Katie deserves But with one little girl—and her handsome daddy—determined to prove her wrong this could be a Christmas to remember

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