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Her Scars to Bear Fated and Mated #1 Can he help her heal her scars This is a standalone bear shifter dating agency book Curvy bear shifter Viv has scars After being attacked by an ex boyfriend she went home to the safety of her home town but Viv wants the chance to find her mate and love Signing up to the Fated and Mated Dating Agency seems the safest way to accomplish this She only wants to meet up with her bonded mate Excited to receive a message from another shifter who says he is her mate she is left disappointed when she looks at his profile and feels nothing towards him But is everything uite what it seems Mountain ranger Tad has seen his sister find her mate and knows the dating site works When he sees the profile of the shifter of his dreams he sends her a message and patiently waits for a reply And waits When at last Viv and Tad finally meet she struggles to allow him to see her scars and admit what happened Can she allow Tad in or will they be torn apart forever when her past catches up to her again Suitable for adults only Contains scorching hot scenes

  • Kindle Edition
  • 98 pages
  • Her Scars to Bear Fated and Mated #1
  • Harmony Raines
  • English
  • 04 December 2016

About the Author: Harmony Raines

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10 thoughts on “Her Scars to Bear Fated and Mated #1

  1. Susan Burgess-Ryan Susan Burgess-Ryan says:

    Harmony Raines is an amazing author and one of the reasons she is my favorite author is that she never lets me down She has done it again A new paranormal series that ROCKS This first book in her Fated and Mated series “Her Scars to Bear” is no exception to the rule You will laugh you will cry you will get hot and bothered awesome sex scenes you will with want to kill her ex boyfriend and you will fall in love Tad and Viv She grabs your interest at the beginning of the book and keeps it till the very end of the book Her story line and how the character’s work into it is the work of art Even the minor character’s work into the story line fantastically Vivian and Tad are awesome main characters and the interest is peaked because Vivian is being stalked by a psycho ex boyfriend Tad’s brother Jay is a minor character that actually has a big role in this book This book is recommended for mature readers 18 years of age because of the explicit sex which is HOT You are definitely going to want to read this AWESOME bookVivian is a bear shifter that has just moved back to Bear Valley after being attacked by an ex boyfriend and is having a hard time dealing with the scars it left on her chest She believes that the scars will keep anyone from wanting her and does her best to make sure they are hidden from sight However she is wants love happiness and a family and wants to find her true mate Someone to love her and her scars She signs up for the Fated and Mated Dating agency because she felt it was the best way to find the one true bonded mate Viv is happy to receive a message from a shifter who says he is her bonded mate yet his photo does nothing for her She cannot understand how this could happen But is everything as it seems?Tad is a mountain ranger for Grizzly Hollows and he happens to be a bear shifter He lives with his brother Jay Jay is a mountain ranger also Their dad is a retired mountain ranger Tad is longing for mate and cubs and since his sister found her match on the website she helped to create he decided to try it himself Once he sees the picture of his fated mate on the web site he sends her a message and he patiently waits for a reply And he is still waiting the following day Tad is wondering why she hasn’t messaged him back and he discusses this with his brother Jay On their way to their parents’ house Jay tells Tad that he has an errand to run and he will be right back What is Jay up to? Not gonna tell youTad and Viv meet finally and he is smitten with her yet she wants to let go but she is still struggling with her scars and letting him see them She definitely is troubled about telling Tad how she got the scars Will she be able to let Tad in or will they be destroyed when her ex boyfriend catches up to her? Can Tad help her heal emotionally and help her deal with her scars? No Spoilers You will have to read this MAGNIFICENT book ARC free book given in exchange for an honest review

  2. Jamoz23 Jamoz23 says:

    A bear shifter allowing herself to be stalked and hurt by a human is too silly for realityReally not my favourite could have been enjoyable except for the stupidity of a BEAR shifter allowing herself to be tied up and taken by a human not once but twiceThen feeling guilty because he was dead Sorry but after what he had done if it was me I would have torn him to pieces and nobody would find his bodyLoved Tad whom we have met before

  3. Ceola Ceola says:

    She should have gone grizzly on his ass

  4. Elaine Elaine says:

    Enjoyable bear shifter romance

  5. Lisa Hunt Lisa Hunt says:

    Such a touching story lineAnother great story from Harmony Raines In this story Viv puts a profile on a shifter dating site Tad hopes to meet his mate on this same site Viv has had such a troubled past yet Tad is so wanting to settle down with his mate and have a family What they go through to get to a hea is such a well written a touching story An emotional story that makes you feel good at the ending I truly enjoyed this book it has 1 Shifters 2 Romance 3 A happy ending 4 An amazing writer Worth reading you'll love it I did

  6. Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    Viv TadI really enjoyed this story Unlike most short stories this one didn't felt rushed and unfinished Viv is a bear shifter that had been through a traumatic experience with a ex and is recovering physically and emotionally Tad is a mountain ranger that just found his mate in a dating site for shifters Yeaaah Right? Wrong For some reason she doesn't feel the pull of the mated bond and he will do anything to change that I really enjoy the little mistaken twist with the profile pictures very cleverTrully a entertaining read Highly recommended

  7. Sue Sue says:

    Loved itA sweet romance that has a good story line Viv lets the power of a horror in her past control her with fear terror and insecurity It takes her discovered mate to break that control and rescue her And what a rescue that is I'm not telling any so buy this excellent book to find out

  8. Jan Jan says:

    A difficult subject that of a psychopathic abusive ex and the physical and emotional scars left behind Fortunately she has loving parents to try to help and through the shifter dating website she also finds the mate she is not certain she is ready for He knows that he is ready for his mate and recognize her immediately from the photo Lots of twists and suspense it is a very good read

  9. Ernestine Webb Ernestine Webb says:

    CuteThis was sweet cute book It was great to see some one come back from tragedy and find love I just wished it was a longer story

  10. Crispy Crispy says:

    DNF It's a short book but even that I didn't wanted to read 'til the end There was no love They are fated mates and that's it Sorry but I need much feeling

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