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The Woman He Married A Magic City Duo # 1 A story about marriage family and the silver lining that holds it all together Once an aspiring young attorney Josie looked forward to taking on the injustices of the world—one case at a time Eleven years later she’s a stay at home mom and battling demons that don’t reuire a law degree Only keeping up pretenses proves than she can bear when a bracelet that should have been hers shows up on the wrist of another woman Her marriage slowly begins to unravel as an ex lover comes back into her life When he offers her the dreams she thought she’d lost Josie must chose between the man she married and the one she let get away John has always known exactly what he wanted A career as a high powered attorney followed by the perfect family of six and then elected public service So it was no surprise that the first time he laid his eyes on Josie he knew she was the one he’d share his dreams with More than a decade and one tragic miscalculation later all he has worked for is slipping through his fingers Powerless to stem the flow the one thing he remains certain of he can’t lose the woman he married

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  1. boogenhagen boogenhagen says:

    In the cheating romance category this book was a big fail for me The H marries her because her father is a famous important judge and can help his career She marries him because she slept with him and because she wants her daddy's approval During the course of the marriage the H marginalizes her into the 'barefoot and preggers in the kitchen' wife he wants The h is caught up with the expectations of his family and him and three small children The H never loved her and everyone around him knows it she loved him and still does so she lets him walk all over her She starts drinking and the H uses this excuse to indulge in an affair She isn't an alcoholic per say she just uses the booze to continue her ostrich imitation by burying her head to the utter contempt the H treats her with When she realizes how far down she is gone she does pull herself together and attempts to fix her life by getting a job being assertive etcThe problems come in when she only does surface things like getting a job instead of taking a good look and analyzing the real problems She thinks If only he loved me everything would be okay and she is wrong Her main thoughts for most of latter portion of the book are that she has kids and can't take their daddy away from them So in actuality the only reason they stay married is they have three children and another on the way The way that pregnancy occurs really bothered me and the h thinks nothing of it Basically he had been smexing his lover hours before the h gets hurt in the bus explosion and is drugged out of her mind and he has sex with her cause he was afraid he had lost his children's caretaker This disturbs me to no end cause he know she knows about the affair and he know she would never have slept with him if she had been in her right mind She barely even calls him on it This woman is a passive aggressive doormat and in a way kinda deserved getting stuck with the POS HHe doesn't really care about her even by the end of the book the only reason he changed his behavior even a little bit is because he needs his kids to pressure her to stay married and he needs her support to continue his career He was going to lose his place in his law firm and also lose the election if he did not coerce her into damage control and he uses his kids to do it The h realizes that she married the wrong person but instead of moving on and negotiating a co parenting relationship and figuring out what she needs to do with her life and getting her self together she lets him use the kids and her own basic insecurity to accept half a loaf when she could have had a much fulfilling life IMO when the kids are grown they will split him to whatever girlfriend he has on the side and her to a bitter old age filled with regret for all she supposedly gave up She never really acknowledges or understands that she is the one who needs to take charge of her attitudes and her life instead of putting up with a man who has no respect for her and won't even defend her to his familyI found his behavior to be pretty unforgivable and I am usually much understanding in the affair context but in this case I had no empathy whatsoever He was a POS manipulative user and she was a passive aggressive weak throw rug who consistently refused to make good choices for herself and her children because they need their daddy I don't see how one week of half assed participation in the children's activities makes him a model father when his prior utter lack of involvement means he did not even know what class his daughter was in at school or any thing about his kid's lives I also found it absolutely despicable that he willingly let the lies about who rescued the people on the bus to continue since it made him look great The half baked statement at the awards dinner My wife helped in no way made up for the self aggrandizement he showed for weeks Why she let him do that is just another example of her passive aggressiveness and why she did not get an order of separation and make him move out of the house were just examples of how this woman really wants nothing to change in her life She is fine with him just mouthing the I love you so she can continue living in her fantasy land and the way she used Brian was pretty much despicable Bottom line he married her to get a career boost and stayed because he was about to lose his career and he needed her support to smooth things over and keep his job When the dust settles she will be right back where she started and she is too stuck on keeping the family together and indulging in her own private la la land to really see the situation as it is She is so pathetically needy for the H's attention that she brainwashes herself and when the kids are grown and he is flaunting another affair she will wind up a hermit being bitter over all the wrongs done her She will never realize that her desperation for the H's attention and affection is an extension of her wanting her daddy to love her and so she will waste her life beating her head against a brick wall instead of learning herself and getting a fulfilling life The total lack of understanding for themselves each other or their relationship in either of the main characters the failure to really discuss the underlying problems of the relationship and a complete lack of any resolution to those problems makes this book an utter fail in the cheating romance category and unfortunately there is no way the attempted HEA is believable or acceptable for a romance

  2. Geri Reads Geri Reads says:

    4 cheating starsAn angsty read reminiscent of those old and not so old Harleuins where the H John blatantly cheats on the h Josie Whether or not you believe the HEA between the two MCs is up to you But for me I felt like the John got away scot free and Josie forgave him way too easily Not enough grovel and he still came out smelling like roses UghJosie was a bit of a doormat And when John essentially blamed her for his infidelity she just accepted it But I still gave this one a 4 since it was really well written A train wreck yes but a well written train wreck

  3. Mojo_Mama Mojo_Mama says:

    WTF did I just read? It takes 11 years into a marriage before either spouse said ILY??? They never even really deal with the affair Completely smutless and I’m pretty sure I stumbled on my first Christian romance Written for Christian women with straying husband’s The lesson heresuck it up buttercup it’s your fault he cheated and you have kids so take him back He did nothing to prove himself trustworthy again and he was still discounting his wife’s intelligence at 98% Fuck off with this bullshitIt should have stayed on my pass wtf shelf after all

  4. Nikki ღ Navareus Nikki ღ Navareus says:

    I wasn't prepared for the awesomeness of this story I'm always prowling the GR's cheaters lists looking for decent cheating stories I love these stories and they are getting and scarce lately I kind of avoided this story for a long time because the cover looked to me like it was a historical and that's definitely not my favorite genre After skipping over this one for months I finally read the blurb and DL'd this story and man was I ever blown away I had such a hard time putting this down every time RL caught up with me and I had to do things around the house I would pick it up again immediately after finishing whatever chore I had to do at the moment Josie was an amazing woman She was a free spirit with tons of confidence and backbone saving the planet and shining on the people around her Until she got married to John that is Her light was pretty much extinguished by her asshole husband over the years with his constant negative critiuing and down putting of Josie as well as him treating her like she was nothing than a maid and a nanny John never listened to anything his wife had to say concerning her life He pretty much ignored his wife as well as his children John got so arrogant along the way up his career ladder that he was willing to risk everything in his life by blatantly having an affair with his old girlfriend This story involves Josie and John's turmoil as the truth of John's transgressions come out I got to feel all the angsty feels I crave but I also got to witness Josie coming back to life again and becoming the lively spitfire she was before John dampened her self esteem I loved everything about this story from beginning to end even though I'm not uite certain John gave sufficient ass kissing and groveling needed by the ending of this story This author has an amazing gift of weaving a tale I can't wait to read Brian's story next

  5. Vintage Vintage says:

    I need a shower Minus a million for romance but well done cheating story as in realistic which makes it less than enjoyable No heroic characters hereThe hero is a cheater who blames his wife for his cheating and his evidence of not cheating at a later date are the aggressive texts he’s rebuffed from the witch he cheated with in the first place Hey this guy wants to be a judge and this is his best defence?The heroine isn’t much better She’s passive and passive aggressive and wants to cheat with her old boyfriend but circumstances get in the wayWe have a “Good Wife” moment at the end where she swoops in to save his election She had some lucid points about cheating vs the H’s ability to do the job but I would have had respect and enjoyed it if she had flayed him and his Jezebel on TVSo 3 stars for the effective writing 1000000 stars for enjoyment

  6. Lu Bielefeld Lu Bielefeld says:

    2 ⭐⭐ MehOur Zero is a selfish SOB who has not redeemed himself in my opinionOur Zeroine I do not know what to say about her Weak with daddy issues and doormat syndromeBesides neglecting the family he humiliates her publicly because everyone knows about his affair And still drags his name and family in the mud with a scandalI would pick Brian in the blink of an eye and kick the cheater out of my lifeI was disappointed with the end of the bookWhat was so pressing he couldn’t have shared even a speck of his attention with the smallest matter relating to his children? Children he’d insisted on having in the first placeStopping Gina pursed her lips eyeing Josie a moment “All right then You say you could be doing productive things with your time yet here you are every day” she smacked Josie on her backside “work’n hard to look pretty darn good for a mother of three and for what? For whom? That undeserving husband of yours? Has he even noticed?”“First a minivan and now the infamous Josie McClain is sitting down to supper with a toxic polluter” he commented before she could slink away“Jocelyn’s my wife and the mother of my children” He slammed his palm to the desk “I won’t sit here and listen to you disrespect her any longer” The corners of Andy’s lips twisted into a mocking smile “Right ’cause you’re doing enough of that for the both of us”“Why do you let him treat you that way?”“Can’t you see I’m trying to save my marriage?” Gina shifted her weight to one hip “How by being his doormat?”Only it wasn’t her beauty or bombshell figure that troubled Josie or even the way she couldn’t keep from touching John’s arm as she spoke to him but the sparkling piece of jewelry Josie spied dangling from the woman’s wristWhen was the last time he’d paid Josie that kind of undivided attention? How sad that she couldn’t remember Josie’s eyes leapt back to the bracelet Grayson had said that John bought it for Josie So if he’d bought it for Josie then why did it appear that Trisha was wearing it?And hadn’t John and Trisha been an item back in college?So desperate was she to keep her husband from walking away again she’d offered the very man she suspected of cheating on her an evening of uninterrupted passion out at their guesthouse An offer he’d flat out refusedNot even in her mind could she stomach the sight of John’s body wrapped around that of another woman’s his hands touching her in places he’d once promised to only touch JosieThe fog clinging to Josie’s brain cleared “What kind of deal?” A look of helplessness with a side of guilt formed tiny creases in Carol’s flawless complexion “The kind that involved John convincing you to marry him before the summer ended and Brian returned If he was successful your father would make sure he got his job at Tyler and Whitney pay off his student loans help y’all buy this house and get him into the country club All the things he knew John wanted”Josie’s hand gripped her coffee cup so tight it started to shake “Wait what are saying? That John married me for Daddy’s money?”“Jocelyn your daddy wasn’t a perfect man but he loved you He only wanted what was best for you Child it would break his heart to see you like this”“The morning after my first date with Jocelyn The Judge called me into his office He was old and frail at that point but by the homicidal look in his eye I was fairly certain he had enough strength to wring my neck had he chosen to” John explained the memory of the deal they’d struck sending a gnawing prick he couldn’t uite define to sting his chest “Thankfully I’d already decided to do everything in my power to keep Jocelyn from going back to that boyfriend of hers regardless”How stupid could one woman be going all gooey inside over a kiss? How long was she going to keep trying to love a man who couldn’t be bothered with loving her back?All these years she’d been all but invisible to him screaming into a vacuum of alcohol and passive aggressive behavior begging for him to tell her she matteredPosed on the corner of the dock she stood there a moment staring down at him until their eyes met and held Then she reached for the hem of her short cover up Back arched inch by inch she slowly— seductively— peeled the fabric up and over her head Balanced in the tiniest black bikini top John had ever seen her globed breasts swung then settled back into place with the motion Rising onto her toes she stretched her arms wide and proceeded to execute a perfect swan dive The water and all its human contents stilled while her elegant body made barely a splash as she disappeared into the ocean below A burning desire of a completely different carnal nature stirred inside him Without thinking he relaxed his grip on his wifeThe brief meeting of their lips had been nice natural and then TrishaJohn dragged his feet through the sand resistant to follow along as Trisha led him farther into the darkness heading toward some sort of rickety old structureTrisha poked out her bottom lip “You’re worried about the election aren’t you?” She used a whiny voice “That’s all you ever think about Why can’t you focus on me for once?” John hated to admit it but that voice made him weak vulnerable to her allure “I focus on you plenty” He smiled in spite of the fact that he knew better than to encourage her “Too much in fact”With each additional mile Josie’s shock and humiliation had slowly morphed into fury He hadn’t even bothered to refasten the buttons on his shirt properlyEven if John had never really loved her how could he have humiliated her like that?Her anger erupted at last “If it’s the election you’re worried about I’ll wait until it’s over to file for divorce But when we get home I want you to pack your things and get the hell out of my house And if you don’t I’ll have Brian serve you with divorce papers first thing tomorrow morning Then I’ll hold a press conference so the whole of Alabama can hear what a cheating SOB you really are See if your beloved Trisha can spin that one in your favor And don’t think I won’t”“I was out of my mind last night In fact when I woke up this morning I almost puked at the thought of having sex with my cheating bastard of a husband”Andy snickered “Hate to break it to you big brother but everyone knows about you and Trisha” He leaned forward and lowered his voice “Y’all haven’t exactly been subtle If you didn’t want Jocelyn to know too you shouldn’t have banged Trisha on the beach last night”Andy shook his head an almost laugh dropping from his lips “I’ve got news for you bro you had an affair With a lawyer like McAlister on Jocelyn’s side she’s going to take your home the kids and everything else she damn well pleases”Like an itch that grew intense each time she scratched it with every day that passed Josie’s anger toward John intensified growing into a big ol’ toxic cloud of seething resentment Josie raised a hand to stop him from saying any “John I’m not interested in your love life much less who works for you and who doesn’t” she said “Just keep your girlfriends away from this house and our children” The vein in John’s forehead pulsed “I don’t have any girlfriends Trisha was the only woman I ever—” Josie extended her hand farther “And I don’t care”“So you’re telling me that you bought that bracelet for your mistress as an anniversary present from her husband?” she recapped “That’s twisted even for you”“That doesn’t change the fact that you were sleeping with her behind my back and if I hadn’t seen that bracelet on her wrist you still would be” she said and started for the doorHe’d received a half dozen or so similar invites over the last few weeks all of which he’d fabricated a convenient excuse to refuse Not that he couldn’t see the benefit in releasing some tension though an evening of meaningless sex but that particular error in judgment had landed him in exile and he liked to think he was capable of learning his lessonIn the middle of the corridor a man had a woman pressed up against the wall kissing her The woman was holding tight to his lapels her fully exposed leg snaked around the man’s hips Josie and Amy let out a collective gasp“Oh My Gosh” Amy shrieked John broke away from Trisha his wide eyes whipping around to see who had caught them His shocked gaze met Josie’s and held a breathless stroke “What are y’all doing up here?” he asked

  7. Sharon ∞❥ is an emotional book junkie ❥∞ Sharon ∞❥ is an emotional book junkie ❥∞ says:

    4 ⭐'s Another one off my cheating list and I was a little hesitant about this one and with good reason since I had seen some reviews Cheating is one thing but redemption is a whole other ball park and what I heard wasn't good Still I was in the mood so in I went and I have to say I LOVED all the angst There's a particular scene at the beach that just killed me The plot isn't newJohn and Josie have been married for over ten years and have three kids He's a lawyer running to be a judge She was going to be a lawyer but got pregnant and stayed home with the kids basically putting her career to the side Things are going well until they both start pulling away both set off by things the other didor didn't do and then John does the unmentionable I always like a good grovel and I think John did that to a certain extent but what I think was missing was a grand gestureany way you look at it he needed to do One issue I had with the story is that there's a lot of complications It takes a lot of page time to get the history of everyone and there's a lot of build up that takes too long to culminate That leaves only a short amount of time for the resolution

  8. Julie Ford Julie Ford says:

    I find it hard to believe but it's been about eight years or so since I first decided to write my first novel The Woman He Married was my first ever venture into writing fiction Needless to say I had a lot to learn and unfortunately had to cut my teeth on the first edition of this one Now with five additional novels under my proverbial belt and having the rights to this story returned to me from my publisher I was excited to sit down and give this one another go To get the story right so to say this time around However even rewritten there seems to be a lot of conflicting opinions about Josie like she's too wimpy and weak How can she go from being so strong to a doormat to back to strong again Others say that they relate to her completely to feeling that loss of oneself as she gives herself in service to her husband and family I say that readers of both opinions love and hate Josie for the same reason because they see themselves in her and either relate to what they see or are in denial of what the see We all make sacrifices to stay in a marriage and we all have issues in our marriagesrelationships maybe not infidelity per se in need of addressing that for whatever reason we choose to ignore Being a wife and mother chips away at who we are whether we want to admit it or not as we give a piece of ourselves to those we love and care for In the end I feel like the choice Josie makes is heroic Strength doesn't always eual vengeance In a modern world where women are being told they can have it all my uestion in writing this story is Can we really? How is having it all even possible? This story is dear to my heart because I don't like to see marriages with children break up Because I don't like to see women running crazy trying to be the perfect wife mother and career woman while uestioning Why am I doing all this? Why? Because my hope for every woman is that she finds a place where she can be happy with who she is and the direction her life has taken Period I hope all my readers will enjoy this book hard truths and all looking deep between the lines for what really matters

  9. Serial Romance Librarian Serial Romance Librarian says:

    I give this book 3 12 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️ 12 The writing was good The story flowed well and I couldn’t put the book down This book stayed with me after I put it down and I’ve had many thoughts about it I felt anger frustration and sadness Instead of a plot run down I’m going to list my thoughts as I read this book Wow this husband is a POS I sure am thankful for my husband He’s not even letting her finish a thought before he shuts her out They’ve been married 11 years?Josie is a DOORMAT Why is she letting him treat her this way? This poor woman is having her alcohol problem thrown up in her face over and over again Alcoholism is a DISEASE She deserves compassion and rehab not shame She’s been sober for 6 months That’s pretty damn goodWhat a dead beat dadHer “best friend” is TOXIC Kick her to the curb The bracelet OMG the bracelet Get your head out of your ass JosieThe trip He didn’t tell you about the trip because you are a “liability” Josie he didn’t tell you because he was planning to screw Trisha the whole timeJosie you need rehabThe angst oh the angstToo little too lateWho cares how much her dress cost you ass You married her for her father’s money anywayOkay she basically caught him in the act now He humiliated you in front of everyone JosieShe’s drugged up and very injured—you took advantage of her you slimeIs he ever going to apologize?No he just cares about his stupid campaignKick him to the curb JosieYour best friend is toxic Josie Kick him to the curb JosieToo little too lateOh so asshat sees how hard it is to be a contributing parent because he’s NEVER EVER HELPED OUT BEFORE All you were was a nanny and baby maker JosieJosie he left you on the DANCE FLOOR alone and walked off with Trisha He did it again Twice nowStill no apologySCANDAL and he’s still not taking full responsibility This is “Josie’s fault too” and toxic “best friend” is confirming itJosie has been so gaslitGreat now she’s pregnant from the rapeuit stringing Brian along Even if you get divorced you shouldn’t jump into a new relationshipJosie you at least need some groveling before you take him back Where’s the jewelry and lavish gifts?You took him back with little to no groveling JosieYou agreed to uit your job and go to Alcoholics Anonymous? You’re pregnant and have been sober for 2 months Also AA is a faith based program and you’re not religious Josie Where is your backbone?So Josie stays with a man who never truly proved his love nor offered a genuine apology He always half blamed her and took her for granted She agreed to uit her job and essentially gave up all her dreams again Do I think their marriage will work? Nope They’re going to open a law firm together even though they don’t see eye to eye on anything He’s going to continue to discredit and devalue her Is he at least going to buy her a nice bracelet? Also there’s a 65% chance he will cheat againThis book frustrated the ever living heck out of me It is entertaining though This is the plight of many many women unfortunately The raging feminist in me is about to explode I will say that I snuggled up to my husband when I finished this and that I lavished him with affection because I am so damn grateful for him Read this at your own risk

  10. A. R. A. R. says:

    The Woman He Married was my first Julie Ford book but it won't be my last What an emotional roller coaster ride I loved it Had a difficult time putting this one downThe story is centered around John and Josie and their terribly dysfunctional marriage Slowly the story unwinds of how this couple came together and what has chipped away at their love for one another A tale of a woman who has lost herself in caring for her husband and family Oddly enough she is not the only person who misses the woman she was before As Josie and John confront the mistakes they have made along the road of marriage mistakes that come in the form of infidelity for him alcoholism for her and a myriad of smaller troubles as well Ford helps us see how both John and Josie realize how their marriage deteriorated and was brought to the point of destructionThe story was so well conceived that I could overlook the things I didn't like in the book Things like an excessive use of adjectives I knowsurprised? We hear all the time about adverbs being used excessively but in this case it was adjectives And they were usually used in connection with a characters expressionHe gave her a woolly look They were jarring to me as I read and pulled me from the story I also wasn't a big fan of Josie Not sure what it was about her that I didn't like Maybe it was her total lack of self awareness what she brought into the marriage that helped it along it's destructive course Or maybe in someways I saw some of my own insecurities in the character and didn't like facing thatThe endingwhich in a story like this is difficult at best to resolvewound up just as I wanted it to but all in the last chapter and a bit too easily I admit I am a stickler for this kind of thing I like HEA endings but I want them realisticThe writing except for the adjectives was very good The plot line heartbreaking If you love reading about relationships realistic relationships I would highly recommend this book I will be looking into of Ford's books

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