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  1. Suze Lavender Suze Lavender says:

    Mon has to get through a whole year without her boyfriend Justin They're even on a break and she hasn't heard from him in months After ten years this hurts her than she can say Fortunately there are musicals to cheer her up She and her housemate Issy love them When Mon's sister Hope is on her own as well because of trouble with her girlfriend they decide to have a regular Friday night musical celebration and they call it The Singalong Society for Singletons Good food fizzy drinks and singing and dancing is exactly what they need Mon invites her friend Connie and Issy brings Ray and Liam two guys who love musicals than life itself Their society is now complete and it's time for the fun to begin and the heartbreak to be overThe Singalong Society for Singletons has several really great main characters Mon is a sweetheart She worries incessantly but some things can't be planned they just have to happen She learns a lot about herself during her merry Friday nights and I loved that Issy is pretty and she always seems to be so together but she's carrying uite a secret around with her Connie is ready to spread her wings and needs that final push in the right direction Holly is outspoken and brave She's going through a difficult time and has to figure out what to do with her future Ray is a ray of sunshine he's always happy and knows a lot about musicals Liam is a sweet guy who seems to be flirty and flighty but there's a lot to him than that They're all fascinating to read about and that's what makes this story so wonderfulKatey Lovell has written a novel that's mostly set in just one living room and it works I admire her for the audacity to do this and she completely pulls it off Her colorful descriptions of the main characters are fabulous Everything that happens to them has a natural flow to it that makes the story completely believable Even though there's sadness especially about relationships the merriment of the musical songs always wins I loved the coziness and cheerfulness of The Singalong Society for Singletons It's a cute and charming story that will for sure bring joy to every single musical loving reader out there

  2. Ana Ana says:

    Originally posted on This Chick Reads Copy provided by publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewThe Singalong Society for Singletons by Katey Lovell is one of my most anticipated autumn releases I haven't had the chance to read any of Katey's novellas in The Meet Cute series and was so excited when I was approved to read her new full length novel by her publishers Although I'm not single and I hardly even remember how singledom feels like this cute novel refreshed my memory and made me think of those years What immediately caught my eye were the gorgeous cover and super fun blurb I'm a big sucker for a beautiful cover and books on friendship The Singalong Society for Singletons tells the story of few friends all single who spend every Friday night devouring musicals and Disneys animated movies Friday is the day when anything is possible to cry about your life taking the wrong turn laugh like crazy while singing to LET IT GO for the millionth time and even have a break through moments while chatting and deciding to take up a new career You see for Moniue Issy Hope and Connie the singalong society is not just just a way to vent but a place where you can share anything and not be judged Moniue has just been through a hard break with a man she was with since 11th grade Justin leaves for a year and even though original plans are to make their relationship work even long distance it seems Justin wants to focus on his career Mon is practically left without a say and finds herself single Single but not alone as she has her friends who will not only cheer her up but also change her life for the better Issy's having her own problems trying to figure out how to help her 17 year old pregnant sister Connie is helping out her dad and seems she's settled for so little She feels like her life is not what she wanted and that she forgot her dreams But thank god for the singalong society and her friends who make her realise she needs to chase her dreams Hope is Mon's sister and has just been dumped by her girlfriend But all their troubles seem to vanish when they hear the tunes of their favourite musicals When Ray and Liam join the group things get a lot interesting and funThe Singalong Society for Singletons is a cute undemanding book It's easy to read and perfect after a hard working day However it felt too light a read for my taste The girls are an interesting bunch and despite going through a rough period they are optimists I love these type of characters in my chick lits but I didn't feel them on a deeper level so I could make a decent connection with themI'm not the biggest fan of musicals but I do believe music heals I've been there singing Let it Go from the top of my lungs trying to forget how some person mistreated me I was not familiar with some of the songs or musicals mentioned but that didn't stop me from readingThe thing I liked the most was the girls' friendship The girls have this amazing bond between them and it made me think about friendships and how much one true friend means than million 'so called friends' But I expected romance especially at the beginning of the book when Mon and Justin break up I wanted to feel a bit of her grief rage whatever I wanted her to persuade me she loved Justin so much in deeds not just words I couldn't help but think a crucial part of their story is missing and this definitely affected my perception on Moniue later on However it's a super fast read and I think it took me less than 3 hours to finish it If you're looking for a light chick lit to take your mind off your problems this is the book for you Who knows you might even sing along to some songs or put that Frozen DVD on to watch for the millionth time

  3. Laura Laura says:

    I can't even put into words how much I loved this Review to follow closer to publication

  4. Katy Wheatley Katy Wheatley says:

    The Singalong Society for Singletons is a terrific idea for a novel and beautifully executed by Katey Lovell author of The Boy in The series of short stories I was really impressed by how assured the writing for this her first novel is She effortlessly glides through multiple plot lines complex character development and remembering a great many lines from musicals I was particularly delighted that she does not shy away from darker moments as this novel progresses There is real depth and heart to this book which hooks you in and makes you root for her characters to the very endThe story is narrated by Mon a young woman whose childhood sweetheart Justin has declared a self imposed relationship break by taking a job in the States and leaving Mon behind Supported by her house mates Mon attempts to move through her heartache and find peace and purpose of her own in the most unorthodox of ways She becomes part of a group who meet every week to watch and celebrate the power of musical theatre to inspire cheer and change lives There is a shameless celebration of sheer kitsch here that lifts the book and yet the dark heart of what Mon and the other characters go through anchors this firmly in reality and makes this a book of welcome contrasts and real emotional journeys for both the characters and the readers I loved it

  5. Loz Loz says:

    A nice undemanding read which draws you in Good to see a lgbt character Shame my favourite musical wasn't in there but they can't all be

  6. Rachel Gilbey Rachel Gilbey says:

    The Singalong Society for Singletons is the feel good book of the year I couldn't stop smiling from cover to cover especially after seeing the list of musicals right at the start that were going to be featured So many favourites of mine If you are a fan of musicals then you will without a doubt adore this book if you aren't then don't worry as you aren't expected to know the shows inside out and there is a fantastic story of friendship and romances within the singalong society The only slightly small niggle I had with the book was the amount of times I had to stop reading to double check I had a sound track on my ipod or in the case of one DVD mentioned rushing to to check it really existed sorry didn't realise the Shrek Musical had had a DVD releasemay have to add that to my collection since I love the show and soundtrack The only other slight problem you may have with this wonderful book is if you are like me you will end up with various songs running through your head as you read the story For me its so refreshing for me to know the majority of what would be the soundtrack to a book In fact I loved how occasionally the lyrics from some of the films would just make their way into the regular descriptions and dialogue very clever by the author The overwhelming feeling I had while reading this book was just how much Katey Lovell must have enjoyed researching this book everything about it is spot on and I loved the night out at Rocky Horror which is one of my all time favourite shows to see live The cult atmosphere of the show was summed up perfectly complete with the dressing upwith the exception of Moniue I loved all the other's costumes especially Liam But what is a Singalong Society for Singletons you may be wondering at this point? Well after Moniue Issy and Hope were watching Frozen and belting out Let I t Go they realised just how much better they felt just by singing along They decide to meet each Friday evening and to watch musicals catch up as friends and generally have a good time with the songs They invite their other close friend Connie to join in and since they were all single at the time the society was born Within a couple of weeks Ray and Liam are added to the group and they provide a massive burst of energy to the rest of the book Two straight guys with a love of musical theatre and both appearing to have to them than meets the eyes and they are both single too so fitted in brilliantly The story is told as a series of weekly Friday meetings and we catch up with what everyone has been up to during the week as well as their chatter while they watch the chosen musical of the week Always loads of snacks are available and early on there are some fantastic conversations during The Lion King sparking all manner of changes with one of the Singletons I honestly didn't want this book to finish ever there were so many musicals that could have been incorporated but on the whole I think the majority of people will recognise a large amount of these shows they are generally classics whether you have seen them on stage or screen All that is left for me to say is that this book proves what I thought earlier in the year when reading other shorter works by the author and that is Katey Lovell is a rising talent and is one to watch in the upcoming years as she produces hopefully wonderful escapist stories Thank you so much to Katey Lovell for the opportunity to have an early review copy This was my honest opinion

  7. Simona Simona says:

    Book provided by the author in exchange for an honest reviewThe main characters are teachers and the book is all about musicals the perfect combination for me I got really excited when I first heard about Katey’s book because I’m a huge musical fanMon and Issy are teachers and what they love most is musicals Their Friday night consist of watching one and having fun Things change about when they are joined by Mon’s sister Grace and Mon’s boyfriend leaves for a America for a year “The Singalong Society for Singletons” is born Every Friday night is dedicated to another show and so is every chapter The idea of this is very clever and fab Every time someone else picks the musical and it was always very interesting to see what they would pickAfter a while they are joined by some unexpected strangers who uickly become part of the singalong party They have a lot of fun together and I just loved all the musical theatre talk It’s a book I’ve been waiting for Musicals are included and the characters love them as much as I doThings change with these new arrivals for Issy but also for Mon who still has a boyfriend in the States However she starts uestioning her relationship with JustinEven though the whole story is based on these musicals the characters still get their story to tell and it’s actually a great mix and change between the scenes This book is great because Katey has a real talent for developing a storyline creating relatable characters and still including so much about all these musicalsSome musicals covered are Lis Mis Oliver Wicked Grease and many It was very exciting to see the characters interact while watching them and then also overcoming hurdles and other thingsThis is definitely a feel good read with emotions fun and lots of excitement I was actually sad when I had to say goodbye to the characters and that’s always a good sign ;455

  8. Karen Whittard Karen Whittard says:

    Oh I have so much love for this book I adore the premise for this book and simply need to start a singalong society of my own Let me tell you a little secret I love musicals Oh wait it's not a secret at all everyone knows it My lovely and wonderful mum got me into musicals from a really early age I'm talking probably before I was born But I do remember proper musicals always being on the tv when I was growing up This had led to me loving nothing than going to the theatre to watch my favourite musicals With my mum of course One of my other not so secret loves are Disney movies I absolutely love Disney and was over the moon excited by the many references and Disney movies referenced in the book Eeeekkkk I grew up on Disney and musicals and it's not a surprise that I could uote you the dialog and sing the songs at the drip of a hat Hell I don't even need a drop of the hat I just do it anyway So this book was right up my street from the beginning Throw in a great storyline some amazing characters that I would just love to be friends with Throw in pretty much every emotion that you can think of and hay presto you have a book that is made for me This book is perfection and I really really want it to be a series I really ant to visit these characters again in the future and I really really can't wait to read books by Katey Lovell Please please go to your bookshops in the 15th of December when this amazing book hits the stores Or even better if you have a kindle you can download it now for just £299 it's a steal at half the price I love this book Thank you Katey Lovell

  9. Erin Erin says:

    I LOVE musicals I LOVE Katey Lovell's Meet Cute series And I LOVE THIS BOOKCan you fall in love whilst you're singing your heart out? Katey Lovell's homage to the old school charm of musicals is a wonderfully fresh uirky and romantic read Not that it's all jazz hands and romance Katey isn't afraid to show the good and the bad and presents a cast of very real characters who have felt like old friends every time I dipped back in to read THE SINGALONG SOCIETY FOR SINGLETONS is this year's most charming romance it will make your heart sing

  10. Fabulous Book Fiend Fabulous Book Fiend says:

    Review I loved this novel so much It was seriously so much fun The fact that this book features a couple of teachers including a year 6 teacher and a teaching assistant as well as a long distance relationship and a ton of fabulous musicals means that it is right up my street But if you're not into any of those things or can't relate to any of those things don't worry this novel is about so much too There is moments of identiy crisis moments that deal with unreuited love moments where first aid needs to come into play and so many issues facing us today in society I really related to all of the characters in this book I loved Moniue and the situation she is in in her life Although she is a little younger than me I can relate to her on so many levels I don't think anyone could not love Mon she has so much going on but is such a positive and compassionate person who clearly loves her friends and family to the moon and back Roommate Issy is eually as loveable and I know you will all be able to feel her need for a glass of red bigger than her head on a Friday night especially given that she is a year 6 teacher with Ofsted and Sats looming Connie and Hope make up the rest of the cast of girls and if you forget who's who there's a cast list at the beginning of the book to keep you'd straight something which I loveThe storyline centres around the four girls and their singalong society for singletons We meet them having just set up the society when Issy invites actors Ray and Liam to join themyou know this makes for some interesting moments I love the fact that no issue is left untackled here including revealing a same sex relationship to overly conservative parents This is the only moment in the book where I wanted just a little bit than this author gave I felt there could have been made of the scene where this May or may not happen no spoilers but I still loved this couple all the same I really liked the long distance relationship aspect of the book because I can completely empathise with that and of course all the attention to the detail when it came to the teachers This author clearly knows her stuff when it comes to working in a primary school and I love her for getting it so right I need to mention the structure of this book as well Each chapter takes place on Friday night when the group watch and singalong to each musical You get to know which miss it is and who chose it I defy anyone not to sing a number or two as they are reading this when their favourite musical comes along And fear not If you aren't that into musical each chapter also has some details abotj the filmshow and it's biggest numbers I found this uite helpful as I totally couldn't Rememebr what songs came from a certain Rogers and Hammerstein film that the cast watched fabulous It also sparked an idea in my mind for watching all of this shows mentioned I need to do it now This book is about so much than the musicals though but I've rambled on enough I urge you to pick up this feel good bouncy book and discover the joy for yourself I'm going to go and watch Rocky Horror

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The Singalong Society for Singletons ‘uirky cute and utterly romantic’ – Bestselling author Rebecca RaisinMoniue and Issy are teachers housemates and lovers of musicals Their Friday night routine consists of snacks wine and the Frozen DVD So when Moniue’s boyfriend moves to America for a year and her sister Hope moves in because of her own relationship woes Friday nights get a new name ‘The Singalong Society for Singletons’It’s a chance to get together sing along to their favourite tracks from the best loved West End shows and forget the worries of work relationships and love or lack of it But when Issy shares the details of their little group further afield they get some unexpected new members who might just change their opinions on singledom for good

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  • The Singalong Society for Singletons
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