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The Best Lies Remy Tsai used to know how her story would turn out But now she doesn’t even know what tomorrow will look likeShe was happy once Remy had her boyfriend Jack and Elise her best friend—her soulmate—who understood her better than anyone else in the worldBut now Jack is dead shot through the chest—And it was Elise who pulled the triggerWas it self defense Or something deeper darker than anything Remy could have imagined As the police investigate Remy does the same sifting through her own memories looking for a scrap of truth that could save the friendship that means everything to herTold in alternating timelines Thelma and Louise meets Gone Girl in this twisted psychological thriller about the dark side of obsessive friendship despite the whole guinea pig thing this was Excellent not sure what the lollipop on the cover has to do with toxic codependent friendships and murder but Excellent——————my reading experience is absolutely ruined because the main character is named Remy and I used to have a guinea pig named Remy and every single time her name is mentioned I can’t picture anything but my guinea pig in a murderous thriller Two girls adrift in the world find each other and develop one of the most disturbingly codependent relationships I have ever readThis hard hitting YA Contemporary follows Remy and Elise as they explore the bounds of friendship Then they distubingly proceed to cross those boundaries in the worst ways possible The codependency of their relationship reminded me a lot of The Wicker King by K Ancrum which left a certain feeling in my gut Read as extremely uncomfortableThey seek comfort and safety in one another calling themselves tragic heroines because they don't feel there is anyone else in their lives they can count outBoth struggle with intense emotional issues due to unstable and at times dangerous home lives Both girls feel unwanted and under valued but in each other find a sense of belonging and love they were lackingUnfortunately for them and everyone around them in particular Remy's new boyfriend Jack the truth of their attachment is much twisted than it would initially seemThis book is nothing like I expected it to be The subject matter is heavy dark and way mature than I was expecting The psychological conseuences of both these girls upbringings are absolutely devastating I think it will take me a while to get over this I felt bad for them in such a visceral way as I know this type of circumstance happens all the timeThe timeline was well done although there is a lot of back and forth so if that is not your jam maybe steer clear The writing was also fairly engaging and I felt drawn into Remy and Elise's story I definitely understand where the Thelma Louise comparison comes fromIf you are looking for a dark YA Contemporary to pick up this Fall season I would definitely recommend giving this one a try There are a lot of good topics here worthy of examination I will definitely continue to read from this author When Remy and Elise meet their connection is instant Unbreakable Remy has always felt as if she lives in the shadow of her older brother and the constant fighting between her parents makes her want to escape so when the vibrant and electric Elise comes along she can't resist being lured into her world Elise is an enigma and Remy becomes infatuated with her They don't just love each other they need each other Elise was electricity I was the night She banished the darkness she lit me up However while out one evening and after being brushed aside by Elise Remy meets Jack Jack is everything she wants out of a relationship He's kind caring and thoughtful As their relationship heats up her friendship with Elise cools off and Elise is not pleased about it She was gunpowder and he a lit match Now Remy finds herself in a police station being uestioned by a detective about how and why Elise killed Jack “The only uestion in these situations is who played what role We know Elise was the shooter We know Jack was the victim What were you?” A well written YA mystery that I thoroughly enjoyed I'd recommend this to anyone that was a fan of Dangerous Girls 4 stars No one's eating that lollipop anytime soon Except maybe the dog Another thing How did that lollipop melt? I need realistic covers| Goodreads | Blog | Pinterest | LinkedIn | YouTube | Instagram Thank you to Simon Schuster for proving a physical arc in exchange for an honest reviewuick note this keeps getting listed in LGBTIA upcoming novels for 2019 and I'm completely confused This story is about obsession abuse and an incredibly toxic friendship My guess is that people are seeing these girls calling each other soulmates and saying they love each other in intense ways and automatically throwing it into the LGBT category but there is never any talk or even hints or sexual attraction or romantic love This about two girls who are going through an awful time and cling to each other in a very unhealthy way and just how far they are willing to go to hold on to each other RTC just thought I'd comment on it because I thought it was going to be a totally different book on the way that it's been marketed in some places Find all of my reviews at Best Lies had already been on my radar for uite some time due to Holy crap the recommendation feature actually barfed out something that looked appealing??? And speaking of looking appealing there were definitely some visual similarities that also piued my curiosity Between the titles and the covers my brain was telling me Then a couple of my Goodreads friends liked it too so I put myself on the library wait list And now????? Blame it on me having a bit of an addiction to teenager Lifetime mystery movies ten or so years ago This story was a classic case of a toxic relationship culminating in a moment of And I think I have just readwatched it one too many times There were no real twists or turns and despite having a then and now timeline it felt very stagnant to me The good news is it was very dialogue driven which eualed me reading it in just a few hours while I supervised some horribly boring document comparison project that was running on my computer Please note however that I’m also so dumb I didn’t even put this on my currently reading list so you probably shouldn’t trust my opinionBuuuuuuuuut to anyone else who might think it’s a bright idea to copycat a megahit’s name and artwork like what was done here I say It’s tough not to compare the orange to the apple when you put it in an apple costume wow I uhwowthe portrayal of toxic friendship was SO good and reading this was watching a trainwreck happening that you couldn't tear your eyes away fromdefinitely recommend Content Warnings view spoilerabuse small hints of suicidal thoughts toxic friendships arson murder hide spoiler there's a sapphic Elise in YA lit holy shit I've reached my final pokemon evolution Our wounds don't make us special They only mean we've been hurt Suffering isn't romantic It's just painful This triggered every kind of anxiety I have and then someUghhhh I should RTC this because I need to rant about it but I seriously don't want to relive all the fuckery once again

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