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The Wild Rites Saga The Wild Rites Saga #1 4 Magic is real Big deal Bills still gotta be paid Especially when you’re heading into vet med Emma Chase is nothing special if anything with a roomie who turns into a jaguar on a regular basis she’s the sidekick not the heroine Her superpowers have to do with acing her finals and overworking herself Knowing her best friend’s secret makes it easier to justify her own inclination to keep people at a distance but it doesn’t change her life But then the wild things show up on her doorstep convinced she’s the fated savior of their race telling her she’s destined to control the magic of well Emma doesn’t uite catch that part she’s too busy getting her ass the hell out of there In a race for her freedom and her sanity rival kingdoms clash and unlikely friends show up in the strangest of places Emma’s determined to choose her own destiny but that gets and difficult especially when she finds out she isn’t just the magical euivalent of a weapon of mass destruction she’s also a miracle cure for the mysterious wasting illness slowly but surely eradicating shapeshifter races the world over Kings and ueens royals and rivalry gods and monsters This is the world Emma has to survive in now but she wants than survival She wants to keep her friends safe stay true to herself and maybe do some good all without getting her heart broken But the odds are stacked against her Violence Magic Inappropriate humor Welcome to The Wild Rites Saga This is an ongoing series and all books are full length reads with satisfying resolutions as well as a series spanning story arc Definitely no cliff hangers just bad ass shifters with one goal claim the prize Claim the Caller of the Blood Includes books 1 4 of The Wild Rites Saga Book 1 The Jaguar King Book 2 The Jackal Prince Book 3 The Wolf's Heir Book 4 The Serpent Priest BOOK 5 THE RAVEN THIEF OUT NOW

  • Kindle Edition
  • The Wild Rites Saga The Wild Rites Saga #1 4
  • Anna McIlwraith
  • English
  • 08 November 2015

About the Author: Anna McIlwraith

Anna McIlwraith is the author of the urban fantasy series Caller of the Blood and the upcoming paranormal romance series Wayward Heart She’s addicted to the mysterious power of using words to walk between worlds and there’s nowhere she’d rather be than travelling the dusty roads and dark kingdoms of the worlds of her books Sadly one can visit those territories but never stay which is the only

10 thoughts on “The Wild Rites Saga The Wild Rites Saga #1 4

  1. Airwreckah Airwreckah says:

    Ugh DNFD near the end of the 3rd wolf book TSTL heroine who gets kidnapped by the souless psychotic vampire who dated her who was only alive cause she begged to save his life very dramatically and the whole thing was ridiculous then gets tracked by him and kidnapped because she wears a necklace said psycho gave her TSTL heroine and dumb rape business with weird sex rituals WTF ugh what a waste of time to read this

  2. Britan Britan says:

    Amazing booksI absolutely love this series Emma is funny and a strong character who never lets anyone run over her Every character has layers and depth The maidens are amazing and truly want to make sure Emma is cared for All the guys are amazing and bring something different to the table This is one of my top 5 favorite series

  3. Laurie Hayes Laurie Hayes says:

    Great ReadI could not put this boxed set down such a good read I was so into this book that I was tempted to read the ending before finished but I didn't The characters were developed and have depth Really enjoyed this series will read all of them

  4. Kerry Smith Kerry Smith says:

    A wonderful series with well developed charactersFollow Emma as she learns exactly what being the Caller of the Blood means and who she can trust to be on her side as she searches for answers

  5. Becky Lewis Becky Lewis says:

    AmazingBooks 1 4 are amazing They throw you thru loops you never thought possible Definitely reading number 5 Alexi telly and red sun are my favorites

  6. Peggy Peggy says:

    Love these booksOnce I started reading I couldn't put it down until I read all four books I'm looking forward to the fifth book that will be available later in the year If you like paranormal books you'll love this

  7. Jennifer L Jennifer L says:

    FantasticThis author is great There's so much feeling in her books I can't put them down The storyline and emotions are immersive There's action mythology intrigue romance and sexual tension They make me fantasize about different exotic locations laugh and cry The world building is detailed and the characters are strong These books are available via Kindle Unlimited and that's how I came to read them There's no way these shouldn't be in my permanent library though so I'll be buying them Enjoy

  8. Athena Nixon Athena Nixon says:

    Would have been a 5 star if wasn't for memory lane ruining fourth bookGreat series but the fourth book really had way too much filler from the first three To the point I flipped through a lot of it with annoyance If someone is reading the fourth book they should already know at least 100 wasted pages in the fourth book Please don't relive the entire dang series in the fifth book It's too good of a story to ruin with that mess

  9. Nan Clegg Nan Clegg says:

    This was the series I'd been waiting for and didn't know it I'm an avid reader and writer of stories for myself of shapeshifter urban fiction This book was what I wanted out of the genre Sensuality without being sexed much less over sexed Well flawed genuine characters A mix of mythologies and stories from around the world Good writing good descriptions great pacing Thanks for writing this series

  10. tlise tlise says:

    Oh wow I absolutely loved this set of books and immediately downloaded book 5 I love the connections Emma has to everyone even those she hasn't admitted to yetExcellent mix of battle and normality and even though life isn't easy for her and they are constantly under attack its not one of those books that you wonder when it will ever endAnd even better I loved the length Even being a fast reader meant it took some time

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