The Secret of Gods Son Pradyumna Son of Krishna #2

The Secret of Gods Son Pradyumna Son of Krishna #2 'The seas will devour the glorious city of Dwaraka People will forget your name and your GitaMay the world perishMay the world perish'With this cruel curse on Krishna ueen Gandhari plunges mankind into the unspeakable evil of the Kali YugaIt is up to Pradyumna to try and reverse the dire prediction To journey into terrifying realms confront Yama and Shiva and to vanuish the Kali demon And to do so he must shed all that holds a mortal back his arrogance his fears his baser instincts He must lead his people out of the swirling vortex of greed disease and miseryAnd there is one powerful weapon still the secret surrounding his origin Will he uncover it in time to fight off the cataclysm In the answer lies the destiny of all humanity

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  1. Sundari Venkatraman Sundari Venkatraman says:

    I had read Usha Narayanan’s first book in the series called Pradyumna Son of Krishna and had been mighty impressed by the sameSo I sat down to read The Secret of God’s Son with great enthusiasm and I must say I wasn’t disappointed The writing flows comfortably in the author’s perfect language that’s absolutely suitable for the genre she’s written This is a major plus in the book’s favourThough my knowledge of Indian mythology is pretty wide I haven’t read anything much after Lord Krishna’s death Usha Narayanan has written a lovely fiction that talks about the state of the world after The Blue Lord passes on Kudos for thatSpoiler alert from here on Read here

  2. Devika Fernando Devika Fernando says:

    I am generally a bit weary of seuels especially if the first book was a smashing hit because they often fail to live up to their expectations “The Secret of God’s Son” is the seuel to “Pradyumna – Son of Krishna” and I have to say it definitely does live up to my expectationsThe center around which everything else revolves is Pradyumna son of Krishna Once again upon this hero’s shoulders lies the heavy burden of having to rescue the world The prologue sets the scene and it was one of my favourite chapters It made the darkness and despair come to life and it gave me some background knowledge as I don’t know much about what happened after the Mahabharata conflictsAlthough the story is once again loaded with action violence drama emotions and uests I thoroughly enjoyed the subtext too Pradyumna asks intriguing uestions that allow the author to spice up the tale with some philosophy and religion some moral and criticism When he asks Krishna who represents “dharma” we can take away lessons from that We also get to look into different people’s heads and hearts to experience grief and rage confusion and desire through them Throughout it all Pradyumna stands tall despite the outer and inner battles he’s waging As does Maya his true love The author shines a light on the role of women and goddesses wives and mothers as she has done it with Book 1 emphasizing that often it is the women who determine how the men will act that they are just as strong and dangerous Pradyumna has endeared himself to me with his support of women Pradyumna smiled at Maya knowing that this was just the beginning Women such as those who had assembled here would provide the stability that the world needed in order to survive Dharma could not win if half of humanity was denied their rightful placePradyumna’s uest to bring Vikarna back from the Yamaloka to his grieving mother in order to make her take back her curse started it all and was terrifying to read about but also filled with an insistent urgency and energy that made me want to hang on and cheer even louder for the hero This holds true for every chapter especially those where Lord Shiva makes an appearance Pradyumna needs to forget all that is mortal in order to battle with the gods but in the end it is his mortal essence that makes him rise above even deities and destiny Take this excerpt for example The warrior wondered if he should run escape to his own world But where could he hide from the god of gods? Even if Shiva let him flee would he be able to live with himself after he had failed so miserably? Did he want to be known as the leader who could not lead the redeemer who could not redeem his people?Do all your actions as a sacrifice for the greater good said Krishna’s voice in his headHe saw Shiva raise his tridentFear nothing fight for dharma and you will conuer the voice said againPradyumna crushed the fear that threatened to overwhelm his mind Planting his feet firmly on the ground he lifted his head and raised his voice in challenge ‘I will not give up’ he declared his face set in grim resolve ‘I will stay the course even if you threaten me with your trident mighty god’Vishnu was another highlight of the story lighting the dark And yes the books gets dark darker even than Book 1 Reading about Krishna wasn’t easy but once again every tragedy had its reason and ever action its reaction every cause its conseuence Kali’s appearance was one of the climaxes of the book a scene imprinted on my mind And I cannot help but think that embedded in all the thorns and mythology is one rose of wisdom one reminder that even today we can learn a lot from the past and the legends Let me uote another passage from this intriguing book to end my review Kali remained unfazed ‘This yuga is governed by a new creed’ he said ‘Men will laugh at you if you say that you will redeem them from their sins for they do not seek redemption They crave power and success not virtue and abstinence Follow my lead Pradyumna and you too will prosper Know that I am the Krishna of this age’

  3. Arti Arti says:

    The cover of the book is beautiful and once I started reading the book I got transported back to the days of the Mahabharata The writing and descriptions are such that it was very easy for me to picturise the entire scene and the set up Most of the scenes are set in the battlefield with vivid descriptions One example Their maces descended like lightening and clanged like thunder in a contest of will and skillI read the interaction between Shiva and Pradyumna five times it was so well written While reading the interaction between Pradyumna and Yama I was waiting with baited breath as to who would win The peace time conversations between various members of Krishna’s family show the love that they have for each other The way the family tries to protect Vajra Pradyumna’s nephew has been described well Maya’s support to her husband and his family has been beautifully documentedThe language is simple and the book is well paced The extensive research done is reflected in the way the story flows and it was very difficult for me to separate the fact from the fiction Hats off to the author for thinking on a different plane because for most of us the Kurukshetra war ended at the battlefieldThe characters have been created in such a way that when I was reading about them the seemed lifelike to me and the pictures of Amar Chitra Kathas that we read as kids came to life The scene when Pradyumna and members of the Pandava and the Kaurava families see their dead ones has been written with so much of feeling that it brought tears to my eyesWhat was surprising that even though the author has written the story in such a way that even though the story moves from one setting to another and even from one time zone to another the writing is such that I did not lose track of the bookHighly recommended

  4. Ruchi Singh Ruchi Singh says:

    I have read Usha Narayanan’s first book ‘Pradyumna Son of Krishna’ and immensely enjoyed it This one is second in the series While the first deals with the birth and beginning life of Pradyumna this one tells us the story post the Kurukshetra war An avid mythology reader knows Mahabhartha so the unexplored life story of Pradyumna after the war and the revelation at the end is fascinating and entertainingFor complete review please visit

  5. Srinidhi Kasagar Srinidhi Kasagar says:

    Amazing write up Though we all know the great Bharata war there are few who knows about post Bharata war and especially Son of God Pradyumna A must read novelI'm the beginning the middle and the end of all beings

  6. Rubina Rubina says:

    The Story​When you get to review a book penned by an author whom you admire a lot to read the book and review it becomes a joy The Secret of God's Son is one such book which will not only remind you of our great heroes and how they became a hero through their trials and tribulations but will also keep you grounded and away from vanity especially when you read about the Achilles’ heel that every hero from our past had Such narrative not only make you take pride in our literature but also reminds you that no one is invincible and every hero had to remember this to achieve great heights​MsNarayanan’s The Secret of God’s Son introduces Pradyumna the son of Krishna in his pacifist avatar who eases into his destiny as the story progresses Along with his wife Maya he not only is a propagator of self righteousness but also believes in solving most of the issues without resorting to violence But his half brother Samba who is the augmenter of the Kali yuga would not let him live in peacePradyumna might be a peace loving man but when it comes to protecting his family his real persona surfaces to fight backThe BackgroundWatching actors acting in the serial and painting the scene of The Mahabharata is something most of us are used to But to paint that same scene with words is not a small feat To some of us what are folklore and stories becomes a way of life to many Indians The nucleus of our culture Many incidents in this book will tell you where certain thoughts and culture has its roots from Maya in this part of the series is not just a shadow of Pradyumna but becomes the voice of the future generations of women Why did Sita tolerate such injustice and why did Draupadi have to bear such a heavy cross of obliterating a whole clan? Why was the responsibility of continuing a saga lying heavily on the shoulders of a woman?Beautiful thoughts that satiated the feminist in me The Research​I am a lover of mythology but in all my readings and research the influx of names that Ms Narayanan has studded this novel with is remarkable Incidents where the souls of the Kurus come to visit their loved ones will bring a lump to your throat Ms Narayanan made me cry over Duryodhana too Now who would have thought that? There is no doubt that a lot of research that has gone into this book And not only research but also analysis This book is not just a fiction of what the author thinks could have happened Nor a make believe world where Pradyumna like Shiva in Amish Tripathi’s novel is born to be a man But uestions like why Ravana was born as a nemesis of Rama and Samba of Pradyumna Each character was following the Karma Chakra unknown to them – they all played a role in welcoming the Kali YugaGandhari’s curse which seems so dominant in the beginning of the novel is but a small drop in the ocean of tales that this novel brings to a readerThe Oomph FactorAs the story progresses there were many times I raised an eyebrow thinking I can prove Ms Narayanan wrong in her research Ah that’s the small game I always play with myself Thanks to ‘google chacha’ there is nothing you cannot find on the net Except for one Who exactly is Pradyumna’s? Kama? Vama? Or? I am still getting goosebumps in the analogy that Ms Narayanan has drawn regarding this A must read only to understand this fact What I likedMaya definitely tops the list of my likes in this novel The warrior princess The woman who was the real ardhangini of Pradyumna A woman on whom the future generation can look up to as a role model How many of us can truly say that Sita or Draupadi are our role models? I have no intention of walking on the fire pit just to please my husband and ah well Draupadi ah well But Maya has that oomph factor The fiery princess who can face any challenge Pradyumna and Samba form the perfect good vs evil in this part of the series And for once I saw Krishna as a human A father caught between two sons A beautiful thought But yes if he could have turned Samba into a lizard many problems could have been solved What could have been betterThe beginning I have to mention this here for I want readers to go past the first few pages The first few pages have too many introductions to characters and situations Sometimes you might feel you are on a roller coaster ride but just hang on for the first 10 pages – after that you will not regret it Especially with the introduction of Kali this book becomes ‘unputdownable'

  7. Pradip Chauhan Pradip Chauhan says:

    The complimentary copy of the book was given by the publisher for reviewPradyumna son of God Krishna is worried of the Gandhari' Curse He Seeks help from God Shiva and gets his Trishul to bring back Vikarna from Yamloka But Gandhari can not revert her curse; dissapointed pradyumna does not lose hope and continues struggles to decrease the effect of Gandhari' curse And there is one powerful weapon still the secret surrounding his origin Will he uncover it in time to fight off the cataclysm? In the answer lies the destiny of all humanityUsha Narayan is back with one mythological story after successful Pradyumna Usha Narayanan had a successful career in advertising radio and corporate communications before becoming a full time writer She is the author of several books including The Madras Mangler a suspense thriller and Love Lies and Layoffs a light hearted office romance The Secret of God’s Son is the seuel to her bestselling book Pradyumna Son of Krishna which was published in 2015 When she’s not juggling writing editing and interviews Usha reads everything from thrillers to romances provided her cat isn’t fast asleep on her KindleThe book includes many small stories from the Great Epic The Mahabharata And it is impossible to reach the level of Rhishi Ved Vyas the original writer of The Mahabharata But author has tried to put the part of the great epic in simple and novel form to readers Pradyumna and Gandhari's curse centred story neither lose flow nor leaves the subjectThe author has successfully pictured the protagonist Pradyumna without affecting image of other characters Maya the wife of Pradyumna emerges as an important character in the book Story continues smoothly with added interesting small stories of God Krishna and God Shiva Average reader might will have difficulty to understand few words used by the author and that may affect the interest in reading of the book Till yet the book does not let go away the reader because of the strong plot full of twists and magicsCover page is interesting and attractiveThe book could have at higher level if the author would have written better words at some places in book The book is really good read but it is not comparable to Mythical book available in verbal language Who should read?This is the breakfast for mythology lover and interested in twists and turnsWho should not read?Only those who hate readingFor full review read my bloghttpsprajwalitbookreviewblogspot

  8. Kavita Jhala Kavita Jhala says:

    If you have read Pradyumna The Son of Krishna then this book will be a natural flow of it However that doesn’t mean that this book can’t be a standalone read Usha Narayana has the gift of putting something so complicated as the different births in the different yugas as well as the reincarnations into an easy read and natural understandingI won’t dilly dally with what the book is all about but yes there are certain messages that I am taking the liberty of extracting from the book I think Usha too might have wanted to convey those The book is about hope It does espouse faith in the future The book gives hope taking the trials and tribulations of Pradyumna as examplesWhen the world says give up Hope whispers “Try one time”The book talks about love Love that transcends yugas beyond the realm of the world and infinitely strong It talks of love that is beyond the boundaries of time space and gender Gender? Yes The love of Maya and Pradyumna Krishna and Radha Rukmini and Krishna Shiva and Vishnu Hari Hara are all very beautifully conveyedThis brings to mind the uote in the book The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho “When we love we always strive to become better than we are When we strive to become better than we are everything around us becomes better too”The 3rd element that the book comes forth with is the vanuishing of darkness evil and the Kaliyug There are subtle hints of how to overcome them Not by force alone but by intellect too While the world waits for Kalki to turn Kaliyug into a Golden age again – there are many personal demons that we need to fight There are many evils to be vanuished and the efforts aren’t in vain The struggle maybe long but perseverance is the keyBeautiful messages that I have extracted from this book that’s well written Simple to read and easy to follow I also recommend that you read the first book “Pradyumna The Son of Krishna” by the same author and also Shikhandi by Devdutt Pattanaik to understand the different aspects of love

  9. A. A. says:

    God’s son; One might wonder who?? Till date all have heard and read about the great Mahabharata war and its aftermath But no one has written about what happened to Krishna and his clan after the war? What happened to Gandhari’s curse on mankind? People have read scriptures; novels and serials are made which depict till the end of war and on Pandavas but what happened to Krishna and his family and to his glorious city Dwaraka Did Gandhari’s curse bring evil end to mankind? The Secret of God’s Son is a Seuel of Pradyumna Son of Krishna which even though I have not read but I didn’t feel anything amiss After the great war of Mahabharata while all Pandavas and people of Hastinapur were trying to get back to normalcy Krishna and his family were reeling under fear of Gandhari’s cruel curse Krishna the Dark Lord the Saviour was cursed Not only his life but the existence of whole mankind was in danger In this time of crisis it was up to Krishna’s son Pradyumna to save his father his guru his mentor along with his family and entire mankind But along with this uest he also had a task of unrevealing a secret A secret of who he was his true identity the true reason of his existence on earth was yet to be revealed to himTo read on my review please click on my blog link belowhttpprernanayakblogspotin20160

  10. Arnab Chaudhuri Arnab Chaudhuri says:

    Yet another well scribed mythic history story The language is lucid and the book is uite well paced The way the story flows portrays the extensive research done by the author Though this book is a seuel of “Praduymna the God’s son” but still without reading the first one I never felt at loss In fact I hardly knew anything about Praduymna and Samba The story is so engrossing that it glued me to the book till the end Enough of my experience let’s go to the storyThis story is not about the Kurukshetra War but on the aftermath of the Kurukshetra War The Great War has been fought and won by the Pandavas but is there any winning side? Can anyone be happy after such great losses? Both Pandavas and Kauravas are devasted and here begins the tale told by Usha Narayanan The story opens with the ominous curse of Gandhari“Your men will die covered in shame after a drunken brawl You too will die alone like an animal at hands of a common hunter The seas will devour your radiant Dwarka And the world will perish in sin as people forget you and your glorious Gita” Then the journey of Pradyumna begins For the whole review please do have a lookhttparnabchaudhuri005blogspotin

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