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The Mistress Bride 3 12 stars I'm not a fan of sheikh stories so MR had to work hard to win me over I think what I liked best was that the author didn't gloss over the problems of a western woman involved with a man from the Middle East There were prejudices from both sides and what made them compelling were that they were well meaning judgments The heroine's mother is pretty horrible to her daughter at her son's wedding but she shows her love and concern when the heroine needs her the most The hero's father is horrible but he shows his vulnerable side at the end of the story It's the side characters finally turning human that allow a happy ending hereAnd that's where the romance falls down The angsty love the Hh have for each other isn't enough to break the logjam The hero's pride and the heroine's stubbornness make for lots of deliciously angsty scenes for the first half of the book The hero does do a good grovel for his pride and the story would have been betterconsistent? if it had ended with the civil ceremony and the hero giving up his position But the last 20 % with the hero's father doing an about face and the hero's welcome in the streets seemed disconnected from the romance Maybe if we had met the hero's father at the beginning? I don't know Something was missing Still this is a compelling story with lots of angsty goodness This one was very different from most HPs The 2 of them had been lovers for the last two years which neither family liked However now she is pregnant and he is being pressured to marry a nice girl from his own culture So the story involves them deciding to be together anyway and troubles ensue However they admit they love each other from the very first which is very different from most HPs and he is never really an ass to her Anyway an interesting different read I really enjoyed it I'm in the minority on this one it seemsI think what bothered me was that in this case the pregnancy was SUCH a cop out It's a well used trope in mistress plots In fact it usually doesn't bother me because it really makes the H face up to his feelings for the heroine and sometimes realize he's been a huge jerk and loves her In this case the two already supposedly professed their love for one another but the understanding was that as an Arab prince he would one day have to leave the heroine to marry some cousin of a cousin to unite two kingdoms and keep the country happy Also to balance things out the heroine's family wasn't at all happy with her affair and wanted her to marry some titled Englishman since she was part of that societySo this is one of those cases where I REALLY wanted to know what would have happened had the convenient pregnancy not occurred I sort of feel like the hero may have just gone off and cooperated with the arranged marriage whether he liked it or not I'll also admit to not being a particular fan of the sheikh romance Fairly or not I assume that any gorgeous wealthy man who comes from a society that sanctions multiple wives and mistresses is going to eventually stray Personally I wouldn't want to be involved with any man with that much opportunity regardless of his cultural norms Just take rock stars and Hollywood actors for an example TOO MUCH TEMPTATION The majority of them can't keep it in their pants to save their lives I still don't understand why those people even bother to get married I know some people love to read the rock staractor romances but I shy away from them for many of the same reasons I generally stay away from the sheikh romances I just can't suspend disbelief to that extent I guess I'm a cynic It just doesn't make for a belivable HEA for me Very mixed emotions So much was done right then not It's still a good angsty read and I felt the language and poetry better done than most HarleuinsAs just about every other reviewer has said the Sheikh romance is not my go to romance This tale had a strong whiff of Olivia Gates who for me is the standard bearer for Sheikh's and their tormented h's romances Probably works so well with Olivia Gates as both MC's come from similar backgrounds as opposed to the rest that star EnglishAustralian frail flower meets gold eyed lion of the desert malarkey Plus her prose is just beautifully grandiose and golden But back to MRMistress Bride what a terrible title hits and misses Spoilers so read at your perilPremise is the two MC's he the gold eye lion of the desert and she an aristocratic English rose have been having an affair for a couple of years This is obviously pre Katrashian skankiness as Evie's mother is horrified her daughter is having a public affair with a Sheikh that will never marry her Frankly Evie's mom is pretty cold and condemning which in some ways made me appreciate her as a real character Current times I'm afraid than one ambitious mama would make a deal with the devil as well as pimp out pornos of their daughter for a shot at royalty even second hand Evie and Raschid have a turbulent and steamy relationship I appreciated the fact that Evie acknowledges and appreciates the sexual connection they have rather than the dismay too many Iinnocent heroines have over their exploding lady parts He is eually as smitten Too bad he's Muslim and a whatever Arab prince and that she's Christian and EnglishPush comes to shove on the relationship when Evie admits she's pregnant NO ONE takes the news well and I actually felt sorry for our fictional h Raschid's reaction was the most unenthusiastic and made me uestion just how much in love he was especially when he says she screwed up on her timing If she had mentioned it two weeks earlier then mysterious steps would not have put in place Bottom line pop had laid out an ultimatum drop the side piece and marry the nice Arab princess of the adjoining kingdom or I will sacrifice myself and not get the life saving heart transplant I need Stars are starting to drop now The heroine says she will not marry him as it would de stabilize his region and something other reason I can't remember The h runs away Okay just to her apartment The H followed Papparazzi followed Mother follows and freaks out H freaks out H leaves for his unidentified Arab kingdom to have it out with pops While H is away the heroine has a lovely visit with the Arab king's henchman who bow politely offer her a 2 mill pound bribe and toss down an appointment card with an abortionist Very Creepy Scene I was waiting for them to haul her off against her willThe h flees on foot to her mother's where she arrives bleeding and collapses Her mother tosses aside her tags of Worst Parent Ever and Rotten Relative and protects her baby like any good mother should The H finally arrives at the hospital and goes into the Romanceland hero decline mode I had to laugh at Evie as when she finally lets him in the hospital room she's than a little peeved at how good he looks for not sleeping or eating for two days Men They lose weight easier tooThe two eventually marry and they hoof it to the Arab kingdom for their Muslim blessing The Arab king offers an explanation about what happened with the abortion card which was a tad too convenient an underling over stepped his bounds Yeah it's a HEA but two factors prevented me from jumping on board for four stars Evie's capitulation she went from a spine of steel that would not marry him would not forgive him for thinking she got pregnant on purpose to I love you and can't live without you Better than average for a HarleyLand h but still run of the mill Secondly the H The hero was going to leave her and marry nebulous Arab princess until she got pregnant or was he? A little nebulous I never felt heroine's love for the hero Hero was smitten with her and did everything in his power to make their relationship work but she never met him halfway Plus I felt the author was very insulting to the Arabian culture 275 STARSThis wasn't too terrible of a story Wish I had felt connection between the main characters I also think I'm out of touch with the culture of the Hero His culture and offstandish ways didn't exactly have me rooting for Raschid and Evie to get married There was plenty of drama in this story but even that wasn't enough to keep me in love with this story MARRIED — TO HIS MISTRESSThe whole world was interested in Sheikh Raschid Al Kadah and Evie Delahaye Despite fierce opposition from their families their passionate high profile affair had lasted for two ecstatic years — but everyone knew that soon the relationship would have to end Raschid was expected to marry an Arabian princess Evie's mother was pushing her towards a member of the English aristocracy — and time was running outThen Evie discovered she was carrying Raschid's baby She wasn't good enough for marriage until she became preggers Of course after the fact he was willing to fight and figure out a way to marry her for the baby's sake This made me wonder why he wouldn't just for the heroine when she has been so utterly and slavishly devoted to the hero when everyone including her family had turned their backs on her His mouthing off sweet little nothing really was nothing because his action didn't follow what his mouth was saying Conseuently I felt like all that adoration was too one sided because he didn't treat her like she was the most important personthing in his life as he clearly was to her I don't find stories like this romantic The heroine started to come across as some stupid spineless TSTL female and the hero an arrogant egotistical jerk Therefor it turned into a firm DNF did not finish The Mistress Bride is the story of Rashid and Evie and has got to be one of the best mistress baby trope books Ive ever readSheikh Raschid Al Kadah and Evie Delahaye both belong to royalty from different parts of the world and both face opposition from their respective parents and fascination from the rest of the world but this hasnt stopped them from engaging in a scorching love affair for two yearsThings take an abrupt halt when two things happen simulataneously Raschid's father falls ill and demands his marriage to a cousin and Evie falls pregnantI loved this intensely passionate and loyal couple the hero wasnt mean the heroine wasnt a doormat both fought for each other and their love and yes there was angst and family drama too I also liked that there wasnt a negative character and everyone had shades of grayOverall a satisfying readSafe45 Evie and Raschid come from very different worlds For the past two years they have been conducting a very public affair to the chagrin and consternation of both families They know that their time together is limited since Raschid will one day become king and must marry a woman from his own country Evie becomes pregnant and of course Raschid declares that they will marry for the sake of his heir He becomes absolutely possessive and will stop at nothing to marry Evie What could have been a wonderful powerful lover storyjust somehow never happens Raschid tends to come off rather high handed and self centered Though he loves Evie it's only with words rather than actions Or at least Evie never gives him a chance to show it because though she talks tough she always caves in I particularly hated when she gave him the boot only to cry out nowhen his hand was on the doorknob Talk about spineless The Price of a Bride still remains my favorite by this author

  • Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • The Mistress Bride
  • Michelle Reid
  • English
  • 07 May 2015
  • 9780373120567

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