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The Joy of Achievement He touched the sky and it smiled He stretched out his arms and they circled the globe His vision made giants out of men and organisations Nothing to say about JRD Tataa pioneer whose vision changed the entire outlook of modern Indiaa man of principles and the founding father of Air India and many other organisations and projectswith the current sorry state of affairs with Air India the men in charge are a disgrace to the dreams of that great Visionary Alternate cover edition of ISBN 9780140250640For six decades JRD Tata headed India's largest industrial conglomerate with uncommon success This was only one aspect of his life He was also a man of great sensitivity who suffered at the loss of friends and was pained by the poverty he saw around him a philanthropist who wanted India to be 'a happy country' and did all that he could to make it so a man with a passion for literature fast cars skiing and of course flying This book by the author of the best selling The Last Blue Mountain records JRD's thoughts on a variety of subjects In these pages he speaks of the House of Tatas and his style of management about how he nearly joined the freedom struggle in the early 1940s about the 'thrill of living a little dangerously' his love of music and wine and the writers he likes to read He speaks also with striking candour and insight about the failures of socialism the future of India and his association with stalwarts like Jawaharlal Nehru Jayaprakash Narayan Vallabbhai Patel Indira Gandhi and Henry Kissinger Towards the end of the book in the final year of his life we see him come to terms with death God and the afterlife 'A spellbinding book' motivation of one of the giants of Indian industry' Financial Times London 'Few tributes have so movingly or so appositely refracted the spirit of a colossus who though born to the proverbial bold and beautiful lifestyle was to leave an indelible imprint on so many aspects of contemporary India' The Pioneer This book tells the stories and events about jrd Tata from childhood to death it's insiparational book good one Nice read to know about the personal traits of JRD and his managementleadership style Even though I started this book as part of my studies of SMP from IIM C I got attached to the content of the book that gave a lot of great ualities of JRD Management style as a visionary and his long term visions how he inspired his team his care of details while in Air India Overall a good read A memoir of a super human who paved the way of what we see the India of todaywhen asked he said 'I do not want India to be a super power I want India to be happy'I had the honor of working for Tata's and later meeting JRD and the author in person Tata's build a nation and they build its people I wish industry leaders of today had the vision the Tata's have Values stronger than steelHighly recommended It's a good read I agree Jeh was born with a golden spoonbut worked his way to ten and brought India to the centerstage of the world A good book which gives some rare insights into one of the greatest industrialist on modern India RMLala as usual is fluet and clear with his style