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Signal Failure This tale is a damn fine example of a horror short story and one I'd recommend to all fans of the genre It takes a seemingly mundane event albeit one that comes with its own fears of travelling home on the underground and fills it with terror The pacing is spot on and it gets going almost immediately The scene is set deftly and as events unfurl it builds menace and doesn't rely on cheap tricks to get its scaresI don't mind a bit of gore or splatter based horror but I much prefer horror which uses mood and suggestion to spin the terror The author manages just that here with his story The moods of fear and confusion are elouently portrayed and effectively It's not until near the end you get a glimpse of what is going and even then all is not fully revealed we'll have to wait for the following novel to reveal As with his previous works I appreciated his talent for word play With short stories it's important to keep focused and not waste words and a lot of craft is evident in the writing of this storyIt's an interesting techniue to use a short story to build interest in a forthcoming and larger release It can often backfire if the short story doesn't stand on its own merits This story works well on its own telling the story of Emily's journey home yet still maintaining enough mystery to entice interest in the novel It's worked for me and I can't wait for its release Thanks to a review by a goodreads friend I became aware of this free ebook Not sure whether it’s a novella taster teaser or short story but the idea is to tell a tale that draws the reader in setting the scene for an associated full length novelSignal Failure is a scary and claustrophobic tale set on the London UndergroundEmily catches a night tube home after a boozy night out with friends The train is fairly uiet with the usual diverse group of tired Londoners wending their way homeInto her journey Emily notices a strange station flash up on the automatic notification system ‘Shroud Lane’ Mmm weird she thinks Soon after deep under London the train stops between stations all the doors fly open and the lights go out 😱A strange tale beginsThis is a nifty devise to encourage you to take a look at Under the novel that is somehow connected to this self contained storyA good idea and one that’s probably worked with this reader This is an alternate cover edition for B01JDI84J8 It’s four in the morning and Emily is heading home on a London Underground train But the Night Tube is running slow tonight – delays caused by a signal failure as usualThe train stops again stuck in a tunnel between Tube stations And then the lights go off The motors cut out Silence from the driverAll the doors slide open at the same time exposing the passengers to the tunnelTo let them out Or to let something in Signal Failure is a 12000 word short story set in the London Underground It is a standalone story and also a prelude to the forthcoming novel Under While reading this story I was struck by how claustrophobic it made me feel I started thinking about caves that my friends and I explored and old mine shafts that I'd gone to that were all abandoned and none of it ever bothered me at all It should have but small dark spaces don't scare me What does scare me is the thought of being on the tube or subway Same thing just different places So if I could be on the subway by myself or with a few friends no problem What absolutely terrifies me is the thought of being underground and having all these people around me Lately I've been mulling over just what is horror? This would be one of my definitions of horror This story doesn't give much of a clue about what the big bad is but it was still oppressive enough for me to know that I want to read this author's upcoming book My one regret is that by the time it comes out in 2017 I'll have forgotten how it made me feel and I may just pass on it Teasers are always great but not when you have a backlog of at least a thousand books All in all I would recommend this story “Our apologies for the slow running of the service tonight This is due to an earlier signal failure on the Piccadilly Line Repair work is underway and we should be on the move shortly Thank You for your patience” FAMOUS LAST WORDS37 page standalone story and prelude for the horror tale “Under” which is about the abandoned “ghost stations” in the London UndergroundI picked up this gem up for free today on Kindleif you have ever ridden “The Tube” in London or the subways in NY you will get goosebumps as you picture this story transpiring And LOOK at that CHILLING cover art 🙄 Unremarkable A free short story that apparently is a teaser for the book Under it mostly convinced me that the author's style wasn't for me It's the literary euivalent of 17th Century Dutch paintingWhat do I mean?She felt the train turning with a harsh metallic sueal from its wheels uite a sharp turn judging by the way the car ahead veered to the left showing her all the people on its right bank of seats The fingernails on blackboard screech dragged on for a while making her wince and then faded as the train once again slowed to a halt The sound of electric motors a constant background hum that you only became aware of when it stopped stopped It would start up again when the train was ready to proceedI was a little afraid to read before bed but I needn't have been The mundane description should have lead to something eerie but it never really gelled for me perhaps because it was so rooted in concrete description of the underground space Blackness was about as eerie as it seemed to get The main character is a bit of a party girl Emily in her last year of school but not sure of what she wants to do next only that she wants to stay near the London scene There was a slight attempt to build in a backstory of an ill mother but it didn't catch Mostly I liked her can do spirit which perhaps didn't suare with the drunk party girl girl riding the train in beginning It made for a character challenge that made latching on to a short story even harder It doesn't look like she's the heroine of the subseuent book which is about Jake and his teamThe sense of place seemed very real I haven't been to the London Underground but I've ridden the NYC subway uite a bit so I could easily imagine the noise the grime and the movement of the cars Emily is taking the night tube home when after repeated halts passengers are told there’s a signal failure to blame The train becomes stuck in a tunnel and then disturbing things start happeningThis short story really packs a punch It’s creepy – very creepy It speaks to the primitive fears we all still harbour claustrophobia nyctophobia fear of the beast in the dark cave I think because the Tube is brightly lit and full of people we can dismiss the fact that we are so far under the earth We don’t think about it because really we don’t want to remember Prepare to be disturbed Next time you’ll catch the bus This did not work for me at all on any level Emily trapped on the London Underground and strange things happening How to get out? Where have the people gone The story soon lost my interest and I felt little or no empathy with the characters at least it was short and the tube journey was soon over If the spookiness and claustrophobic atmosphere of the London Underground is to your liking then I strongly recommend Bakerloo Line Train by Tim Reed at only 14 pages long it is very imaginativethis is what I said on my review in 2012John continued staring until the train moved on and her peculiar words floated back to him resonating with threat We'll all cook before the end A great line in what is a cracking short horror story by a very talented author A pulsating London a crowded tube station a busy rush hour and always the fear of the unknownall these ingredients come together to make this novella an exciting albeit short read Who is the mysterious John Rowe where is Melody the girl he wants to marry what is the significance of the Lady and the child and what part does the young Asian gentleman play??? All is revealed in a surprising and timely conclusion but let's leave the final word to the woman announcer This is a Hell bound trainto your impending demiseread and enjoy TrappedDavid Wailing’s horror novella Signal Failure is a heart pounding story full of terror and suspense A scary story that reminds me of the 2004 film Creep which captures the darkness and fear of an unknown presence hunting its prey in the London Underground Emily is returning home on the tube’s Piccadilly line from a night out when the faltering train breaks down after Knightsbridge The next station should be South Kensington but the announcement stated the next station was Shroud Lane and she’s never heard of Shroud Lane The lights go out the doors open and suddenly the security of a closed carriage is blown apart and the atmosphere of panic and dread rushes in The night is just about to turn into a horror story With a missing driver Emily and fellow passengers decide to leave the train and walk to what they think was a disused station and possible safety Nothing about that is simple or appealingAs a short story this really captures the terror of being trapped in underground tunnels with something lurking in the darkness With eerie old abandoned stations and an eclectic group of people the anxiety and pursuit of safety seems and remote muahahahaMany thanks to Richard for recommending this novella and I would say it's worth reading Next step will be the full novel from this author – Under Pretty good short story about a group of people who get stuck in the London Underground tube train at night All the train doors open up the tunnel is dark and claustrophobic the electricity goes off What happened to driver? What is out there in the dark? Eerie and captivating