Pursuit After Dark #2 MOBI Ù Pursuit After Epub /

  • Paperback
  • 240 pages
  • Pursuit After Dark #2
  • Jackie D.
  • English
  • 15 January 2016
  • 9781626399037

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Pursuit After Dark #2This was an action packed ride from start to finish I have read and liked all of Jackie's books but this is the best so far There has been noticeable growth in her writing and she seems to have now found her groove While you could read this without reading book 1 I would suggest reading book 1 first to get all of the characters backgroundOne of my small complaints about book 1 I thought the big action scene was not as exciting as I hoped This book met all my expectations The action was great and the book had a fast steady pace that kept all the pages turning There is never a dull moment and I really enjoyed itTyler and Brooke are the main characters again in this book But instead of just two main characters there really are four in this book We are also in the head space of Jennifer and Caden Both ladies were in book 1 but they were just supporting characters It was nice to get to know them and I found them both to be likeable A lot of times authors of a series when they add new main characters the main characters from the last book get left behind I was so glad this was not the case here I really liked Tyler and Brooke and wanted to see of their relationship How it was growing and how they were acting as a couple I really appreciate Jackie growing their relationship while still writing about new main charactersThis is easy to recommend for action romance fans Jackie did a nice job of balancing the romance with all the action Not only am I looking forward to book 3 but also any new books Jackie writes She has made it to my automatic read list for authors An ARC was given to me by BSB for a honest review After falling in love while foiling a terrorist attack Gunnery Sergeant Tyler Monroe and CIA analyst Brooke Hart have begun to settle into their lives together but that hasn’t slowed C IA infiltrator and terrorist Nathaniel Lark’s progress Lark is on the run and options are running thin as the situation grows desperate When a plot to eliminate the upper levels of the executive branch is discovered loyalties must be proven and lines must be crossed Who will be left standing on each side is anyone’s guessThe seuel to Infiltration After having read Pursuit the second book in the After Dark series Jackie D is very uickly becoming one of my favourite authors You can count on Jackie D to give you well thought out books With the feel of a good old classic noir film filled suspends mystery intrigue of twists and turns that keep you wanting to find out I highly recommend this book to anyone that enjoys a good thriller Fantastic Exciting and action packed law enforcement thriller After reading Infiltration After Dark #1 I was looking forward to the second in this series And now I hope I don’t have wait so long for book #3 I’m addicted to the journey of this four womenThe main plot is the two main characters from book one Gunnery Sergeant Tyler Monroe and CIA analyst Brooke Hart But this story not only follows the two of them but also Jennifer Glass and Caden Styles Jennifer works with Brook and Caden with TylerTyler and Brooke now share their life and home Besides working and settling in their daily life they also have to fight with homophobic parents Jennifer and Caden we know from book one but there they were great secondary characters in this book they are main characters too They share a hate love relationship and their push and pull is at the same time nerve wracking and exciting I loved to see of Tyler and Brooke and their relationship and I also loved the new pairing of Jennifer and Caden and their growing feelings for each other I really hope to read of the four of them in another book The hunt for right wing terrorist Lark and the conspiracy which is reaching much higher than first knew is thrilling and holds you on your toes The plot is very well written and I was intrigued and catched from page oneI highly recommend this story to everybody who loves action packed thrillersMy rating 45 stars When you start this one make sure you have plenty of time to read and enjoy as uickly as you can It's fast paced and you'll feel a little breathless by the end Well rounded characters to root for good dialogue believable chemistry and lots of action make this one a keeper for me Definitely going into my to be read and enjoyed again pileBook 2 in a series It's best to read the first to get a better understanding of the characters and their motivations but overall this is a stand alone and you'd be okay jumping into this one without having read the firstNetgalley ARC received for an unbiased review Boy am I really enjoying the After Dark series This was seemed way too short I definitely wanted I love the new couple Caden and Jennifer The tension between them was perfect And it was great checking in with Brooke and Tyler It's nice to see them all doing their jobs and having those experiences as well as seeing Brooke and Tyler dealing with regular life issues such as Brooke's parents I certainly hope we don't have to wait too long to get the next installment because it's kept my interest from the first book to this one Looking forward to the third After Dark book Pursuit by Jackie DSuper short summary This book is a dynamic fast moving adventure that keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole timePursuit is the second installment of the After Dark series by Jackie D If you haven’t read the first one Infiltration you don’t have to read it but I would strongly suggest it Why? First off both books are really good Secondly you’ll miss some of the character and plot backstories Tyler Monroe and Brooke Hart are now officially an item when we meet back up with them they have been together about a year now and recently moved into a new apartment together In addition to this couple we also have two new mains as well Right so four leading ladies in total for this one I promise you it totally works Caden Styles and Jennifer Glass have a love hate relationship Their two besties Tyler Brooke are dating and they work together so basically always in each other’s space This tends to create a heavy amount of tension because these two love to gibe at each other They land little hits and ramp up the tension Like a magnet all they need is flip and boom you have one hot couple Of course other that two hot romances you have an action packed adventure of good gals hunting down bat shit crazy right wing terrorists I loved that there is a good balance between the two enough romance for you to swoon and enough action to keep you fully engaged Great read you don’t want to miss this one So I openly admit I did not realise this was the second book of an on going series until about a third of the way through Like me you could read this as a stand alone book or you could do the sensible thing and read the first book first Not reading the first book in no way diminishes the high uality of this bookThis was my first book by this author and it definately will not be my last Firstly I have put book one at the top of my too read list and I am seriously hoping there will be a book three Well the author did leave a nice opening for a third I really liked her fluid writing style and the characters came across as realisticThere is not much I did not enjoy about this book The plot was well thought out and it progressed nicely There are four main characters who are friends and part of a team working for the United Staes Government tracking down a madman and uncovering his plot The main characters have amazing chemistry I could not put it downWould I recommend this book? Without a doubt YES EnjoyARC provided by publisher via NetGalley First of all if you haven't readInfiltration the preceding book in this series go and do that now Not only will Pursuit make a lot sense once you've read the first instalment it's a kickass book in its own right Our leading ladies and their assorted hangers on are still after the same big bad from last time around and things are getting very tense No training missions and dummy take downs from here on in it's all very much live While this is very much a traditional thriller the author has written is very well and you cannot help but root for the characters The only criticism I would level at this book is that some of the supposedly 'tense' scenes are a bit too drawn out and I found myself wanting to skim a bit to get to the resolution when HLA could beginDefinitely worth a read though An honest review thanks to NetGalley This was a great seuel to infiltration if you haven't read infiltration you need to do it before starting this one This can be read on its own but you will get a much needed backstory on Lark and see the relationship grow between Tyler and Brooke I love Jackie D and feel as if she wrote another amazing book I liked how the plot unfolded and the surprises that jumped our way while reading This is a must read book enjoy

About the Author: Jackie D.

Jackie D was born and raised in the San Francisco east bay area of California She lives with her wife their son and their many furry companions She earned a bachelor's degree in recreation administration and a dual master's degree in management and public administration She is a Navy veteran and served in Operation Irai Freedom as a flight deck director onboard the USS Abraham LincolnShe