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Twin of Ice Happily betrothed to Dr Lee Westfield Houston is every bit the good girl she was raised to be So when faced with Kane Taggert's brash marriage proposal Houston is outwardly shocked But beneath her gracious demeanor lies a woman of hidden longings and her defenses begin to melt the second this rugged stranger touches his hungry lips to hersMeet Houston's impetuous identical twin sister Blair Chandler in Jude Deveraux's Twin of Fire

About the Author: Jude Deveraux

Jude Gilliam was born September 20 1947 in Fairdale Kentucky She has a large extended family and is the elder sister of four brothers She attended Murray State University and received a degree in Art In 1967 Jude married and took her husband's surname of White but four years later they divorced For years she worked as 5th grade teacherShe began writing in 1976 and published her first bo

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  1. KatieV KatieV says:

    I really enjoyed this which proves something doesn't have to be big on wtf'ery for me to like it It's actually a pretty sweet story and has some elements I loveA hero who comes from a lower class background and makes it big yet is still that working class guy and fears people only want him for his money A heroine born to privilege and very much repressed by her placerole in society until she meets the heroA marriage of convenience that becomes a love matchAlso a hero with a nefarious ulterior motive for wanting the heroine and a ruthless streak when it comes to keeping her was the icing on the cakeThe hero was exactly like a real man kind of a clueless doofus much of the time but endearing His understanding of women was nonexistent Not the kind of guy to give flowery speeches but he'd do anything for Houston

  2. Geo Marcovici Geo Marcovici says:

    Great Just great ❤❤❤

  3. Cindy Cindy says:

    Jude Deveraux was one of my favorite 80's romance writers This story was first copywrited in 1985 I remember it fondly re read it at least once a year I'd have to say though it' probably been about 15 years since I last read it Looking at my burgeoning book collection I decided to start wading through Maybe getting rid of some Sadly this book will be going to the Goodwill pile Just not what I remembered This story appears to be set in the early 1900's although it's never really stated for sure They do have telephones electricity First I like the heroine Houston She's supposed to be demure ladylike nicknamed the ice ueen by her loving fiance hmm She has a good heart though a decent set of morals She also has a secret Once a week she disguises herself as an old woman goes to a mining camp to give aid to the poor She always tries to do the right thing she's very loyal Unlike some people in her life Houston has a twin sister Blair who has come back from college a doctor Apparently she has the morals of an alley cat but I have to read her story again after this one so I'll have to do her review later Basically the twins trade places for an evening Blair steals the fiance after sleeping with him gasp Kane is the rich guy in town who decides that Houston is pretty enough a LADY So she will keep house for him have sex with him show up the other rich guy in town who he formally worked for in the stables as we are reminded ad nauseum He is NOT the hero of the story He's the male lead big difference He refers to Houston twice as a bitch once refers to her as no better then a high priced whore His best friend punches him in the nose for this comment but Kane is so dense he can't figure out why He remains dense through this whole story He is handsomerich with a body like a Greek god So what's a girl to do but marry him Besides he NEEDS her cough cough She falls in love with him I'm not sure why I guess because he NEEDS her SO much sighThrough this whole story even when she proves to him otherwise he believes she married him for his money So he's justified in treating her like crap She finds out he used her to get back at the other rich guy he couldn't care less about her The whole story goes downhill pretty fast I don't think anything is really resolved at the end You know without a doubt there'll be a endless cycle of him being a jerk her having to forgive him for it Of course because NOTHING is ever his fault I have to say that I've grown up in what I think is good romance fare This book isn't what I remembered It just pissed me off

  4. Fani *loves angst* Fani *loves angst* says:

    I really loved this one up until the end when the problems with the mines overtook the romance and the hero was still reluctant to trust the heroine's feelings for him It has the usual Deveraux feeling where the hero is a little rough around the edges and the heroine's as far away from a doormat as can be People who enjoy older styled romances will enjoy this

  5. TheGeekyBlogger TheGeekyBlogger says:

    Read for Fun LibraryOverall Rating 500Story Rating 500Character Rating 500First Thought when FinishedTwin of Ice by Jude Deveraux is one of those reads that never get old no matter how many times I have read ituick Thoughts I originally read this the summer after I turned 16 Kane Taggert was my first Romance Book crush Twin of Ice by Jude Deveraux can still manage to give me all the feels even though my adult self wanted to perhaps head swat Kane a few times Nothing beats Nostalgic Feels and Reads ;Part of my Read It Rate It File It DONE Reviews

  6. Alice Alice says:

    From Ice to SteamWell I am off to buy the second half of this incredible duology Twin of Fire This was a very different story and I was very pleased with the results of the twin sisters switching places for that one event even though I see some readers have condemned Houston's sister for going to far with her fiancee Her explanation was reasonable and the results understandable I suggest you read this very well written book containing many insecure people and decide for yourself I found the dynamics between Houston and her millionaire husband to be fascinating This is illustrated when her ex fiancee calls her a Ice Princess her husband replies What do you get when you apply enough heat to ice steam So true

  7. Mona Mona says:

    In general I've liked the plot of several of Deveraux's books But by the time I finish reading them I'm almost always left wondering what the hell did I just waste my time on? It's taken me a dozen or so books but I've finally realized that Deveraux does not know how to end a story Her plots are fun if predictable a la Nora Roberts and others but as she starts to wrap things up she has a tendency to slam a last ditch soap opera crisis at you only to end the story with a kiss on the next page I'm sure I'll read of her works to get my guilty pleasure fix and I'm sure when I'm done I'll again ask myself what the hell did I just waste my time on?

  8. Kat Kat says:

    one of first romance novels I ever read really enjoyed reading this and the counterpart Twin of Fire as it tells the same story from different view points

  9. Aarann Aarann says:

    Okay so that was really really cuteTo date I've read several other Jude Deveraux books but have only really liked one a short story called The Matchmakers featuring the namesake of the hero in this story Kane Taggart I guess this tells me I should just avoid anything of hers that isn't written in the TaggartMontgomery series because it's been a while but as I recall I was heavily disappointed by the books of hers I tried to read that weren't The MatchmakersOkay but on to this story Houston Chandler is one of a pair of twins She's been engaged to Leander Lee Westfield pretty much since birth but can't stand for him to touch her Their wedding is in only a few weeks when she meets by chance Kane Taggart a self made rough around the edges millionaire keep in mind that this is the 19th century so a millionaire is pretty much the euivalent to the multitude of bachelor billionaires that today's romance novels expect you to believe exist who takes one look at her and decides to marry her Mm'kay Houston and her twin Blair switch places so that Houston can see Kane's house which everyone in town is curious about and things get a little out of control between Lee and Blair enough so that Lee announces to everyone upon the discovery of the switch that he has to marry BlairMmm hmmNo matter though because this works out perfectly for Kane possibly the most confident insecure man or is he an insecure confident man? who has ever lived Houston finds she actually likes him and marries him in a double wedding with her sister and the guy who cheated on herRiiiiiightSeriously this stuff should have been soooo cheesy right down to the off handed remark on Kane's part about purchasing part of a company that makes a drink called Coca Cola but I loved the absolute crap out of every minute of it Watching Houston run circles around Kane was so much fun to watch I found it hard to put the book down It dragged a bit right after the wedding but picked up again fairly uicklyI have to mark the next sliiiight gripe with a spoiler tag because the events occur so late in the book view spoilerI do wish that Kane had been made to show that he could laugh at himself at the end instead of laughing at Houston I mean Pam and Edan both had points when they both mentioned that Kane had thrown a tantrum at his wedding regarding the twin mix up and to laugh at Houston was pretty hypocritical but at the same time I sort of get that Kane was proud and laughing with Houston she just wasn't laughing too hide spoiler

  10. Kim Kim says:

    275 starsI read Twin of Ice because I'm a sucker for a historical cowboy story and want to dig into the backlog of popular genre fiction to find those that resonate with me This one didn't While this book was chock a block with melodrama it failed to resolve a major story element in satisfactory way slight spoiler the hero NEVER apologizes to the heroine Not one verbal or clearly communicated I've been such a dumbass I'm sorry Instead the heroine realizes how much the hero really loves her through incredibly fast and loose reasoning based on assumptions she makes about things she overhears and only in the very last pages of the very last chapter I was not convincedThe narrative was really confusing; awkward sentence and paragraph structuring lead the reader in the wrong direction in terms of who is saying what to whom and who is doing what during the scene A character who is part of a moment of antagonism that Kane or Houston struggle against makes such a uick about face in their opposition it gave me whiplash This happened so often it was exhausting and predictableThis storytelling makes me think that there was a lack of confidence in the narrative that they relied on soap opera like switches to keep the reader interested We're 80s popular romances written with soap opera storytelling structure in mind?I appreciate that there are many modern romance writers who write historical romance who are better at cutting back on the extraneous melodrama in favor of nothing but the most absolute important high points and that they work to make the moments of opposition feel authenticThe mysterious hints at what is happening with Blair and Lee in the simultaneously occurring plot of Twin of Fire were distracting and pointed well you'll just have to read the other book to find outPoints for melodrama and an authentic feel in time and place negative marks for lack of believable and satisfying character growth and dubious structuring of the storytelling

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