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Moxie Moxie girls fight backVivian Carter is fed up Fed up with her small town Texas high school that thinks the football team can do no wrong Fed up with sexist dress codes and hallway harassment But most of all Viv Carter is fed up with always following the rulesViv’s mom was a punk rock Riot Grrrl in the ’90s so now Viv takes a page from her mother’s past and creates a feminist zine that she distributes anonymously to her classmates She’s just blowing off steam but other girls respond Pretty soon Viv is forging friendships with other young women across the divides of cliues and popularity rankings and she realizes that what she has started is nothing short of a girl revolution

  • Hardcover
  • 330 pages
  • Moxie
  • Jennifer Mathieu
  • English
  • 22 October 2016
  • 9781626726352

About the Author: Jennifer Mathieu

wwwmoxiegirlsfightbackcom All my novels are published by Roaring Brook PressMacmillanMy favorite things include chocolate pepperoni pizza and this super hilarious 1980s sitcom about four retired women called The Golden Girls I can basically uote every episodeI live in Texas with my husband son and dog When it comes to what I read I love realistic young adult fiction duh creative nonfiction super scandalous tell all memoirs and unauthorized biographies and basically anything that hooks me on the first page

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  1. Emma Giordano Emma Giordano says:

    I’m going to be very transparent in the fact that I am never going to stop obsessing over this book So be prepared especially in the coming months of Moxie’s release I ain’t shutting up about itI absolutely LOVED this book way than I anticipated I originally wasn’t sure when I’d get to it it just wasn’t high on my TBR but after a sexist review I knew I had to make it a priority and boy did I make the right decisionI do want to place a content warning for sexual harassment and talk of rapesexual assault meaning we don’t necessarily see these events unfold like the sexual harassment spread throughout the book but I still think it warrants a disclaimer that these sensitive topics are being discussed Moxie is a book that all teens and young adults NEED to read It should be discussed in academia it is an extremely important book I especially want to recommend it to teens looking for empowerment and encouragement to share their voice This book is getting a lot of hype for being a “feminist YA novel” and while it is entirely true that this is prime feminist literature for teens I think the ultimate take away is that your voice no matter how small no matter how many people you stand against or how powerless you may feel your voice is stronger And I think everyone can use that reminderI really loved Viv as a main character I think she’s a very realistic and grounded character She’s a fighter she’s passionate she always stands her ground on a topic she has feelings on but she also deals with the insecurities of having friends that may not totally agree with you and not wanting to be labeled as someone who creates problems or goes against the group She is articulate in her arguments always able to get her point across in a non patronizing elegant way I could learn a thing or two from her I think she’s someone a lot of readers can look up to and strive towards She definitely is fit to lead this feminist revolution at East Rockport HighI also really enjoyed Seth who is the new boy and love interest in this novel I didn’t originally expect there to be a romance but it is a very small part of the story and definitely does not overtake the main message Seth is a very understanding person always willing to listen and do better I think he and Viv have one of the healthiest YA relationships because even though they may argue and unintentionally hurt the other they are willing to talk it out and do better in the future Seth learns about Viv’s efforts to change the sexism in her school early on and he really cares that it’s something she is passionate about He definitely has his slip ups where he just doesn’t understand due to not experiencing the sexism that the girls in his classes have but when Viv takes the time to explain he listens and learns This book definitely tackles male privilege and I wouldn’t be surprised if some of my reading friends who are men are uncomfortable while reading this but I think that’s why it’s so beneficial to a variety of populations One of my favorite scenes is when Viv wants to help spread “Moxie” to the boys in their school but he is actually the one to suggest that it should be a space just for girls and he understands fully when Viv confirms it Yes Kirkus reviews I AM looking dead at your for spreading a false narrative of men being excluded from the feminist efforts in this story especially since they are important figures in this movement by the end In my opinion Seth is a really good guy focused on learning about other’s experiencesOf course my favorite part of this novel was ALL THE FEMINISM This book is full of girls supporting girls girls of different cliues coming together for the same goals girls learning about what it means to be a feminist and why it is important to stand with each other instead of against In saying this I’m not trying to suggest that feminism is “only for women” which I discuss below but I’m so happy to have a novel of girls working with other girls that readers can look up to Despite all the sexism and harassment in the book I got nothing but fluffy feels from all the “Moxie” activities going on like tackling unfair dress codes bake sales and art sales to raise funds for girls sports and just generally seeing the spark ignite within all these teens I am also pleased that this book does tackle the privilege of white women regarding feminist issues We do have a few POC who play a role in this movement I think one is black and one is latinx if I am remembering correctly and they definitely explain to Viv how even though she is experiencing sexism like them it’s entirely different for her being a white girl I really appreciate the efforts to make the distinction of how some women are at a greater disadvantage within the general sexism of societyIf you couldn’t tell I loved this book It is a fast paced CRUCIAL read that I hope you all give a chance When I get some extra cash I definitely will be giving away some pre orders because I want this book in your hands that much I’d highly highly recommend it to readers of all ages who are looking to be represented looking to learn or looking to be empowered I honestly feel this book has the power to change lives and I know it has left an impact on mine Moxie is out September 19th so please either pre order it or reserve it at your local library I received a copy of this book for free from Macmillan at Book Expo 2017 I had no obligation to review this book and all opinions are my own

  2. Elle (ellexamines) Elle (ellexamines) says:

    In light of Kirkus' gross review of this an added paragraph I do not at all agree that this book “drives away male allies” Given the content of the book Kirkus was referring to I am of the opinion that this is a really gross opinion If you think “calling out a person who's victim blaming a rape survivor” is the same as “driving away male allies” please consider blocking me This isn't even an accurate concern The dude we're referring too the main character's boyfriend is given a chance to learn from his gross comments and begin working through his own misogyny God I don't even know if I would've given someone a chance to redeem themselves from some of the things said in this book No the main character does not consider it acceptable that her boyfriend implies rape is the victim's fault You know why she's not okay with that? Because it's a gross belief and it's not one anyone should accept in a boyfriend I'm trying to be sympathetic to other opinions here but Kirkus' review is not a different opinion on a book or a different viewpoint on how feminism works It's an ideology and it's a fucking terrible one It is perfectly acceptable to dislike this book we all like and dislike stuff but the fact that you don't give a shit about rape victims whether they be men or women isn't one of them Thanks WE'RE DONE WITH THE SEXIST BULLSHIT LET'S REVIEWOkay basic premise A bunch of girls join together to protest sexism at their school The book starts out without a ton of character depth with the obvious feminist girl and the obvious naysayer girl and the obvious boyfriend The book proceeds to smack down all of your expectations for how this is going to play out The best friend isn't vilified for not starting out as an ardent feminist The boyfriend's occasional problematic actions are called out in a really healthy way Even the obvious popular girl who loves dating and guys gets a character arc and isn't slutshamed I kind of love how unapologetically feminist this book is The author touches on a lot of different feminist topics and even mentions how those topics intersect with lgbt issues and with racism I was expecting the book to be very one dimensional dealing with those topics But this book was better than that There are characters who do sexist things despite trying their best other characters call them out and they grow and change Yay for second chances and character development I have to say I would've appreciate a bit actual intersectionality rather than characters just talking about it But in general that aspect of the book was great Aside from discussing the basic premise and etc etc etc everything about this is solid contemporary material The characters are well drawn with good arcs although none of them resonated with me in any particular way The romance is sweet the plot is interesting the writing is uite compelling I don't have anything amazing to say and I don't have anything particularly bad to say What made this book stand out to me was the interesting and non stereotypical dialogue around feminism I would like to add a trigger warning for a lot of gross things being said about rape victims which are called out obviously Do you want to read this yet? Because I loved it and I hope everyone else will too And of course if you get an arc of this please check the blurbs on page one because I'm uotedBlog | Goodreads | Twitter | Youtube

  3. Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin says:

    UPDATE 299 on kindle US today 62720This book was totally amazing I was in tears near the end with all of the girls standing up together They were there for each other girls from all walks of life to stand up against those that try to make them something they are not for trying to push them into corners to go along with things that shouldn't be This book is all powerful in its own way Viv is a girl that goes to high school like your normal teen She lives with her mom her dad died when she was young her grandparents live next door she has friends life is pretty okay Not so much at school The school is run by the star football players and they get away with everything Mitchell Wilson is the leader of the pack and his father is the Principle of the school so he gets away with even The football team gets all the money while other parts of the school are in the dark ages But one day Viv has had enough When a new girl named Lucy is trying to answer a uestion in class and Mitchell makes a comment that sends Viv on a uest to end this crap Viv gets the idea to start a zine called Moxie from reading through her moms old stuff in a box Her mom was pretty hard core when she was younger Viv designs pages and makes copies of them and puts them in the girls bathrooms There are some cool pictures in the book but I won't share them until I get my physical copy when it comes out in case something changes Moxie slowly starts a revolution A revolution of girls to not be shamed or groped or raped or pushed to the side This movement causes girls that would have never talked to each other to be friends and to stick up for one another They even do bake sales and stuff so the girls soccer team can have new uniforms It's so freaking uplifting that all I can say is read the book and find out for yourselves The idea of girls coming together as friends and not being jealous or petty is fantastic And in this small town having a movement like this and going against the higher ups in the school is something everyone should do if they are living in a corrupt area A principle pushing attempted rape and other things aside like they are nothing is not something that needs to let go by the wayside The book made me feel good inside And the author left some websites for people to look at for different groups I love it There is also a love interest for Viv in the book His name is Seth and even though some don't think this should be a book for romance I have to disagree I loved Seth and I think the placement of a hot high school guy that doesn't think like the jerks was a great thing It didn't take away from the book it was just there along with the other norms of life Mel ♥Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for giving me the opportunity to read this bookMY BLOG Melissa Martin's Reading List

  4. Caz (littlebookowl) Caz (littlebookowl) says:

    I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone It is so empowering and heartwarming to see these high school girls banding together to fight back against the sexism they face on a daily basisMOXIE GIRLS FIGHT BACKContent warning sexual assault rape

  5. Cristina Monica Cristina Monica says:

    Not long ago I wrote an essay on the importance of feminism to various groups of people today and presented it to the class The response was overwhelmingly positive and sparked different discussions The teacher was surprised He looked at me and said ‘‘This is how every oral presentation should go’’ But then immediately after as if really thinking about the issues I presented he asked ‘‘But are you girls at your age really affected by unfeminist behaviours?’’The girls of our class there were only two boys myself included were speechless for a second and then a girl spoke up ‘‘Well we’re girls so of course we’re affected by sexism’’ she said and I could have applauded her for it Perfect answer My teacher was not sexist but he was not a woman His uestion proves that there is much he doesn’t understand about the hundred ways in which men can be sexist towards women MOXIE is a book he should read MOXIE is a book everyone should read Just like THE HATE U GIVE another fiction story full of powerful revolutionary themes that feels all too real it is important revealing poignant and extremely touching I have an issue with it however While Vivian grows a lot throughout the novel—she gain courage strength and determination—there still seems to be stereotypical thinking she condones that she isn’t aware of for instance waiting for the guy to kiss the girl first isn’t feminism about empowering women? and wanting to go out with a guy taller than she is come on we must get rid of this thinking that men should always be taller It could have had dept also but it’s a very good feminist YA novel There should be books like this one Blog | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | Google | Bloglovin’

  6. Kaylin (The Re-Read Queen) Kaylin (The Re-Read Queen) says:

    4 Stars “a feminist It’s not a bad word After today it might be my favorite word Because really all it is is girls supporting each other and wanting to be treated like human beings in a world that’s always finding ways to tell them they’re not” Okay I’ll admit it I was so nervous about reading this I absolutely consider myself a feminist but I also think writing a fiction book about a politicalsocial movement is tricky It’s very easy to lose focus on the characters and story—or even worse end up with a bunch of weak stereotypes that exist only to promote the primary message Not the case here The character’s aren’t just a teaching tool to talk about feminism Feminism is a teaching tool for the characters Our MC Vivian has a fully formed character arc that works in conjunction with the plot as she ‘accidentally’ starts a feminist club at her school It all worked very well together to give us an awesome story about change and revolution Speaking of none of the characters were stereotypes Nothing was condensed down to black or white The character’s weren’t divided into ‘good feminist’ and some ‘bad other’ but instead allowed to be flawed and dynamic—just like real people Vivian’s best friend has reservations about using the word feminism Vivian’s love interest who self identifies as a feminist still holds some problematic views—Vivian herself makes judgments and holds opinions that are uestionable and discussed as she matures There was focus on growth than shaming anyoneFemale friendship is still all too rare in YA and this book has it in spades Each chapter is filled with girls supporting laughing debating and learning from each other I especially appreciated how Vivian’s friendship with Claudia wasn’t dismissed just because she also befriends the new girl Lucie Girls of different races orientations classes and walks of life not only work together but revel in their friendships My only complaint is that as much as I loved the story I couldn’t help but feel the writing was a little bland There was a complete lack of sensory details and all the descriptions were pretty plain I understand the story and characters were the front of the story but I wouldn’t have minded a little oomph to draw me in ya know? Also it’s not that ‘make me a sandwich’ jokes are rare god help us but there’s an instance where a boy interrupts a girl just to say the punchline? It didn’t feel very organic and felt even off in a book so grounded in realism In Conclusion Really fun really empowering contemporary where the character’s and their relationships are the focus to open awesome discussions about feminism Some of my favorite uotes “I’ve never thought about it like that That a white girl always wins”“Well no offense” sas Kiera eyeing me “but you’re white so you wouldn't have” “And you telling me not all guys are like that doesn’t really help me feel better Because some guys are like that A lot of them actually” “Making girls monitor their behavior and their appearance because boys are supposedly unable to control themselves? That is one of the oldest fucking tricks in the book” “It’s like I’m living in a feminist fantasy” Lucy says “But it can’t be a complete fantasy because Roxane Gay isn’t here” Anyway this review is like 34 years late but this was a buddy read with the one who doesn't appreciate my mango jokes

  7. destiny ♡⚔♡ [howling libraries] destiny ♡⚔♡ [howling libraries] says:

    This is what it means to be a feminist Not a humanist or an eualist or whatever But a feminist It's not a bad word After today it might be my favorite word Because really all it is is girls supporting each other and wanting to be treated like human beings in a world that's always finding ways to tell them they're not A book about a teen girl coming into her own as a feminist and learning how to fight back against the patriarchy and rape culture? do you think I could have clicked reuest on this ARC any faster than I did?✘ PLOTAt Vivian's high school she's used to certain things being fact the football players get away with everything dress codes only affect girls and sexual harassment is just part of everyday life When Vivian starts to delve into her mother's Riot Grrrl past however she realizes maybe things don't have to be this way so she forms Moxie an anonymous school 'zine that invites other girls to band together and fight backRiot Grrrls were into feminism obviously but up until this moment in the gym I didn't think of them as feminists so much as super cool girls who took no shit✘ WHAT I LIKED This is in a nutshell a YA contemporary about feminism and that's a topic that most authors aren't willing to touch with a ten foot pole Not only does Jennifer Mathieu tackle the issue she does it with finesse and smoothness INTERSECTIONALITY Vivian is given a firsthand lesson in the problematic aspects of white feminism and learns how to take the extra steps needed to ensure complete inclusion of all women not just the white girls Growth and development When we first start the story Vivian has a few problematic views on things but she is open to listening and learning There are even a few times where she admits to bristling a little over things she is taught but she uickly puts her knee jerk reactions aside and listensWe also watch several other characters grow a lot as in the case with Viv's best friend who turns her nose up at the thought of feminism in the beginning of the book but as she learns about the movement she steadily becomes open minded until she is finally proud to call herself a feminist too When Viv first starts creating the Moxie 'zines and working towards dismantling the school's patriarchal system she's so gung ho about it that she tends to fly off the handle whenever anyone says anything incorrect I think a lot of feminists have been in her shoes I know I have and it took me a few years to learn that I don't have to get angry at every person who hasn't been educatedWhile the book doesn't promote turning the other cheek regarding people who willfully ignore sexism or any other relevant ism it does promote giving people the chance to learn and grow and that is so important Rome wasn't built in a day guys and you can't undo a lifetime of indoctrination in one conversation but when people are making an effort to learn the most helpful thing we can do is give them a healthy chance Moxie addresses rape culture head on So many people don't realize how many ways rape culture affects our day to day lives and I was delighted to watch Vivian not only come to realize how much it affected her and her friends but to watch her fight back against it There's even an aspect where she touches on the fact that men regardless of their stance on feminism cannot fully comprehend what women go through and I swear I almost put the book down to applaud Jennifer Mathieu for having the guts to go thereI'm totally sure he's not doing it on purpose but Seth is a guy and he can't ever know what it feels like to walk down a hallway and know that you're getting judged for the size of your ass or how big your boobs are He'll never understand what it's like to second guess everything you wear and how you sit and walk and stand in case it doesn't attract the right kind of attention or worse attracts the wrong kind He'll never get how scary and crazy making it is to feel like you belong to some big Boy Monster that decides it can grab you and touch you and rank you whenever and however it wants✘ WHAT I DIDN'T LIKEMy only complaint about this book and the reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is that the story itself relies so heavily on the feminist aspect that the parts in between where we're just focusing on Viv's daily life friendships romance etc fall short a little The writing felt very young at times and I actually had to remind myself several times that Viv was a junior in high school because a lot of her wording and inner monologues just felt like they were coming from a 14 or 15 year old at most✘ FINAL VERDICTIs this book flawless as a contemporary? No It's a little mediocre on the story telling aspect Is this book a brilliant and fun example of what feminism is intended to be however? Absolutely Whether you consider yourself a feminist or not I feel like everyone could learn something from this book and you might even be surprised by how hard some of the uotes hit home Thank you to NetGalley and Roaring Brook Press for the ARC All opinions expressed in this review are entirely my ownYou can also find this review on my blog here

  8. may ➹ may ➹ says:

    super important messages made me angry but also smile reminds everyone about the power of one girl’s voice against the patriarchyalso this is my third YA book ever that I’ve read in one day hell yeah buddy read with birthday girl 🎉

  9. Tatiana Tatiana says:

    A little uiz1 A guy who repeatedly yells to you Make me a sandwich and wears a t shirt with the words Nice legs when do they open? isa badb goodc I don't know2 Who should be punished for breaking school dress code a girl who wears a scoop neck shirt or a guy who wears a t shirt with a big arrow pointing to bellow his waist and words Free Breathalyzer Test Blow Here?a boyb girlc I don't know3 What should a high school principal do when a girl reports being sexually assaulted by a boy in a school hallway?a take this issue very seriously investigate thoroughly and punish the boy accordinglyb tell the girl to take it as a compliment and move on with her lifec I don't knowIf you've answered b or c to any of these uestions Moxie is the book for you Otherwise you may be too old to read it I don't want to knock it but this novel has very little adult crossover appeal IMO It's the most basic feminist YA story and may educate a 12 year old who is not yet weary of bluntness and absence of nuance PS Reasonable adults are nowhere to be seen in this narrative Again

  10. Taneika Taneika says:

    455 starsI want to make it clear that I LOVED THIS BOOK SO SO MUCH Moxie is about Vivian who is sick of the sexist shit that goes down at her high school and feeling inspired by her mum's 90's Riot Grrrl feminist zines decides to make her own feminist zine to fight against the patriarchy and stand up for girlsAs a character Viv is a bit shy uiet and is scared of speaking out and getting caught making these zines in the first place While she is uiet and a bit scared at first she is also passionate and super realistic In her journey of creating these zines and accidentally starting a movement she comes across many people including those who are close to her who aren't necessarily on board with what she's doing or what the creator of Moxie is doing Viv doesn't want to be labelled as somebody who is different or as somebody who stands out but she still fights for what she believes in which is something I absolutely adored Viv's relationship with her mum was SO FREAKING CUTE I LOVED IT It was SUCH a relief to see a protagonist who has a close relationship with their mother and seeing their relationship throughout the novel was definitely one of my favourite aspectsThere is a tiny bit of romance in this book and Viv's boyfriend Seth is understanding willing to learn and learning to work through things he doesn't uite understand as he doesn't know what it's like to be a girl Whenever Seth slips up Viv is uick to talk things out with him and he ACTUALLY LISTENS He's such a good ally to the girls and it was a joy to read about My only gripe and it's not even really a gripe is that I also thought their relationship was a little unnecessary While it didn't take away from the story or the themes I felt like Seth was almost entirely used as a plot device to explain certain things about feminism I think Seth as a boyfriend could have easily been replaced with Seth as a best friend or Seth as a friend and it would've had the same effect Naturally my favourite part of this book was ALL THE FEMINISM I found myself cheering Viv and the others on I found myself getting angry SO ANGRY but overall I felt so empowered Moxie honestly bought me back to when I first started learning what it means to be a feminist and I almost want to cry just thinking about how this might teach young people in school what it means to be a feminist and that it might encourage them to branch out and research Moxie addresses things like dress code which thankfully isn't a HUGE thing in Australian public schools as most schools have a uniform the not all men attitude and rape culture which was SO INCREDIBLY EXECUTED OMGWhile Moxie does have a few diverse characters there is one black girl a latina girl and we very briefly learn there are two closeted girls who like girls I kind of wish there was a bit intersectionationality While the author talks about this in the Author Note and while the text does touch on intersectional feminism The night we watched that documentary about Kathleen Hanna my mom talked about how Riot Grrrl was mostly white girls and she was sorry they weren't as welcoming to other girls as they could've been That it was one of the few regrets she had about the whole thing But that was as far as she'd gone East Rockport High isn't just white girls for sure I glance over where Kiera and Amaya are sitting I think about how in this one way maybe Moxie could be even better than the Riot Grrrls Even strongerI think the author did a good job of discussing it but I think it just needed to be present throughout the book to really push the important message across Despite having a few minor issues with side character developmentdepth and showing intersectionality in the text I absolutely adored Moxie The feminist issues it addressed were tackled brilliantly Viv is an amazing and realistic protagonist I loved the relationships and most of all I love the girl power There was NO girl hate in this even with different cliues in highschool and I was living for itDefinitely a must read for girls guys and non binary pals Even if you learn nothing new about feminism after reading Moxie at the very least it'll make you happy angry and feel empowered all at once

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