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Stolen Alpha’s Control #1 Having just finished Alpha’s Claim which I wrongly assumed was a trilogy well I suppose it is but it isn’t the ending was totally unsatisfactory I went looking for Shepherd and ClaireAfter reading the prelude I was hooked and moved straight onto thisBrenya is a grunt known as unit 17c she’s always lived in the Beta Sector and works on the exterior wall of Bernard Dome An accident followed by a long stay in decontamination and then a total lack of appetite has forced her body off the chemical restraints Unbelievably she’s an Omega and she’s just been found by her Alpha I say unbelievably because Omegas were thought to be extinctThis story mirrors Shepherd and Claire’s in so many ways but Bernard Dome is different from Thólos in that it seems far regimented and controlledThe story starts with Brenya and Commodore Jacues but then we also catch up with Shepherd and ClaireAs I said earlier I only started this for Shepherd and Claire but I like this book than any of the previous ones And the ending wow I can’t wait for the next book I'll admit I had been extremely excited to read this book I absolutely loved the Alphas Claim series with Claire and Shepherd In the end I felt a little disappointed It wasn't a bad book far from it It was endlessly fascinating and well written It was simply my own dislike of the hero Jaues if you can call Addison's main male characters that at the end of the day that made me almost consider not continuing the series when the next book is releasedBut I know I will absolutely continue with this story regardless of my own dislike and unease with the hero Jaues and his choices regarding Brenya I was absolutely appalled by his reactions and responses to Brenya many times in the book I genuinely felt sorry for Brenya and her predicament Jaues was consistently a sex obsessed selfish prick That's or less putting it lightly At least in Alphas Control Shepherd for all his faults had compassion and real genuine love for Claire on top of a messed up past that molded him into what he was when he was first introduced to us which very much explained many things regarding his actions toward Claire throughout their series Did it excuse them? No not at all But it did make understanding him much much easier and allowed me to feel compassion for this monster and to see deep down to his vulnerable underbelly which ultimately is what makes me adore Shepherd He was actually redeemable in a very twisted way when based off the rules of the world Addison has built So compared to Jaues he is literally an angelI simply cannot express my dislike for Jaues enough He was forever impatient selfish and indifferent to Brenya's feelings Poor Brenya having grown up a Beta grunt and thus had her emotional side suppressed due to the Beta food supply had no idea she was an Omega Nearly dying while repairing the dome surviving and thinking she had been freed from confinement was then raped in the middle of the town suare where everyone just stood by and watched it happen Jaues had absolutely no self control and simply TOOK He was so inconsiderate and violent he physically harmed her in the process Thus when we learn he's taken her back to what I would call his lair he has having her inspected by a doctor and we're told about all her injuries which were many including tearing her vaginally Even then he simply barked at the doctor to take care of her to not let her die and even then could not stop thinking about how long it would be until he could fuck her again HONESTLY And from there it was just tragic really Brenya having been told as best as she can understand she is an Omega which she denies passionately in the beginning is thus weened off the Beta food supply allowing her true Omega hormones and whatever else to come out Which leads to much of the discord of the book with Jaues and Brenya Brenya having had her emotions suppressed all her life due to the food supply is being overwhelmed by an onslaught of feels She doesn't like feeling and being overly emotional She doesn't want to be an Omega She doesn't like not having a place in this world Jaues' world She misses the steadfast life she had as a Beta grunt She felt she had a purpose as Dome engineer She feels useless and she hates the life that is revealed to her that would be her future with Jaues as the story progresses Her discontent was a constant anger trigger for Jaues And all the while Jaues manipulates the living bejesus out of her with sexual domination of course Which confuses her even on top of all the other turmoil she is having to deal with And add to that her friendship with the wife of Jaues men at arms Ancil and all that Ancil does to his wife that upsets Brenya which I tell you PISSED ME THE FUCK OFF As another reviewer Kathy said Ancil I want to stick a dirty dull butter knife in your eye and then take that knife out and stick it in your other eye YES YES YESSSSS x1000On the upside I ADORED the Shepherd and Claire chapters I love their progression and once again Shepherd proves how far he is willing to go to heal Claire and make her as whole as possible after the horrible things that have been done to her Bless him He plays dirty but he does it for the very right reasons I just wanted to hug Claire while she struggled to come to terms with the events that happened in the end of Alpha's Control By the end of the book I was a little confused at first by Jaues choice when Brenya was in estrous though I suspected Either way I wasn't pleased AT ALL with is vile manipulations I HATE him for taking Brenya's choice away from her And I feel bad for Jules' and how his choice was taken from him also which I'm still unsure about but at the time of reading I genuinely felt sorry for him For being willing to share her and willingly taint the pair bond just to get the upper hand over Shepherd and his power from Greth Dome And when Jaues explained his motivation and what he had done to Brenya in the sneak peak chapter for the next book in the series I was JUST SO DONE Jaues is a nasty son of a bitch and even though this was the first book I am almost certain that even Addison and her brilliant writing won't be able to make him even the tiniest bit redeemable in my eyes as she did with Shepherd PS FUCK YOU JAUES Ancil needs to die I am already addicted to the start of this series Come on book 2 I know from previous reads there is a line when it comes to captureforced mate bonds and this one crossed it Shepherd and Claire's story rode the line which made me except the art of the writing this one was too muchI left the read liking absolutely not one single male character I hated them all especially the Jacues and Ancil To call them a dick heads would be demeaning to all other dick heads they were the worst of the worst Absolutely no redeeming ualities about Jacues MC He was a rapist not just once but repeated rapist Physically abusive and completely ignored the everyday care a person needs such as food water etc He made me sickMy heart ached for Brenya She tried so hard to make her escape and was so close to success before yet another man interfered taking her back to suare one Not only did Jacues rape her but after saying he would never let another touch her he did He shared her with anotherThere is a book 2 to this Not going to read it As stated earlier there was no redeeming ualities noted I don't see this character making a turn around Honestly even if he did the damage is done IMO I could not over look itHappy Reading DD Unless Shep releases the Red Consumption on Bernard Dome or Jules kills Jacues I'm not reading any of this series edit Lowering from 3 to 2 stars The longer this book simmers the dissatisfied I become Sure I'm glad I got some resolution in regards to Shep and Claire but their chapters should have been in Reborn's epilogue I shouldn't have had to have read about Brenya Bernard Dome and Jacues to get to Shep and Claire Not cool 2nd edit Lowering from 2 to 1 stars I'm feeling extra salty Plus Addison Cain is so freakin talented I know she's capable of better work I know I'm in the minority with this opinion I would still recommend this to people who finished the Alpha's Claim series to find out what happened to Shep and Claire 275 starsI read this immediately after finishing Reborn to find out what happened to Shepard and Claire 35 stars for Shep and Claire’s chapters Some of my uestions I had about the ending of Reborn were answeredI simply did not like the new characters introduced in this book and the new setting Bernard Dome This is just my opinionfrom other reviews it seems other people actually liked Stolen than the Alpha’s Claim series So this book is worth a try I’m glad I read it because I got resolution in regards to Shep and ClaireWhat I loved about Thólos Dome was the pessimistic dystopian world It was dark and chaotic with no hope The setting in a sense was a vital character It felt real and I got lost in the world I found all the factions within Thólos fascinating Shepard’s followers the resistance the rebellion the former government and the Undercroft There were multiple side characters that were interesting and had depth Jules Corday Maryanne Brigadier Dane and NonaThe new setting Bernard Dome was a massive let down after reading Alpha’s Claim And I’m sorry but I can’t help but compare the two series Alpha’s Claim felt inspired while Stolen felt two dimensional and contrived It’s like Addison Cain did her best to continue to write in her Omegaverse universe and included beloved characters from Alpha’s Claim to get readers to buy the new bookBernard Dome is less interesting because there are no factions fighting the class system There’s no resistance because the lower classes are all drugged Brenya is a one woman show against Jacues and lacks the strong supporting cast Claire had in Alpha’s Claim I miss the chaos and feeling of inevitable doom that was Thólos I even like the Omegaverse world in Wren’s Song than Bernard Dome 'Bernard' is a terrible name for a Dome tooAddison Cain tried to meld french court politics in with the Centrists or whatever they’re called in Bernard Dome It didn’t work at all for me I’m not into it To pull off french court intrigue the chacters have to be able to scheme with sophistication think Melisande and Anafiel Delauney from Kushiel’s Dart and I just don’t buy into the Alphas’ ability to politic in this style There's been no evidence they're capable of this kind of sophisticated scheming either The MMC Jacues is unimpressive to me Of course he’s a jerk and I don’t even care His character feels off to me Addison Cain describes him in a way that makes him seem like a hulk and then gives him this french name and has him call Brenya ‘mon chou’ all the time It’s killing me I’m tired of Brenya constantly referring to her orgasms as ‘little deaths’ The way Addison Cain described the Beta Sector reminded me of the Soviet Union and I wish she would’ve chosen the ‘alternate history’ for Bernard Dome to be Russian instead of French A Russian inspired culture would have worked out betterWhat made Alpha’s Claim amazing was the different factions within the lower classes We start out with the government already overthrown by Shepard and his followers of the Undercroft Already there is a new resistance made up of civilians and the former government and then there is a rebellion Then there’s the lone wolf Maryanne I liked it so much and miss it This is what I want of This is completely lacking in Stolen because the lower classes are all drugged and basically working zombies It’s boring All the side characters in Stolen lack depth and I don’t care about themI loved Jules and I can’t believe what Addison Cain had him do at the end of Stolen I simply didn’t like itview spoilerand I’m not really interested in reading a series about a Jules Brenya and Jacues relationship with Claire and Shepard occasionally making an appearance hide spoiler So bad it gets zero stars Easily one of the worst nonsensical endings in the history of everdom Everything about this is a complete departure from characters that were previously established in other books Jules participates in something he never would have in the past considering what happened to his wife Claire and Shepherd are at a stalemate despite all the time that's passed The new characters are infuriatingly dense repetitive and obnoxious and a supposedly violently possessive mate shares his omega with an enemy? The ending is so bad it's like the author forgot her own rules who is capable of claiming and who cannot that are already alluded to earlier in this weaksauce deadend story It's so bad there will never be a continuation of this lame attempt of a cliffhanger just like the IridisiSovereign books or whatever they're calledThis is lazy uick cash filler at best or a really really overpriced 176 page short story take your pickEither way avoid it at all costs 3 ⭐'s There was a lot of guessing as to if this book was about Shepherd and Claireand it is and it isn't It's primarily about a new Alpha in a new Dome Bernard and how he goes about getting his own Omega It was an interesting spin but just as barbaric I think I could live the rest of my life without ever hearing again about the slick running down a female's legs There are chapters interspersed about Shepherd and Claire and I LOVED it I can't imagine reading the last book and thinking that was it AND having to wait for over a year forsomethinganything It was a little intriguing to read about different domes and while I was at first interested in Jacues he didn't uite win me over as Shepherd did The book ends like the others with a good juicy scene at the endOMG and you'll never guess with WHO I was shocked I really wasn't up to reading the next book Corrupted unknown release date but now I will have to This book is awful I felt the plot is all over the place I only read it to know about Shepherd and Claire Otherwise I wouldn't read it because I already knew from the spoiler that the hero shares the heroine I don't like sharing and it ruins the romance for me Would I recommend this series to anyone? No This book has many issues that many people might find offensive And even the series started out great it went downhill in the third book Reborn It was likely the author was trying to continue the series bringing characters from previous books so that the readers would be interested because many of the character's fate was unknown before Even I read this book to know what happened to the characters from the previous books It's a very bad move for an author and I lost interest in the series I think something is wrong with the author She delivers really good story and then ruins it towards the end He stole her off the streets in broad daylight—the first Omega discovered in Bernard Dome in generations He took her with violence while none intervened He broke her swearing he’d put her back together Brenya Perin was ordered to submit Bernard Dome is the jewel of Europe a bastion of art and culture pleasure and decadence But life in the city depends on the occupation chosen for you at birth There is no subversion no uestion of who rules There is no freedom Peace has a price a price the Commodore of Bernard Dome is willing to pay so long as the Omega remains his Shepherd’s influence is on the rise His machinations are subtle his hands full tending to his recovering mate Her safety is his priority and something he’s willing to risk war to assure Bernard Dome has what he wants and they will all be dammed if they deny him Publisher’s Note The Alpha’s Control series is a dark Omegaverse tale with explicit sexual themes and complete power exchange If such material offends you please do not purchase While this one wasn't bad per say it still left a funny taste in my mouth once i finished reading it Conflicting emotions Not sure how I feel about an alpha being able to share his mate like he did I prefer my alpha males much possessive

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