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Transfixed Fixed Up Series Book 2 Hot and flirty new romance from Maddie Jane about a woman who thinks she knows her limits and the man who will help her see beyondTaking a business–for–losers course over the summer is Annie Cassidy's idea of hell Her place as 'the looks not the brains' in her family is well–established and she has no intention of ever entering a classroom again Even if it means letting down her sister Again Jilted professor Dominic Grayson reluctantly takes a job teaching an adult–learning summer class It's a far cry from the university environment he's used to and it's certainly not as stimulating as his regular job Until Annie walks in and stimulates him in all the wrong ways Avoidance seems the best option but when his sister challenges him to see than just her long legs and distraction techniues Dominic can't refuse As the summer heats up lines start to blur between student and teacher friend and lover until neither Dom nor Annie know where they stand And when it seems like Project Annie is doomed can either of them see beyond a summer fling into something real

  • ebook
  • 102 pages
  • Transfixed Fixed Up Series Book 2
  • Maddie Jane
  • English
  • 05 June 2016
  • 9781489237590

About the Author: Maddie Jane

Maddie Jane lives near the beach in Christchurch New Zealand with her husband three children and a very hairy dog She has a journalism ualification as well as a degree in history and English literature from Canterbury University She started reading romance novels when she was far too young and hasn’t stopped When she isn’t reading or writing she likes walking on the beach and planning her c

5 thoughts on “Transfixed Fixed Up Series Book 2

  1. Jeannie Zelos Jeannie Zelos says:

    Transfixed  Maddie JaneReview from Jeannie Zelos book reviewsGenre  romance general fiction adult This sounded fun sometimes I want an absorbing in depth read sometimes something easy and relaxing and this sounded perfect for that I liked the characters starched uptight professor Grayson and flighty flirty Annie In an ideal world people are judged on who they are as people not on what they look like but I’ve had this conversation with someone recently and we decided that in fact first appearances DO matter that everyone takes a snapshot of what they see and categorises accordingly Sometimes though that front we project is carefully cultivated either consciously or unconsciously and that seems to be so with both these leads Dom moved to England to take up a professorship and put himself in what he thought was professor mode it brought him the ideal fiancée wife in training someone perfect for that role but he wasn’t really just Professor Grayson but a much layered persona Luckily though he doesn’t think so at the time his fiancée sees sense and flees at the last minute He’s back home with his family for the summerAnnie is like a Barbie on steroids here in the UK we have Sindy much reserved She’s gorgeous and has come to play up to her appearnace come to use that as a way of getting things done always lived in the shadow of her intelligent sister She seems to put herself down before anyone else can and has come to use her appearance as a way of avoiding the need for that Underneath though both these characters are very different people and the six weeks they are together brings out their inner person makes them happierSadly it all falls apart with a bang I so felt for both of them wanted to smack Dom for being such a berk but applauded how Annie coped she really has got such a genuine heart and a real talent but not in the direction her sister is taking her She’s learned than just Biz Ad though over those weeks learned about herself and her actions learned to see what she wants is important she doesn't have to take second place try to fit a role that isn’t for her She’s also fallen in love with Dom thoughand he’s off back to UK soon after they way they parted it seems unlikely she’ll see him again Dom’s also learned a lot about himself over the summer but will he put it into practice or run scared back to UK? Its a fun read a little too light for a five for me but I enjoyed it and there were times I empathised with Annie knowing just how she feels I’m a lot like her not the beauty sadly but the feeling “lesser” always wondering if I’m really in the right place deserve to be there etc I even went as far as Assertiveness Classes in my 30’s to see if I could learn to say No Fail I couldn’t well not there anyway Time has taught me a bit and I’m not uite such a pushover people pleaser now though its a constant battle Like Annie I don’t want to upset others like everyone to be happy While writing this I realised here I am at 58 been driving since I was 30 and I've never changed a tyre eitheralways had a lovely man come along pleased to do it for meI have tried but soon as I started someone has always appeared before I've really got started and finished the job Its got a good ending but that did feel a bit sudden and rushed to me I wasn’t uite convinced they had reached that point butits a story that I had fun reading but not a keeper for rereading Stars three and a half a fun story but a one off read for me ARC supplied for review purposes by Netgalley and Publishers

  2. J.C. Harroway J.C. Harroway says:

    Transfixed is the second book in the Fixed Up Series by Maddie Jane Just like the first book this is a fun read with identifiable characters and a fast paced plot Annie self confessed screw up and visiting professor Dom couldn't be different But she desperately needs to learn Business Admin and he's teaching the class a stuffed shirt stand in for his sisterAnnie arrives like a whirlwind of blonde bombshell endless legs and a sense of fait acompli She's totally failing this class As the New Zealand summer wears on and Annie and Dom both step outside their comfort zones things heat up in the classroom tooBut Dom was always heading back to his London University at the end of the course and Annie has had years of practice at self doubt so a happy ever after post graduation seems unlikely As a blonde myself I rooted for Annie from page one and Dom I had Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones the pre adventure sexy professor in my head the whole time I couldn't wait for her to get him out of the collar and tieMaddie Jane the weaver of humorous beach reads has done it again with Transfixed A great read

  3. VeraL. VeraL. says:

    Original and funny Transfixed was a great read Featuring a bimbo who doesn't realise just how bright she actually is and a surprisingly sexy professor Maddie Jane has broken the mould when it comes to characters in romance novelsThis couple initially seem so wrong for each other but after a series of trials and tribulations some funny some sad but always entertaining for the reader they finally come to see that they're perfect for each otherA very satisfying read and a great follow up to the first book in the series Fixed Up I can't wait to read from this exciting new writer

  4. C bond C bond says:

    netgalleythoroughly enjoyed this book a re read

  5. Stella Stella says:

    Well this was terribleWhile I understand that characters are supposed to grow reading about a character like Annie is rather upsetting in this day and age A pretty dumb girl who has always gotten by on her looks? No thanks An uptight professor? Some real thought was put into that one read sarcasm I GET IT they help each other improve they fall in 'love' Whatever Give me characters with real depthMaybe I've read too much feminist literature and writing to enjoy a book like this Maybe I've read classic with real female character who are well developed and have meaning Either way this book was not worth my timeThanks to NetGalley for the opportunity to review this book

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