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Walking Naked Laura is happily married a mother and a successful novelist Although prey to night terrors she is adept at smoothing the disorder of reality into controlled prose Interweaving memory conversation and reflection Walking Naked telescopes the whole of Laura's life—childhood marriages triumphs and disappointments—into a day in which the past and the present converge It begins with a game of tennis played for duty rather than amusement and progresses via an afternoon party of old friends and jaded emotions to a bewildering visit to Laura's son who is imprisoned on a drugs charge At its close the possibility of death within the family brings unresolved conflicts to center stage and Laura strips herself of the posturing and self deceit with which she has cloaked her vulnerability Continually surprising witty and often disuieting this is one of Nina Bawden's most impressive novels

3 thoughts on “Walking Naked

  1. Paul Paul says:

    One of Nina Bawden’s lesser known novels it takes place on one day It concerns Laura a writer and her husband Andrew The day is split into four parts The first part consists of going with her husband whilst he plays a game of real tennis with a client The second part is a lunch time buffet at a close friend’s house to celebrate the boat race Thirdly a visit to prison Wormwood Scrubs to visit Laura’s son from her first marriage who is serving six months on a drugs charge Finally there is a visit to Laura’s parents as her father is unwell Each of these events is linked to a set of memories from Laura’s past and gradually a picture is built up over the day which gives the reader an insight into Laura and her life On the surface Laura is happily married and successful; the day strips away the veneer It is set in the 1970s when Laura is in middle age There is a strong cast of secondary characters who are gradually revealed and on the whole Bawden is pretty good at character building The characters and settings are thoroughly middle class and that can be a bit wearing but there is a knowingness about it and Bawden always makes her characters flawed and believable Laura is a flawed narrator and in terms of evaluating a situation not always reliable The narrative voice occasionally switches and there are the occasional knowing asides which I found rather irksome There is also a portrayal of serious mental health issues in one character which were a little predictable as was the selection of which character in the novel to drop it on Of course they are going to be alone unable to hold down a job and with a tragic history Not really convincing This was ok but didn’t really hold my attention

  2. Sarah Thornton Sarah Thornton says:

    Another masterfully wrought tale of social constructs and the underlying distress beneath most social interactions The main character is this time an author As such she is working on a piece not dissimilar to this work a day in the life of a coupleIt may have just been a day but the history and the way the story wended through the past to the present the decisions people made with the best of intentions made it a very long and interesting dayIf you're ever looking for the 'good' character in a Bawden chances are they have an obsession with books and lesbians Right on Nina

  3. Jan Hemphill Jan Hemphill says:

    Although written with some stylistic devices which I found irritating I can see these were part of the character depiction the revelation of the heroine’s real thoughts seemed very authentic as if the author was revealing herself As part of the well constructed plot line the recognition of the heroine’s ultimately manipulative character was delayed until near the end and uite shocking She reminds me of “Gone with the Wind” The story was absorbing enlivened by dialogue different characters’ views events chronicles and changes in time seuence each trip back in time revealing understanding of the present and the truth about story and characters Very perceptive of people’s interactions and personalities

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