Down and Dead in Dallas Kindle õ Down and MOBI

  • Kindle Edition
  • 338 pages
  • Down and Dead in Dallas
  • Vicki Hinze
  • English
  • 06 September 2016

12 thoughts on “Down and Dead in Dallas

  1. Pam Pam says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed the first book of this series “Down and Dead in Dixie” so I was uite willing to review “Down and Dead in Dallas” The title is a bit deceiving because most of the action takes place somewhere other than Dallas but that doesn’t detract at all from enjoyment of this bookIt was fun renewing my acuaintance with characters from the first Down and Dead book and meeting new characters is always interesting As is often the case I was a bit confused for awhile as events played out but gradually it all began to make sense or did it? Actually that is the beauty of this series – delightful confusion After all confusion and deception is the name of the game when you want someone dangerous totally off your trail“Down and Dead in Dallas” is a little bit mystery a little bit romance plenty of humor and lots of enjoyment I highly recommend this clean and fun mystery that held my attention all the way throughI voluntarily reviewed a digital copy of this book that was provided by the author A favorable review was not reuired and all views expressed are my own

  2. Lisa Lisa says:

    This is the third in the series but the first I have read It can be read out of seuence It starts off at a run and doesn't let you go It was one in the morning before I could take a break Fast moving filled with tension in a word fabulous The writing is tight clean and well paced The characters are relatable and likeable The story revolves around Christine frantically trying to find her twin sister Caroline while masuerading as Caroline and dodging her twin's vicious ex Great writing Never resorts to violence sex or foul language to carry the story Well done Ms Hinze

  3. Melinda M Melinda M says:

    Down and Dead in Dallas by Vicki Hinze is the third book of the Down Dead Inc is a mystery and romance that is well written It also has humor that makes you laugh until you cry at times The idea of sisters witching places as always been interesting to me since I was little It is a clean read with charters who freely express their faith I enjoy reading Vicki Hinze's other books but this is the first book in the Down Dead Inc that I have read I will be looking to read the rest of the series I recommend this if you love mysteries a little romance and humor and if you do not give this a try

  4. Pat Pat says:

    I loved loved this series I'm also a big fan of Vicki Hinze Her books are always fast paced romance suspense clean and her characters aren't afraid to show their faith in God Even books that she writes that aren't listed as Christian fiction are good clean booksDown Dead in Dallas think someone you know doesn't recognize you What could have happened to her? What does a house attached to a funeral home and the funeral home have in common? Then there's a park everyone seems to know but you can't find on any map or listing of parks for the state or anywhere else Then same young woman who is a waitress drops the coffee pot looks in horror out the window Suddenly she is spirited away to the funeral home Did I mention that the new funeral home owner's first customer is the former owner of the funeral home and loved by the whole town? Then why did the florist send over 1000 loose flowers to the funeral and no arrangements?If you are looking for suspense romance humor and a good clean book then you have found it in Down Dead in Dallas and the rest of the series Join me in reading all of Vicki Hinze's books and having a wondrful read

  5. Mona Mona says:

    The third book in the Down and Dead Series If I could give then 5 stars I would Loved this book I laughed so hard Ms Hinze brought some tense and some down right amazing laugh out loud moments Sweet and touchingI couldn't put it downThe whole series is this like this one It will keep you on your toes Christine is just trying to find her sister Caroline How she just disappeared is beyond her When she meets Jackson Grant he might just be her ticket for help Her fear is that her sisters ex has gotten to her It seems Jackson and his sister Rose have taken care of her sister See what happens Highly recommend and the others before thisDown and Dead in DixieDown and Dead in Even

  6. Sharon Sharon says:

    Jackson's and Christine's story is very entertaining

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Down and Dead in Dallas Sometimes to live ya gotta die And sometimes dying right takes practice Christine Branch is elated Finally her sister Caroline Branch Easton has left made the break from her abusive ex Martin Easton and returns to Dallas to Christine’s ranchette to heal Only Martin refuses to let her go Within twenty four hours his thugs are doing everything they can to intimidate Christine into returning home Christine knows she must do something to get her sister the time and space she needs to heal—and she concocts a plan Operation Switch and Bait The sisters trade lives and Christine baits the thugs into following her It works Caroline undergoes counseling eventually divorces Martin though he refuses to accept it and the operation continues until Martin shows up at the ranchette and issues a return home ultimatum Christine’s had enough She ends the operation resumes her identity and disappears Christine continues with the switch hoping confusion of two Carolines will assist in a clean getaway On Christmas Caroline calls Christine A chef from Dallas is assisting her She’s in Even Georgia but within an hour leaves for Sampson Park She’ll call again as soon as she’s settled But Caroline doesn’t call And three months later Christine remains unable to find anything on the mysterious Sampson Park or on her sister’s whereabouts She must take the risks of leading Martin to Even to find out what happened to Caroline Has she escaped or is she to remain Down and Dead in Dallas

About the Author: Vicki Hinze

Vicki is the USA TODAY bestselling and award winning author of nearly 40 novels 4 nonfiction books and hundreds of articles She's recognized as an author and as an educator by Who's Who in America and Who's Who in the World For seven years she was a columnist for Social In Global Network; before then a radio talk show host for Everyday Woman The former VP for International Thriller Writers