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The Far Spent Day When Ravi returned after graduating overseas he wanted to help his father run their small family business His well meaning effort to stop a brawl escalates into a firestorm of violence as one party turns out to be the son of a Government Minister When Ravi is assaulted and hospitalized his parents demand justice but even this is considered an intolerable affront by the assailant's family A series of ruthless attacks result in the death of Ravi's parents ruin of the family business and loss of his home Driven to the edge of insanity by grief Ravi fights back with the help of a young reporter Tanya But each strike only results in violent and ferocious responses When Tanya is also lost Ravi prepares to carry out a final devastating act of revenge But looking within he finds that the spiral of violence has also corroded his own soul Was disappointed with the book for so many reasons;his characters were not believable For example I didn't feel the the romance between Ravi and Tanya The romance has to bloom but this justhappened It was so abrupt and artificial Didn't particularly like that fact that all Sinhala dialogues were repeated in Sinhala and English In some instances it broke the flow of the story dialogues and charactersHis other books are definitely definitely better than this story however I was pleasantly surprised towards the end The story picked up and even though it wasn't heart pumping the ending was surprising When Ravi goes to the beach with the child I envisioned an ending similar to the silence of the lamb but thank god it didn't happen If you are looking for a book that will just keep you going because of the Sri Lankan references then yes you should read it If you are looking for a well written heart thumping thriller thenmmmmprobably not Anyway I harbour a HUGE respect for Nihal de Silva and this book didn't diminish it one bit He is an awesome prolific author and if this is the first book you are reading that was written by him please please give his other books a chance The Far Spent Day by Nihal da Silva promises much for the reader The fact that it foes not deliver all it attempts should not deter anyone from exploring its world Those interested in reading about the society and politics of contemporary Sri Lanka will find too little to justify careful scrutiny of the 100000 word text But they will enjoy the unexpectedly complex thriller that unfolds People seeking a rip roaring story will enjoy the process but the only real suspense is that of the chase since the identity and deeds of the protagonists and indeed their principal roles is never in doubtThe Far Spent Day is constructed as a film The characters live very much in the present of the events that confront them and rarely reflect Nihal da Silva also inserts gaps in the text whenever there’s a new scene or a change of camera angle There is also copious dialogue enhancing the film like effect The style is racy but restrained There is much promise of sex but Sri Lankan youth seem to be restrained than their Western counterparts certainly their fictional counterpartsThe novel’s Sri Lankan experience is valuable if under played Ravi a Sinhalese and Tilak his Tamil friend have returned from overseas with their university degrees They go out to celebrate and have a couple of drinks There is a brawl and punches are thrown Ravi and Tilak’s problem is that they have picked a fight with a political bigwig and such people don’t fight clean or give up until they have ground all opposition into the dust usually deadAnyone who has driven in Sri Lanka knows about a minister’s cavalcade It approaches from behind comprises a number of large four wheel drives and travels at speed with horns blaring and headlamps on full beam Men in the passenger seats wave giant red and white gloved hands out of their windows to demand that all other traffic should get out of the way immediately and without argument They demand control and get it because if you don’t give way they will run you off the road If there were an accident it would not be their faultRavi and Tilak find themselves involved with such a character and the minister decides to get even How even that means only becomes clear at the end of the novel’s first section Ravi’s life and that of his whole family has been utterly destroyed ruthlessly destroyed Every attempt he makes at securing justice results in suffering for himself and othersTanya a young attracting Burgher journalist takes up Ravi’s cause She is in search of a scoop but her own security is soon at risk Ravi and Tanya are soon involved in a chase across the country in pursuit of their minister uarry whose allies pursue the two companions They evade capture but not conseuences They seek evidence and find it and a relationship develops between the Sinhalese Ravi and the Burgher Tanya to add further complication and twistLater a young girl called Janaki becomes part of the plot She assists Ravi in matters that only a professional woman could conduct But is does her no good as newspaper stories backfire and scandals fail to materialise The minister’s influence seems to stretch everywhere in Sri Lankan lifeBut Ravi has one final push to secure justice to allow him to live his own life again without constantly fearing for his own safety Eventually when the book’s plot has worked through the characters and the reader are all exhausted but we got thereThe Far Spent Day would be a better novel at two thirds of its current length It will not completely satisfy and reader but its blend of fast moving story with glimpses of Sri Lankan life is a rare mix one that many readers will find compelling The Far Spent Day was a slight disappointment Although the story flows fine and the writer has skillfully and smoothly takes the reader through the change in Ravi the main character the novel is not up to the expectations of the readers who have read the other books by de SilvaThe story is written in simple English and the reader can read through the story effortlessly The writer paints a clear and true picture about Colombo and suburbs and even a reader who has never set foot to this city would feel it is a town heshe had know for a long time The writer goes in to in depth descriptions of trivial matters when it is highly unnecessary disturbing the flow of the story For instance Ravi and Tanya are in Sinharaja on a risky search of evidence of an illicit logging business and out of the blue the writer starts a vivid description about the feeding flocks endemic to Sinharaja Although it is highly informative and shows writer's knowledge in different areas it is highly out of place and damages the reader's concentration on the storyAnd all the plans Ravi comes up with work to almost the perfection The timing is almost always right for him his opponents almost always think and act just as Ravi expects This makes the story a little unrealistic In conclusion The Far Spent Day is an interesting story about a lone man's battle for justice although not the best of Nihal de Silva's work i loved this book I lived reading about Colombo and Sri Lanka I loved Ravi I loved the way he changes I hate the way de Silva portrays women Tanya strong but unlikeable Why couldnt he have a likeable women they are always strong bossy unlikeable Why cant they be soft romantic sexual? Too late for that now but anyway this was a great book Became very dark and it didnt have the war as the central issue of conflict liked this book very much In this the author courageously exposes another aspect of our contemporary worldSri Lanka the misuse of power by politicians the use of violence as a weapon the amassing of wealth illegally by use of power to indulge sexual harassment Sounds too harsh? It's Nihal de Silva who tells these He also focuses on the areas of experience hardly explored by our writers in English the urban world of thugs and pickpockets and the world of destitute At a level Nihal de Silva's novels are thrillers They have acute awareness of our contemporary political social and economic problems which makes these novels than mere exciting stories one down fall of the author is his diction I can't understand why he translate all the Sinhala dailogues the reader is obviously aware that the context is in fact Sinhala and not all the malefemale characters have to fall in love in fact I find it annoying when writers use these clichés So just 3 stars from me A book written in very simple English but it wasn't as good as Nihal de Silva's other books The overall plot was nice but I couldn't help picturing a Tamil actor and an actress as the characters had a little too much of perfection when carrying out the plans 👍👍

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