His Captive Lady Wessex Weddings ePUB Ú Lady Wessex

  • Paperback
  • His Captive Lady Wessex Weddings
  • Carol Townend
  • 04 September 2016
  • 9780373305483

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  1. Linda Linda says:

    I am not a big fan of medieval romance because most of what I have read in the past either depresses me women are chattel the book was unrealistic this was an unsanitary time people didn't bathe regularly licebedbugs were not unusual smallpox sewage or the hero was unlikable CAPTIVE LADY takes place in the mid ninth century Anglo Saxon Kingdom of England immediately following the Norman conuest I admired Ms Townend for trying to guesstimate what life was like back then The hero Captain Wulf FitzRobert is illegitimate and trying to make a name for himself Lineage concerning birth is everything at this time and being a bastard keeps Wulf from attaining many of his goals Unfortunately he is treated as inferior by even his own peers Lady Erica of Whitecliffe is a Saxon Her father a leader passed away recently and Erica is trying to keep things together among her people Unknownst to her she meets up with Wulf while he is spying for the Normans Things happen and Wulf saves Erica from being raped by another Saxon Wulf is at a crossroad Erica is special and he wants to keep her safe but naturally she doesn't trust him He falls in love with her but is afraid she'll despise him when she finds out the truth about his Norman background The era was believable the setting is realistic for a Harleuin and I thought Wulf was sincere with his feelings for Erica Erica came around somewhat slower with how she felt for Wulf but Ms Townend made it acceptable HIS CAPTIVE LADY is third in the Wessex Weddings series by the author It is a mini series focusing on the post conuest between England France Don't expect this romance to be too deep and you won't be disappointed

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His Captive Lady Wessex Weddings Captured by the WarriorLady Erica had tried to bring peace to her people so that they could join forces against the Normans Instead she became captive to the Saxon warrior Saewulf Brader Wulf was in truth a Norman captain spying on the enemy Chaste yet fearless Lady Erica wasn't part of his plan Her beauty was as disarming as it was captivating but Wulf knew that once she discovered his deception their fragile bond of trust would be destroyed

About the Author: Carol Townend

Carol Townend writes atmospheric historical novels medieval romances and sagas set in the colourful Europe of the Middle Ages Born in Yorkshire England she went to a convent school high on the Whitby cliffs Later she studied history at Royal Holloway College London She lives in London with her husband and daughterCarol's first novel Sapphire in the Snow won the RNA New Writers' Award