Bright Evening Star Mystery of the Incarnation Wheaton

Bright Evening Star Mystery of the Incarnation Wheaton Literary Series For over fifty years L'Engle has been delighting and inspiring readers with her warm elouent prose and inspirational poetry She continues this tradition with Bright Evening Star a personal reflection of the mystery and majesty of the Incarnation of Jesus Christ Bright Evening Star provides a glimpse into the life stories of this prolific author and her encounters with God With a foreword by John Tesh L'Engle invites us on a spiritual adventure that leads to hope joy and a closer relationship with Jesus Christmas says Madeleine L'Engle should be a time of awed silence If you're looking for a uniue and Christ centered Christmas meditation Bright Evening Star will be a rich and delightful discovery year round

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  1. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    “The story of Jesus’ birth has been oversentimentalized until it no longer has the ring of truth and once we’d sentimentalized it we could commercialize it and so forget what Christmas is really about” L’Engle believes in the power of storytelling and in this short volume of memoir she retells the life story of Jesus and recalls her own experiences with suffering and joy losing her father young his lungs damaged by poison gas in WWI and the death of her husband of 40 years versus the sustaining nature of family love and late life friendships Chapters 4 and 5 are particular highlightsL’Engle 1918 2007 was not at all your average American Christian raised in the Episcopal tradition she didn’t even encounter Evangelicalism until her mid forties and she doesn’t understand the focus on creationism and sexual morality If God’s time is different from ours couldn’t evolution make sense? “And why this obsession which has been creeping up on us for what goes on below the waist? I want to know what is in the heart and mind” She also writes about free will and the adoration of Mary and how A Wrinkle in Time rejected by many a publisher was her fable of light in the midst of darknessThe title comes from The New Zealand Prayer Book which also gives helpful alternate names for the persons of the Trinity Earth Maker Pain Bearer Life Giver This isn’t a particularly Christmas y book but it still lends itself to being read a chapter at a time during Advent This edition seems to have been hurriedly repackaged with an iffy foreword from John Tesh which makes it seem New Agey than it really isSome other favorite lines“Christ in being born as Jesus broke into time for us so that time will never be the same again”“Family can be a movable feast It can be a group of friends sitting around the dining table for an evening It can be one or two people coming to stay with me for a few nights or a few weeks It should be the church and I am grateful that my church is a small church”

  2. ladydusk ladydusk says:

    Oh that MadeleineAs a master storyteller herself L'Engle helps the reader to view the gospels through a different lens true story How do we read stories that are common to us? L'Engle helps us turn the gemstone and see a different facet I love that about herThere are absolutely things I disagree with in L'Engle's writing I've said before that she mistakes when she reads God is love as Love is God I think that is her great error That said her emphasis on God's love and how Christ worked out God's love during his earthly ministry is a beautiful reminder of the nature of the Kingdom As a Reformed Calvinistic Christian who does believe in theological points that L'Engle disdains I can still read her with profit Her emphasis on Christ's laying down power that was woven throughout the book Phil 2 did not consider euality with God a thing to be grasped and the ways he acted out of compassion and his pointed teaching through parables helps to give a robust understanding of His work I do think He planned the cross I do think He agreed to the cross beforehand because of love greater love has no man than this than he lay down his life for his friends There is paradox we don't have to understand all L'Engle does a beautiful job of pulling out the threads of paradox and helping us love

  3. Connie Connie says:

    “Sometimes Madeleine writes things that are a littleout there When you come across those parts don’t get hung up Just say to yourself Ha ha Oh that Madeleine and keep reading” Judy HougenI loved this uote Addie Zierman added to the foreword After reading several books by Madeleine L’Engle recently I can honestly say that I have felt both uplifted by her books and at other times puzzled At this point I’m going to keep on reading because I always walk away with some thoughts that enlarge my faith and at other times I smile when I come across something that goes against what I believe because that uote comes to mindI picked this book for the month of December and it was a lovely choice Madeleine’s Christian beliefs are largely influenced by her parents and Episcopal background In this book she shares her lifelong love of Jesus and no matter how you feel about her beliefs you can not possibly walk away from this book doubting her relationship and love for God Like me perhaps your own faith and love will be treasured in a deeper wayI highly recommend her books and feel this is worth 5 stars

  4. Joy Joy says:

    Another thoughtful book by M L'Engle Her writing is easy and almost conversational I do like that Her Christian perspective is influenced by her Episcopal background but she relates with a wider world of Christians so I like what she says A big part of this book is sharing her love of story in books and in the Bible Jesus did use stories a lot to teach L'Engle makes the point that we learn truth through story best Because my mother grew up mourished and informed by story she and her cousins were able to see needs ignored by those who had not been given the empathy that comes from the insight of storyWisdomIf you can make someone afraid you have power over that personWe want security We want comfort We want affluence None of these give us freedom I have children and grandchildren and they give me vulnerability not security Love offers us the gretest joy and the greatest painIn the sects and cults freedom is relinuished for answers answers to everythingIt takes power than I can imagine to give up powerThere is much that I don't understand that enriches my life

  5. Jenny Jenny says:

    L'Engle's analysis of the Incarnation is part autobiography and part theography It's a wonderful story of choosing love over power and truth over fact I enjoy L'Engle's voice and her openness about her own feelings and beliefs along with the stories she shares about family friends and loved ones Her interpretation of Scripture is true to the Word and she always brings all her opinions back to the Bible Nothing that she says is not based in the Gospels She does't form random opinions that have nothing to do with God I highly recommend this book to anybody struggling with seeing God as wrathful and angry rather than as Love which is what He really is If you're unsure of why bad things happen read this book It's not the Bible but it's a useful tool a second reference I enjoyed it for the affirmation of what I already know and believe It pleased me to read a book by a famous author about the God that I love I'm glad that L'Engle published a book like this and wasn't afraid to be criticized for writing the truth This book is well written and interesting whether you're a Christian a fan of L'Engle or both

  6. Apryl Anderson Apryl Anderson says:

    Why did I wake at 3am last night? I don't know I am so grateful that this book called to me from the Jacob's Ladder of unread books next to my bed L'Engle not only saw the universe for everything it is she had the ability and the courage to share her vision She's my mentornew review 20 Sep 2012 I suppose this is a good one to keep next to the bed because here I am again It's so obvious that she was influenced by Bach's music The rhythm of her words dances and flows like a fugue and variations as she flows in and out of ideas and visions leading us further and bringing us home againIt's said that you will never change anyone's mind by what you say and I find that L'Engle never changes mine but she elaborates and expands what I had tucked in the uiet corners all along30 dec 2016 How I wish I'd known her in this life

  7. Jordan Carlson Jordan Carlson says:

    I really wanted to love this bookI do love Madeleine L’Engle for her conversational style her honest and wrestling faith her acceptance and even reverence of the things that reside for now in the realm of ‘mystery’also her love for Jesus and familiarity with the gospels The wonder she brings to life while not shying away from the brokenness that is the draw for meHowever her theology seems really bad to me in places esp sovereignty of God free will etcand she puts forward poor arguments against literal 7 day Creation and Calvinism A couple of other points she made just didn’t ring true and turned me off from enjoying this book

  8. Chre Chre says:

    Will likely become an annual addition to my Advent Devotional

  9. Robbie Robbie says:

    I do not understand the incarnation I rejoice in it

  10. Debbie Howell Debbie Howell says:

    I like that Madeleine L'Engle can't be put in a box Madeleine thinks like Madeleine To me the best part of this book was when she described how her thinking about God was influenced by her family and by the thinking boxes she encountered in various schools and churches As much as I admire her strong voice her writing doesn't usually draw me in and win me over It's all head and I want heart This book is no exception Bright Evening Star is organized around the incarnation It's not exactly a Christmas book though it may look like one at first glance I listened to the audio version and maybe I would have connected better with the book on paper There are some great flashes of insight in the book but all in all it was just OK for me If you love Madeleine L'Engle's essays you'll probably like Bright Evening Star for the insights it offers into her thinking

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