Fascism An Informal Introduction to Its Theory and

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Fascism An Informal Introduction to Its Theory and Practice Issues in contemporary civilization For Italian intellectuals the terms fascist and antifascist continue to be the hard currency of contemporary political debate When Professor Renzo de Felice suggests that fascism describes a moment in the Italian past and only that he is challenging the very heart of current orthodoxy His ideas about fascism have a broad significance and represent a radical departure from conventional wisdom This book remains important because of de Felice's vast knowledge of fascism and rigorous historical analysis This dialogue between de Felice and American scholar Michael Ledeen ranges from empirical research on the history of Mussolini and the Fascist Regime in Italy to seeking a definition of fascism and determining its general characteristics I read this before Interpretations of Fascism by De Felice and it helped me better understand Through the interview you find out characteristics of De Felice such as his Italian nationalistic tendency and that he is a Mussolini biographer Overall this was an interesting piece and a uick read that helped outline the concept of Fascism but would not serve as a good reference to fully comprehend the Fascist ideology