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Local Girl Missing Una scomparsa Una ha un segreto Ogni cosa le ricordava la sua migliore amica E il segreto che condividevano Subito dopo la misteriosa scomparsa di Sophie, Francesca aveva capito di non poter pi restare a Oldcliffe, la cittadina di mare dov era nata e cresciuta, e si era trasferita a Londra per cominciare una nuova vita Ma non mai riuscita a dimenticare Cos , quando il fratello di Sophie la contatta per informarla che sono stati rinvenuti dei resti umani vicino al vecchio molo, proprio nel luogo in cui la ragazza era stata vista per l ultima volta, Francesca vorrebbe solo nascondersi, essere lasciata in pace Poi per cede alle insistenze dell uomo, che chiede il suo aiuto per ricostruire cosa veramente accaduto a Sophie quella sera di vent anni prima Non appena ritorna a Oldcliffe, tuttavia, Francesca ha l impressione di essere costantemente seguita, forse spiata E il sospetto diventa certezza nel momento in cui inizia a ricevere inquietanti messaggi anonimi e telefonate mute Come se qualcuno sapesse tutto di lei e volesse impedirle di scoprire la verit Una verit che le costerebbe molto caro Perch potrebbe portare alla luce anche il segreto che Francesca e Sophie avevano giurato di custodire a ogni costo Dopo il bestseller Le sorelle, Claire Douglas torna con una nuova storia ricca di suspense e colpi di scena, mistero e atmosfera che ha conquistato subito la vetta delle classifiche inglesi , confermandosi un autrice dal talento unico nello scandagliare il lato oscuro delle relazioni umane ❰Epub❯ ➝ Longbow Girl Author Linda Davies – Kleankitchen.co.uk Francesca aveva capito di non poter pi restare a Oldcliffe [Epub] ❦ On His Naughty List By Jessica Jarman – Kleankitchen.co.uk la cittadina di mare dov era nata e cresciuta ❰Read❯ ➵ Fire Colour One Author Jenny Valentine – Kleankitchen.co.uk e si era trasferita a Londra per cominciare una nuova vita Ma non mai riuscita a dimenticare Cos ❮Reading❯ ➾ Invisible Wounds Author Kay Douglas – Kleankitchen.co.uk quando il fratello di Sophie la contatta per informarla che sono stati rinvenuti dei resti umani vicino al vecchio molo ❂ [EPUB] ✺ A City Possessed By Lynley Hood ➛ – Kleankitchen.co.uk proprio nel luogo in cui la ragazza era stata vista per l ultima volta ❮PDF❯ ✪ Her Husbands Mistake ✑ Author Sheila O& – Kleankitchen.co.uk Francesca vorrebbe solo nascondersi ❮Ebook❯ ➨ Mr Dove Über Den Wassern ➩ Author Maurice Shadbolt – Kleankitchen.co.uk essere lasciata in pace Poi per cede alle insistenze dell uomo [Reading] ➮ Squirmy Wormy ➶ Lynda Farrington Wilson – Kleankitchen.co.uk che chiede il suo aiuto per ricostruire cosa veramente accaduto a Sophie quella sera di vent anni prima Non appena ritorna a Oldcliffe ➶ [Reading] ➸ Honeymoon By Sacha J. Witt ➫ – Kleankitchen.co.uk tuttavia ✴ [BOOKS] ⚡ Puck You By Peyton Novak ✾ – Kleankitchen.co.uk Francesca ha l impressione di essere costantemente seguita ❰Reading❯ ➼ Mountain Moonlight Author Jane Anderson – Kleankitchen.co.uk forse spiata E il sospetto diventa certezza nel momento in cui inizia a ricevere inquietanti messaggi anonimi e telefonate mute Come se qualcuno sapesse tutto di lei e volesse impedirle di scoprire la verit Una verit che le costerebbe molto caro Perch potrebbe portare alla luce anche il segreto che Francesca e Sophie avevano giurato di custodire a ogni costo Dopo il bestseller Le sorelle [Reading] ➷ Evvie Drake Starts Over Author Linda Holmes – Kleankitchen.co.uk Claire Douglas torna con una nuova storia ricca di suspense e colpi di scena ➽ [Download] ✤ Confessio Fraternitatis By Johann Valentin Andreae ➲ – Kleankitchen.co.uk mistero e atmosfera che ha conquistato subito la vetta delle classifiche inglesi [Read] ➱ How to Save a Life By unholy.obsession – Kleankitchen.co.uk confermandosi un autrice dal talento unico nello scandagliare il lato oscuro delle relazioni umane Twenty one year old Sophie Collier had vanished The only thing she left behind was a trainer on an old pier Her friend Francesca was broken hearted.A body has now been found and Francesca has come back to the seaside town she s tried to forget.Francesca wishes she had not returned as everywhere she goes there are ghosts from her past.Will the truth about what happened to Sophie finally be solved I loved this book.I would like to thank Net Galley, Penguin UK Michael Joseph and the author Clare Douglas for my ARC in exchange for an honest review. About Local Girl Missing is a psychological thriller written by Claire Douglas It will be published on 7 4 17 by Harper Paperbacks, an imprint of Harper Collins, 352 pages The genres are fiction, psychological thriller, suspense, and mystery.My Experience I started reading Local Girl Missing on 5 30 17 and finished it on 6 5 17 This book is the best mystery I have read so far I love everything about it This book is so good that often I could not tear my eyes away The story is very fascinating and it captures my attention completely I love the ending and I couldn t guess the outcome I love the organization of this novel and how the mystery unravels little by little.In this book, readers will follow alternating point of views between Francesca Frankie Howe and Sophie Soph Collier, best friends for the longest time They both live in Oldcliffe on Sea, a small town near Bristol Frankie, an only child, came from a well to do family where her parents own a hotel in town Sophie lives with her mom and older brother They ran away from an ugly past Frankie has beauty, money, and attention Sophie likes to curl up in bed with her novels As Frankie and Sophie s friendship blooms, they tend to fall for the same guy There was a mystery surrounding a guy named Jason Then almost two decades later, parts of Sophie s remains has surfaced and Sophie s older brother Daniel invited Frankie back to town to solve the mystery of Sophie s death This novel is told in alternating point of views with Frankie in the present day and Sophie in the past leading up to her gone missing Sophie is communicating to readers through her diary entries.This thriller is beautifully written I love the alternating point of views because it doesn t leave me in the dark as to what is going on I don t fully know the details until the big reveal at the end, but I know enough to want to read I like how so many people can be a suspects and I love that I couldn t guess who it was All the characters are great players in this book There is a lot going on and I enjoyed following the characters throughout and connecting the dots I love a book with an epilogue and this book has it I highly recommend everyone to read this book Pro suspense, alternating POV, mystery, adrenaline rush, couldn t put down, page turner, fast paced, well written, family, epilogueCon noneI rate it 5 stars Disclaimer Many thanks to the author Claire Douglas, publisher Harper, and Edelweiss for the opportunity to read and review Please assure that my opinions are honest.xoxo, Jasmine at www.howusefulitis.wordpress.com for a detailed review Francesca Howe is a wealthy businesswoman when we first meet her She lives in a nice house, in London, and helps run her parents hotel business She is also in a rather dead end relationship and so, when the past intrudes on the present, she is convinced to return to Oldcliffe on Sea, the small seaside town where she grew up.Francesca or Frankie as she was known as a teenager receives a call from Daniel, the brother of her childhood friend, Sophie In 1997, Sophie went missing all that was found was one of her trainers, left on the old pier where Frankie and her friends often went to spend time Now, a body has been found which is believed to be Sophie s, and Daniel asks Frankie to return home and help him find out what really happened all those years ago Was Sophie s disappearance a tragic accident, or was it murder I really struggled with this novel It should have been just the type of crime story I enjoy, but I found the writing style difficult We wade through so many clich s and metaphors that it reads like a creative writing exercise at times, rather than a novel by an experienced author As Frankie returns to Oldcliffe, it soon becomes apparent that there is a secret that Frankie and Sophie shared Threatening notes are put through the door of the apartment where she is staying and she feels as though she is under threat.This is a novel of secrets, of the past catching up with you, and of characters who do not turn out to be what you expect Somehow, though, it just fell very flat for me I cannot say that I either connected with any of the characters, or had any belief in the plot by the end of the novel I have not read the previous novel by this author, but I know it was a huge success If you enjoyed her first book, then you may well enjoy this, but I must be honest and say it did not work for me. Borderline 3 star really Good premise for a story but simply unconvincing to me In full I like the idea of this story A local girl goes missing, apparently falling off the local closed old pier and friends and family from the time go their own ways Then 18 years later the girl s brother phones the girl s best to say that part of a body has been found wearing a trainer that was the same as the one she had on when last seen The book is written in two voices in fairly simple language Frankie, the best friend, is the voice of now and she returns to the old home town in the westcountry ostensibly to help the brother search for evidence relating to the disappearance Sophie, the girl who disappeared, is the voice in the past and this is written in part in diary form My initial reaction was that the writing ok though I wasn t really gripped by the story It was obviously one of those books where secrets from the past would be gradually revealed It is quite apparent early on in the book that both Frankie and Sophie knew did things at the time which were secrets and that Frankie probably does not want the truth to come out.I think the basic idea for this story was a perfectly good one and the pace kept me reading However I simply did not find any of the characters particularly believable, real or engaging Equally I did find some of the things that occurred than a little incredible at times I do see that others will find this book appealing but for me it felt rather lightweight and lacking the real tension and edginess I would like from something that should be a thriller.Note I received an advance digital copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for a fair reviewhttp viewson.org.uk thriller local The Sisters was one of my favourite books of last year and I admit I couldn t wait to see what Claire Douglas would follow it with and if it would be just as good.I needn t have worried Local Girl Missing is absolutely brilliant,very gripping,worth far than five stars and I am very disappointed that I have finished reading it.Frankie and Sophie have been best friends since primary school when Sophie moved to Frankie s school after Sophie,her Mum and Sophie s brother Daniel moved to Frankie s home town of Oldcliffe On Sea to get away from Sophie s violent father.One night twenty one year old Sophie vanishes leaving behind her trainer on the old delapitated pier.Now twenty years later Frankie gets a call from Daniel who says that a body has been found,reluctantly Frankie returns to their home town to help Daniel try to find out what happened to his sister.Soon after she starts receiving threatening letters,someone knows what happened on the pier that night and doesn t want the truth to be revealed.The story is told in alternating chapters between present day Frankie and the past where Sophie is telling what happened in the months leading up to her disappearance.I liked and felt a lot of sympathy for Sophie and her brother Daniel but from the very beginning of the story I didn t like Frankie,it s hard to explain why without giving too much away.There is a mixed bag of other characters that Frankie and Sophie interacted with throughout the book,one who is so nasty and sleazy I hated every moment he appeared in the story.All the people in Oldcliffe have their secrets and you never know who is telling the truth and who Frankie and Daniel can trust.It s a gripping,twisty story from the first word to the last,I didn t want the book to end,now I have to patiently wait and see what Claire Douglas comes up with for book 3.Many thanks to Penguin UK Michael Joseph for an ARC of this book via netgalley one fine evening today I was sitting and admiring my bookshelf when my eyes fell on this book and I couldn t remember a single thing about it I opened my GR account and saw my notes on this book filled with cuss words and hatred for this book, so as I am already in mood of writing HONEST reviews today Here we go again Why I bought this book I fell in love with the cover of this book the moment I saw it in bookstore , I read the blurb and I bought it PS NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER what I like about it setting I am a sucker for small town mystery thrillers and this book was atmospheric,dark and at times spooky with creepy and supernatural elements easy to followThe book was definitely a page turner and easy to follow with easy sometimes disaster writing Good for someone hoping to e enjoy a lazy afternoon why I hated it cliche dialogues and poor writing only at times I felt like the book was written in creative writing style and conversation felt pretty naive poor character development lots of plot points didn t add up like view spoiler why Frankie said she didn t knew who send the dog badges when only she was the one to send it How mia know about failed pregnancies Why police believed Daniel and his story instead of finding out the truth hide spoiler Apparently I am in the minority here in thinking this book is dreadful The writing was clunky and ridden with clich s, the characters were unlikeable and the twist at the end was so obvious I was surprised and disappointed that it wasn t a red herring.Just a taste of the prose that had me raising my eyebrows The hot guy who was with Frankie last week is called Leon McNamara He s half Irish, like me, but with chocolate brown hair and the most amazing blue eyes I ve ever seen They are the exact same colour as my indigo Levi 501s the sleet like cold lips kissing my face Does he really need my help to uncover the truth about your disappearance after all this time Or does he want me here because I remind him of all that we had And all that we lost I also felt there were lots of plot points which didn t add up Why would Frankie remember someone posting her the dog tags if she sent them to herself Why did Mia know a crying baby would be an effective scare tactic if she didn t know about the miscarriages Did remains actually wash up on the beach Why would the police just accept the absolutely mental and improbable story offered by Daniel et al and there be no consequences for faking a death Ah this book is ridiculous I half read, half skimmed through it in one setting and feel I left some of my brain behind with it. Local Girl Missing by Claire Douglas is a 2017 Harper publication Eerie and tense Sophie and Frankie were best friends during their teenage years, until romantic entanglements came between them, but they eventually reconciled, and were trying to resume their friendship, but, one night, Sophie disappeared from the old Victorian, Oldcliffe on the Sea , pier Her body was never recovered Until now When Frankie gets the call from Sophie s brother, Daniel, that his sister s remains have been found, he asks Frankie to come home and help him find out what happened to her all those years ago But, once Frankie arrives, settling into the often frigid apartment overlooking the same pier from which Sophie vanished, she begins to imagine she sees Sophie s ghost As she and Daniel begin to dig into the past, Frankie finds herself the recipient of chilling notes, often pushed under her apartment door, taunting and threatening her Old friends and enemies all contribute a piece of the puzzle, and as revelations mount, motives become highly suspect I never knew who to believe or trust in this novel The story shifts gear several times before the conclusion That and the dual time line kept me off guard, so that I was never able to find a balance I have waited nearly a week to write this review, because I m still trying to formulate my thoughts on this book On one hand the atmosphere is very creepy, with a possible supernatural element, and the uneasiness settled in for the duration, increasing as the story developed On the other hand, I had a hard time with the final twist, finding it a little far fetched, even though I did appreciate the irony of the situation The only other downside was just a coincidence I d just finished reading a book with a similar set up, so I considered putting this one aside for a while because of that, but then the story veered away from that theme and took on a whole new set of connotations, so I decided to stick with it Although there were a few small blips, at the end of the day, the book provided a few good chills, was cleverly paced, with plenty of atmosphere and twists, and a surprise ending So, after thinking it over, and waffling back and forth, a little, I think this one deserves four stars. Local Girl Missing is the second novel from author Claire Douglas whose first, The Sisters, received the Marie Claire Debut Novel Award in 2013 Despite the unprepossessing title which does nothing to whet the appetite, I was interested by the premise of a woman returning to her home town to confront the demons after her best friend went missing eighteen years ago The discovery of twenty one year old Sophie Collier s trainer quickly caused the public to lose interest in her disappearance, only to be replaced by a popular belief that a drunken Sophie was swept away by the Bristol Channel Eighteen years later a somewhat reinvented Francesca Howe is contacted out of the blue by Sophie s older brother, Daniel, and she knows that this can only be for one reason Human remains have been found, Daniel is due to identify them and he reveals something that was never spoken of before that Sophie was jittery, anxious and told him that somebody was out to get her ahead of her last days Having never told Frankie as she was known as a teen , Daniel says the police dismissed his claims but he wants to discover and confront the truth surrounding his sisters demise Coming at a time of emotional upheaval, unwilling to terminate a floundering relationship and trying to ignore her dad s stroke and ailing recovery, Frankie reluctantly revisits the down at heel town of Oldcliffe on Sea The premise itself though doesn t make clear that Frankie and Sophie both had secrets of their own and the best friends are forever bound by one dramatic event in their lives When Daniel moots his opinion that Sophie could have been intentionally pushed and killed that night, it falls to Frankie to choose whether to enlighten him or not as to the long held secret Soon confronted by a series of threatening notes on her return to Oldcliffe on Sea, it seems that someone else knows this hidden secret and it holds the key to revealing just what did happen to Sophie Rose Collier Readers learn of the actual events at approximately a quarter of the way through this novel, but attempts to disguise it are thinly veiled from the start Frankie is left with little choice but to confide in Daniel as it becomes a matter of delicately seeing who knows the sworn secret and might therefore have had reason to murder Sophie However, what quickly becomes clear is that Frankie can ill afford to trust anyone, even Daniel, after a series of unsettling incidents compound her fears.Nearly two decades on from Sophie s presumed death, Fran Howe seems to live a charmed life with a three storey Islington townhouse, a Range Rover and running the family hotel chain business with her parents semi retired Still as insecure as her teenage days she runs her life to precision and is the buttoned up stiff upper lip woman who has tried to leave her past behind Involved in an relationship with builder, Mike, that she knows is on the slide, with a divorce and failure to conceive along the way, neither the friends or lovers in her past have ever be told of Sophie, the best friend of her childhood days Tightly wound Fran is all about making the right impression, and whilst she attests that Mike doesn t really have the emotional capacity to cope with her issues, I must say that I think much of that is due to her unwillingness to reveal her true nature Fran is the character that I found most baffling, as she is at times clearly an unreliable narrator, simply choosing not to be open about things, at other times making blatantly contradictory decisions meaning everything seems like a subtle game of emotional blackmail and manipulation I felt none the wiser of Frankie s true feelings for any of the male characters in Local Girl Missing as she seemed to change her mind as to who was her one true love like the wind, but really simply seems to crave attention Trawling back through the lives and loves of two girls with dreams of escaping their home town, Douglas serves up a tale of a bitchy female friendship I think in modern day parlance the term du jour is frenemy and most of the revelations revolve around the who snogged who variety of a YA novel.A central focus for Local Girl Missing considers the class differences and the social divide that separated the comfortable and upwardly mobile Howe family from the rest of the cast Clearly the subject of some enmity amongst her peers, the inherent differences and prevailing cultures of the working class estate dwelling teens are well observed and the grudges that are exhibited in twenty one year old Sophie s diary seem no less engrained in the town some eighteen years later The diary extracts from Sophie at the time of her 1997 disappearance were believable than the delivery by Frankie, giving an insight into the home life and the sparky personality for which she was known Frankie was a little bland and even at highly wrought emotional moments she never really demonstrated any passionate or charged dialogue Whilst this was an undemanding read and I never had a problem staying with the story, it never really exerted the grip that is so essential with a psychological thriller and left me feeling fairly flat Aimed at the lightweight end of the psychological thriller market I thought much could have been made of the small town atmosphere because it never really felt sufficiently ominous or creepy to me In saying that, I didn t trust a single character in Local Girl Missing which shows that it did achieve some of the unsettling suspense that Douglas intended, with credible suspicion jumping between characters A mediocre novel which left a so so impression on me, with a better ear for dialogue and focus on creating characters whose motives are credible, Local Girl Missing could have been drastically improved Admittedly, some of the twists were well disguised and a genuine surprise, but I felt that pretty early on I knew where this was headed and was proved correct In conclusion, not a bad read by any means, Local Girl Missing easily holds the attention and got off to a promising start but the final twists detracted from my overall impression As is so often the case, the necessity to go that extra mile and blow the whole thing out of the water undermines the solid work of Douglas up to that point.

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