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Reporting Pakistan Reporting Pakistan is Meena Menon's experience while being stationed in Pakistan for a period of nine months between 2013 and 2014 This book is structured like pure reportage which makes it fairly tedious to read Menon gets across the problems and comforts of being an Indian a woman and a journalist with a visa limited to Islamabad in various sections Her reporting spans a diverse section from arts and culture to the fight for a free Balochistan and her experiences seem uite interestingHowever as stated previously it is difficult to maintain interest in a book that is than 350 pages written purely in a report style glittered with few observations I also feel that people of Pakistan and India would be better able to understand the book because Menon doesn't focus on creating an overarching history she sums up basic plot points of a situation that is deeply fraught and intense She does make important points about how India Pakistan should repair their relationship and work towards a peaceful solution However she is often asked why she refuses to report on Kashmir but she maintains her silence It is possible that the restrictions on her travel might have created issues of reporting However if she was able to report on other stories the silence seems somewhat uncharacteristic Her sanitised version of the conflict involving Kashmir also fails to grasp me If you're not into reading and aware of India Pakistan conflict I'd suggest to steer clear of this book Gives a fascinating account of the authors 9 months as a correspondent for the Hindu in Islamabad Meena has done a great job She talks about Pakistan with impressive credentials Unlike Barkha Dutt who claims to be an expert on Pakistan while knowing jack about that country Meena really knows the pulse of this country What I loved about this book is that she is very balanced in her views She does put the Pakistani argument across also and let's the reader decide This is the sort of intellectual honesty that is missing in the narrative of many Indian journalists Meena has brought about the intricacies of living in Islamabad beautifully that both brings out the complexities of the nation as well as the ualities She balances the positives and the negatives uite beautifully The only gripe I have is that the book is slightly disjointed and feels like a collection of thoughts rather than have an organized theme A riveting read for those who might want to visit the country and wouldn't get the chance to do so I have been intrigued by the nation's culture food people and music This book is rich with explanations and I only wish the writer got a longer reporting stint over there Must recommend for people like me who wanted to know about Pakistan keeping all the bias about it aside An Indian reporter in pakistan 1 This book is a personal experience of the author while staying in islamabad for a brief stay before being expelled from pakistan2 This book contains the following 10 chapters Ohfor a visa Islamabad unreal city On being a foreign correspondent Covering terrorism Shooting the messenger No lines of control Civilian versus military Reviving a left of centre politics and other stories Bilateral ties Voice for missing Balochis3 The content of the book is a bit boring but it also presents a different side of pakistan which always remain hidden from the general public like the presence of big IT parks the finest brewery of the Indian subcontinent is in pakistan in a place called murree better than kingfisher and other stuff about Pak4 The book also tells us about islamabad the gardens their and her interaction with the common people of pakistan5 You will also learn about the conditions of the minorities living in pakistan ie Ahmadiya who was declared non Muslims killing of Shias forced conversion and kidnapping of hindu girlsand the targeting of christian etc6 Here you will also realize the importance of bollywood and the people in pakistan enjoy and love indian movies and the daily TV shows7 The one important thing which the book says that the children in pakistan are getting indoctrinated with false propoganda and according to them pakistan never lose a single war with india and it was the latter who always start a conflict8 The author included other issues like Kashmir sir creek siachen status related to MFNmost favoured nation killing and missing of young Baloch's and the mistrust between the two nations and also about JUD chief Hafeez mohammad Saeed9 The author also included some photos which she clicked during her stay in islamabad10 I will recommend to those who are interested in reading about pakistan and wants a different view point than u can surely go for this bookI hope u like the review thanks for reading Jai hind The author was a journalist with The Hindu who was posted in Islamabad and writes about her account of the duration of her stay at Islamabad A well written account of her experience Meena Menon was The Hindu's correspondent in Islamabad till she was expelled by the Pakistani authorities in May 2014 In spite of her truncated stay and the restrictions placed on her movements Menon managed to write on a range of subjects covering swathes of life in Islamabad She spoke to people from the persecuted Ahmadi community; she covered protests; interviewed victims of bomb blasts; she spoke to Partition survivors; she visited the sprawling crowded Afghan refugee camp on the outskirts of the capital; wrote about the Murree Brewery; and described political events including the high treason trial of General Musharraf Reporting from Pakistan is considered one of the difficult if exciting assignments in journalism so for an Indian Despite the limitations she has produced a probing incisive portrait of a conflicted society; it is both nuanced and wide ranging and tries to look not just at politics but also at the human realities beneath

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