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  • A Convenient Marriage
  • Maggie Cox
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  • 06 October 2015
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8 thoughts on “A Convenient Marriage

  1. Kay Kay says:

    3 12 Stars Sabrina is 37 yrs old and she's struggling to keep her travel agency afloat She knows she needs an influx of capital but the bank views her as a poor risk Coming back to her office from that final rejection she bumps into an attractive Latin man who was peering into the agency window Inviting him in Sabrina thinks he might be interested in a vacation destination Javier had left his brother in law's home in dire need a air to clear his troubled heart His sister had died eight years before leaving her daughter motherless; and now his brother in law Michael has received a dire prognosis and has asked Javier to step in to be a father to the now 11 year old Angelina Travel is his business and so the window of the agency had drawn his attention When the lovely woman bumps into him he likes the way she smells and he finds himself drawn in He takes in his surroundings noticing the outdated computers the clean but fading decor The woman is exuisite and he finds his distressed soul relaxing He tells her that he's not really interested in a trip and that right now he has some personal affairs that reuire his undivided attention but soon he'd like to call her and invite her to dinner Sabrina is flattered that this very charismatic younger man found her attractive enough to invite her for a meal It's nearly a month later and Sabrina is surprised when her home phone rings and it's Javier He explains that his brother in law Michael had passed away a week ago and he has been settling his niece Javier tells Sabrina that he has some very important matters to discuss with her and urges her to have dinner with him Intrigued Sabrina agrees Javier had promised Michael that he would adopt his niece but in order to do that he would need to have English citizenship Javier's an Argentine national and can only stay in England for brief periods of time The best for Angelina would be to remain in England which Javier is prepared to do So he proposes a marriage of convenience to Sabrina which would give him status in England and allow him to reside and adopt his niece In exchange he'll provide the capital and his own personal expertise to make Sabrina's agency all she has dreamed it could beThere really is nothing overly remarkable about this marriage of convenience love story however I found myself drawn in and wanting to know what would happen next Sabrina is 8 yrs older than Javier perhaps this is what makes this one different Yet only Sabrina seems aware of the age difference and for her simply because her biological clock is ticking rather loudly From their meeting Javier was aware that Sabrina was special and he uickly realizes that he's vulnerable to her charms not only on a physical level but to his heart Sabrina knows that when her marriage ends she'll be the one with the broken heart and yet she can't keep her heart from loving him Other than a bit of ex girlfriend trouble there really is little in the way of angst An enjoyable few hours of reading

  2. GuisBell GuisBell says:

    Nada ue destacar mucho todo fue más de lo mismo no senti amor entre los protagonistas y sentí ue fue forzado porue todo era una confusión de parte de los dos

  3. Mudpie Mudpie says:

    Did not like heroine I mean she lovely with the kids but her overly defensive manner is so OTT trying so hardIt was written in 2001 but I thought it was an 80s book It's perfectly fine for a woman to choose career over family or vice versa or both I pity the herobut him wanting to change the terms of their MOC with telling her was kind of unfair Especially when she knew the end point was a divorce once they achieved what they wantedAnd the way they informed all and sundry they were just getting married to get him residency to facilitate the adoption just made me go WTFIsn't that a crime to cheat the authorities?

  4. Caro Caro says:

    A pesar de ue había ocasiones en ue era un poco machista el libro esto se vio eclipsado por lo feminista ue era Sabrina y lo independiente ue era Ellie siempre estaba con sus acertados consejos es un personaje ue valió la pena leer En fin es un libro para pasar el rato pero ue no logra impactar

  5. Calysta Calysta says:

    I liked that Sabrina was older than Javier The premise was enjoyable executed

  6. thadine thadine says:

    Javier D'Alessandro needs a British passport to say in England and adopt his orphaned niece He meets 37 year old Sabrina Kendricks who needs an injection of capital to boost her ailing business He offers to give her business whatever assistance he can in return for marrying him; once the adoption has gone through successfully they will have an amicable divorce and go their separate waysIt was nice to read a marriage of convenience plot with characters who were not antagonistic and were actually making an effort to respect each other Another thing different in this story was that Javier was 30 whilsts Sabrina was 37 It's was a nice change to have an older woman though Sabrina does have uite a few hang ups around this which get tedious uickly Javier and Sabrina are basically strangers who find themselves living together and trying to look after a grieving 11 year old girl They don't really know what to do with each other On one hand Javier is grateful for Sabrina and wants to make her happy Sabrina is attracted to Javier and cares deeply for his niece but is wary of letting herself get too involved when she is aware that their marriage is a temporary oneI found Javier a little bit annoying He gets frustrated that Sabrina doesn't want to have a sexual relationship with him basically accusing her of being frigid and scared to live passionately However he himself acknowledges that he only wants a physical relationship with her; after the grief of losing both his sister and his brother in law Javier is afraid of caring too deeply for anyone Sabrina's concerns about their relationship are uite valid The purpose of their marriage was to allow Javier to migrate to England providing stability for his niece If Sabrina gets too close to either of them what will happen when they break up? I kept expecting Javier and Sabrina to discuss this but the conversation never happens As for Sabrina I found her to be uite bland When Javier's sexy ex girlfriend appears at the breakfast table after having spent the night Sabrina jumps to the obvious conclusions and has a brief spark of life Unfortunately this is very short lived and ends with her apologising to Javier Sigh No backbone at allOverall this was bland and disappointing It had potential and was generally pleasant to read but not really worth the time

  7. Meaghan Meaghan says:

    cute story

  8. Spinneretta Spinneretta says:


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A Convenient Marriage A wife for six months On their third date millionaire Argentinean Javier D'Alessandro knocked Sabrina Kendricks off her feet when he asked her to marry him But this was no whirlwind romance Javier needed a British wife to adopt his orphaned niece Sabrina knew it was only a convenient arrangement even though the passion that burned in Javier's eyes suggested they could have so much

About the Author: Maggie Cox

Maggie Cox loved to write almost as soon as she learned to read Her favorite occupation was daydreaming and making up stories in her head and this particular pastime has stayed with her through all the years of growing up starting work marrying and raising a family No matter what was going on in her life whether joy happiness struggle or disappointment she'd go to bed each night and lose