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uantum Incident uantum #05 I came across uantum series while browsing books on Kindleuantum Incident is the prologue to the main series which consists of uantum Space uantum Void and uantum TimeSci Fi and Fantasy are two of my all time favorite genres This book and hopefully the series that follows it is no different was such a breath of fresh air existing somewhere at the border of these two genres oscillating between two dimensions at will and still managing to keep itself tethered to the real dimension of believability Yet it does not seem to stretch the narrative thin to achieve its objective and that is where I was impressed by Phillips' writing Instead it relies on propelling the narrative at a speed so that to the naked eye its one complete motion seems to exist in all the three dimensions Sci Fi Fantasy Reality simultaneouslywithout slightest tear in its fabricThere is an unmistakable mastery evident in Phillips' writing which had brought out the science student in me back from the dormant and out amidst the wonders of known nearly known and unknown of our world and the cosmosLook forward to reading and enjoying rest of the series I had already read the two uantum Books by Douglas Phillips and am anxiously awaiting the third in the series when I learned that he had this free mini book available uantum Incident introduces us to some of the characters locations facilities and physics that the uantum series is based uponI loved this little read fast action with a teaser about string theory a great physics puzzle and wonderful characters Daniel Rice is my hero a man who loves science and importantly loves to share his love of science with ANYONE who is interested from Nobel prize winners to politicians to his waitress at the dinnerSince I had already read the two books that come after this introductory book I had no problem following the topics the people the settings and the science I believe that someone reading this book first will also be able to follow the action but may find it leaving as many uestions as answers as to what the uantum series is all about Therefore while this book is a fun uick read do not judge the uantum series books by this one and read uantum Space immediately after reading this short story Reviewing the preview instead of the whole seriesLoved the whole bunch Some parts made me groan and we're not talking about Nobel winning material but each book is good reading The best part of each book is the afterword where the author goes into the science of the book and modern understanding of the meaning of that science When the Higgs Boson was discovered at CERN the Hadron sub atomic particle acceleratorcollider in Switzerland many thought it opened a world of possibilities with respect to the likelihood of multi dimensional existence and presented the probability of studies that would eventually elucidate the truth of uantum physics and the fundamental structure of space time The author Douglas Phillips uses his imagination to weave a tale based on suspected properties of space time described in the mathematics of uantum physics and creates a series of novels The uantum Series each of which is based on the manipulation of space time uantum Incident is the first of these books providing a short introduction to the seriesStarting with a dramatization of the discovery of the Higgs Boson observation of data representing a “string” is introduced The proof of the existence of “strings” sets up experiments exploring the manipulation of space and time through higher dimensions upon which the series is based The first of these is being accomplished in the story at the Fermi National Accelerator in Illinois It involves sending a camera into other dimensions to record images of space in an alternative existenceMeanwhile Dr Daniel Rice is otherwise occupied investigating the occurrence of weird aerial lights appearing daily in the skies of northern Nevada The lights believed to be reasonably close to the observation location are found to be anything butand so begins The uantum Series with a brief introduction of the concept of uantum dimensions and introduction to the series’ main characters Dr Daniel Rice and Fermi Laboratory researcher Nala PasuierWhile uantum Incident is a uick interesting read it is not a novel but rather an introduction of the basis for the stories in the later books of the series Short but intriguing teaser into the world of science fiction that could easily be science fact In Geneva scientists may have found the Higgs boson and a peak into uantum theory A reporter Cecily Johansson has a feeling something else is going on besides the discovery and it may be a scientific discovery like no other The author adds a chapter for the book this short work is a prologue to and intrigues readers I found this short prelude interesting and well written Unfortunately I did not see this prelude to the uantum Series prior to reading the trilogy Nonetheless it was the perfect intro to the Series smart consistent with the followers; relatable characters Seemingly plausible science was totally relatable and anything but tedious although as in the series I did have to pay attention as the Mechanics could definitely be overwhelming A great story great intro that totally drew me it Operatic Hard science all the way My new Favorite authorthanks so much Douglas for time well spent IntriguingI enjoy science fiction and am looking forward to reading this series Good writing good characters and the author seems to be able to tell a pretty good story too The science part of science fiction seems like it's going to play the bigger part rather than the fiction and that's what I'm looking forward to the most Prologue to the uantum Series 1 uantum Space 2 uantum Void and 3 uantum Time​2012 The long sought Higgs boson has been discovered at the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva Scientists rejoice in the confirmation of uantum theory but a reporter attending the press conference believes they may be hiding something​​​Nala Pasuier is a particle physicist at Fermi National Laboratory in Illinois Building on the 2012 discovery she has produced a working prototype with capabilities that are nothing less than astonishingIf you liked the authenticity of The Martian the page turning pace of Da Vinci Code and the inspirational world view of Arthur C Clarke you'll love the uantum Series A mind bending journey from the ultra small to the vast stage of the Milky Way Download from today uantum Incident is also available at no charge from author website This one is just a short introduction of the first book of the series uantum Space It’s really just a few chapters and if you like it you will need to go buy the first book Luckily I got this one and the first book free during a Kindle promotion My recommendation – skip this and go right to the real book InterestingIt's a preuel to uantum space I don't know that it was needed but it was well written It leaves uestions still about the interdimensional wedge craft It worked for me because I'd already read the next book

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