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Too Near the Fire Ohio Life SaverLeah Stevenson was a trained fire fighter and all she knew when she battled her way through the smoke and flames was that there were lives to be savedNow two innocent children were trapped inside a burning house and Gil had trusted her to rescue them Gil the one man who believed in her the man who had broken through her defenses and touched the woman inside No matter what it cost her she couldn't let him down She had to get through the choking terrifying darkness; somehow Gil's love would bring her out again Modern An Ohio Hero Fighting fires was Gil Gerard's life; until he met his new co worker Leah Stevenson She was one ambitious hardworking woman and she wanted no special treatment around the department Yet Gil soon found himself drawn to Leah's gentleness and it wasn't long before she had Gil opening doors he'd thought were closed forever But Gil had lost one love and knew the hazards of caring for a woman in Leah's dangerous profession Did he have the strength to let Leah go or would he dare to rish his heart again? This is MEN MADE IN AMERICA Fifty red blooded white hot true blue hunks from every State in the UnionSILHOUETTE BOOKS PRINTED IN CANADA I find this book very inticing and you wanting to read of these books

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