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Demon Be Mine After dying at the hands of Ryland Durand Eli Peckard is thrust into a different universe one that is familiar to his home of New Orleans but scary all the same Battered and bruised from his rough travels he is accosted and then rescued by Anasa an official in The Realm From there Anasa delivers Eli to his most reliable Keeper Zylen to heal and teach him the ways of a Soul Catcher as the Dark Lord intends Zylen has lived his days in Nouvelle Terre as a Keeper for new fledglings During his time on the third plane Zylen has kept his hate for vampires especially Ryland and his brother However being the child of a fallen and a vamp Zylen still beholds emotions of remorse and empathy for the mentally fragile soul Eli Peckard and those feelings transform into something Eli’s insecurities and Zylen’s anxieties over crossing the line of teacher and apprentice might be an obstacle in their budding union More importantly Zylen’s instruction for Eli must include lessons that teach the newest souled demon how to survive the final challenge before gaining the ultimate prize WARNING Potential triggers Mentions of child abuse and rape Graphic violence

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  1. Natalie panda eyes Natalie panda eyes says:

    On the fence with this one Starts out with the MC’s death and knowledge that he’s a serial killer and rapist that committed suicide In his new position Eli comes across as naive and scared but still wants to kill From there it’s unreuited love throughout which seems to be the main theme for the series I liked how there were no secrets with the mind reading Short books so may give the next one a go

  2. D D says:

    A good start to a new series One click nowThis review is from Demon Be Mine Immortals Book One Kindle EditionThis author has done it again Written a novella so well I blasted through it hating when I reached the end We see Eli a character from the N'awlins series now a fledgling demon after dying and going to a different universe The world building was meticulous and detailed I found the whole demon premise very interesting Surprisingly I liked Eli in this book a testament to the author's writing I can recommend this to all lovers of MM novelsI received a complimentary copy of this book for voluntary review consideration

  3. Diane Diane says:

    I received an ARC from the authorI wasn't sure what to expect when I started this book but having a glossary really helped I learned about Soul Catchers Keepers Soul Searchers zombies and life in Nouvelle Terre purgatory which just happens to resemble New Orleans It's strange how your mind works but the first thing I thought of when I read Chapter One was that they numbered their streets like those in Salt Lake City Something to clutch onto while acclimating to this new worldMuch like Eli needed to do as a new demon a fledgling demonThis book was much darker than those I'm used to so it took a while to connect to Zylen and Eli The library scene revealed the vulnerably of 'bad guys' and now they need love tooThere are definitely benefits to being a demonteleporting reciting words until your clothes dressed or undressed you and reading the minds of others

  4. Violet Marshall Violet Marshall says:

    This is the first book in The Immortals Series An interesting book the writing was good It was all about bad there were no good characters here so interesting The plot was entertaining and it was steady throughout the book The characters were well developed and thought out Eli and Zylen are the MC’s of this book There was humor Vampires a snake shifter demons purgatory tests scotch teachers and so much in this book Here is a uote from the book “Eli do you understand why this is your destiny now?” I asked him after finishing the last of my drink “I think I do” Eli answered “We’ll be warriors in sort of a battle for the prominent being” “Yes So it should be clear how we do things right?” Mercurio asked him “We want to gain the upper hand” There is but you will need to read the book which I can recommend as a good read I voluntarily read an advance copy of this book for an honest review

  5. Dennis Crotts Dennis Crotts says:

    Demons Vampires and ShiftersI was totally taken by surprise with book and I look forward reading the other books in the series In all my life I have never read a book like this and to be honest never thought of demons being so much like humans yes I can see it with Vampires and Shifters but not demonsMichael and awesome job in writing this story and bringing the characters alive and make you want to know

  6. Gema Cela rodríguez Gema Cela rodríguez says:

    It was entertaining and interesting enough to make me want to know about its characters and what will be happening to them

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