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  1. Teodora Teodora says:

    25 ⭐Full review on my Blog The Dacian She Wolf 🐺Pretending I am on a gorgeous Caribbean beach drinking coconut water and listening to some distant bachata music while reading this book and not actually reading it in my room far away from any beach within reach Well now I’m glad I didn’t have it with me on any beach or truth be said I didn’t go to any beach whatsoeverThe main reason for my affirmation I DNF ed this Yep that’s right Maybe it’s a surprise but not a shock The ones who have already read that know what I mean Nocturna is my first DNF of the year I am truly sorry to say that At first I thought it had so much potential I really wanted it to be good I was making myself think that it will be good and I am going to like it Unfortunately I’ve encountered stuff that couldn’t let me enjoy itTo imagine how exactly I felt picture me as a cute little girl with long braids and an airy skirt jumping up and down with a basket in my hand ready to pick some flowers and berries I am even whistling After a while I stop I think I see the flowers in the meadow Oh happiness But when I am so close to them suddenly from nowhere a huge fence erects standing between me and the beautiful flowers I want to pick up I want to climb up the fence but I see it is electrified And also a storm is coming up so I might very well go home It is not worth itThis is exactly how I felt after reading not even half of it Disappointed I thought the action was very slow I felt like that amazing page turner effect wasn’t there It felt a bit in the tree as we like to say in Romanian Somehow it felt unfinishedAnd also I found the chapters agonisingly long The world construction wasn’t that bad but it wasn’t good either Maybe at this part I felt the feeling of the whole plot trying Trying to go somewhere to do something Fighting to go better But it felt too much as a struggle and it made the reading a bit uncomfortable for me I don’t generaliseEven the characters seemed to struggle too much to find their own personalities And this is not uite okay even though I know this is a YA Fantasy book and the characters tend to have changes of personalities every 10 pages It is okay to change the personality throughout the book but at least set the right basis for itIt breaks my heart to say this so but it is true The best thing about this though? It actually helped me gain a bit of vocabulary in Spanish so for that I will totally give out an extra star It was a really well thought thing to blend the Spanish words in or at least this is coming from the trashy language learner inside of me It is a very good way to make people aware of one’s culture and also educate the population a bit Ignorance kills children My only problem now is if Spanish speakers wanted to read this book in Spanish without knowing the words for magic are said originally in Spanish would anyone notice the aspect of Spanish words used in the book as I did me a non native Spanish speaker?Book styled

  2. Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin says:

    April Fairyloot Box Click on the link under picture to see all of the goodiesTHE GOODIESDamn it Damn it Damn it I was hoping to love this book It’s so pretty inside and out the pages had their own special magic BUT I didn’t like it much And I hated that one of the main characters name was shortened to the nickname of Alfie Felt like I was reading the movie A Christmas Story but with Alfie instead of Ralphie Don’t ask I’m weird I’m sure this book will be for lots of people just not for me 😕Happy Reading Mel 🖤🐶🐺🐾

  3. jessica jessica says:

    ugh this is the third book in a row where i am just feeling so uninvested is is this what a reading slump feels like? im not uite sure how i feel about that or this book tbh from an objective standpoint theres a bit going for this story the latinx culture is fun and exciting and something i havent read a lot of even if the plot is one i have cough a darker shade of magic cough the writing is impressive for a debut and the pacing is good with decent world building from a subjective view gosh i just couldnt fully immerse myself into the story or deeply care about the characters and their actionsmotives again im pretty sure this a problem with me not the story itself also im not uite sure how i feel about this being a series i mean the story is pretty well resolved i dont see how it can be drawn out unless the following two books deal with different stories set in the same world because theres nothing really to be continued from this particular book anyway even if this isnt uite everything i wanted i know this is a story that a lot of people will enjoy and have good reason to ↠ 35 stars

  4. Angelica Angelica says:

    I had hoped to love this book And yet somewhere deep in my little heart I knew knew almost for certain that I wouldn’t That it was almost too good to be trueNow I’ve read it and lo and behold I did not in fact love this bookSome of you may or may not know this about me but I am Dominican I was born and partially raised in The Dominican Republic a small Spanish speaking island in the Carribean where the sun always shines and the beaches are always blue So to hear that an author was going to write a fantasy novel based on her Dominican heritage I was nothing if not completely on boardSo you can only imagine how disappointed I was when this book was only superficially Latinx and could have otherwise been set in any generic European esue kingdomThe book talked about some Hispanic foods sweet plantains which I love the adobo seasoned chicken and some other things It used Spanish words for magic which I gotta say doesn’t sound as magical when you actually speak the language Alfie would say magic words like “Alargar” and “Parar” and magic would happen except that these are the Spanish verbs ‘to elongate’ and ‘to stop’ and those don’t sound all that magical when you think about it But it can’t be helped I suppose It’s not the book’s fault that I’m not impressed by Spanish words Overall culturally there wasn’t much to distinguish it from every other fantasy out thereThe bible says that there is “no new thing under the sun” So I don’t so much look for originality in plot lines but rather for the execution of said plots because let’s be real most books fall under the same plotlines and the same tropes and character outlines and still we read themThat said there has been an overwhelming amount of people comparing this book to A Darker Shade of Magic by VE Schwab to the point that they claim that Nocturna is nothing than a blatant rip offI read ADSOM a few years ago and didn’t love it It was an ok book for me and I really didn’t like Laila Bard I had barely remembered that book while reading this one if I’m honest It wasn’t until I started reading some people’s reviews that I began to think back on the other story and point out some similarities And trust me there are many similarities in plot characterization magic and even the endingBut as I mentioned there is no new thing under the sun Had this book executed that plot in a enjoyable way I wouldn’t have minded as much But alas it did notThe writing in this book is pretty decent It’s not amazing but it was easy to read There were some moments that felt a little info dumpish but that’s the way it is with fantasy sometimes The characters are alright I found that their motivations shifted rather uickly though They also made a lot of uestionable choices but what YA character doesn’tThere is a shift in the plot that I didn’t expect It started out as being about one thing mostly Alfie finding his brother but then that takes a back seat and the plot became about something else This is also a thing that happens a lot in books and doesn’t really bother me so long as the change in the plot is engaging and it all connects in the end I’m not sure how well this book pulled that offOverall I liked that this was a Latinx fantasy or that it tried to be Latin American culture is extremely diverse The Carribean Islands have a culture unlike Central America which is different in culture from South America and all the individual countries are so rich with history and culture and traditions and it’s beautiful We’ve seen a lot of Asian fantasy lately and African fantasy is on the rise and I’m so happy about it Now I want to see some Latin American fantasy take the stage I want a book that fully throws you into the culture it’s depicting not just brushes the surface as I feel this book didSo yeah there you have it I don’t think this book lived up to what it could have been But maybe I’m just a hater? Oh wellAlso y’all gotta check out this book trailer No offense but it’s actually kind of ridiculous how cringy it is It’s like a bad video game upload but with overly dramatic yet anticlimactic narrationTo see the trailer click HERE I received an ARC of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my ownFollow Me Here Too My Blog || Twitter || Bloglovin' || Instagram || Tumblr || Pinterest

  5. Cindy Pham Cindy Pham says:

    I really wanted to like this book because I love the ideas behind it a Latinx inspired fantasy the propio magic system an adventure between two unlikely allies a match between a soft boi prince and a tough female thief etc Unfortunately I found the writing to be trite and generic and the characters especially Alfie acted stupidly juvenile for the sake of conflict It was clear that this is Motayne's first novel because I could tell what she was trying to execute; it just couldn't uite reach me

  6. Jessica McKenna Jessica McKenna says:

    Any unabashedly good reviews of this book must be from people who either have never read VE Schwab's Shades of Magic Trilogy or who do not care when a book's entire plot is lifted from another sourceSeveral sources in fact Because beyond the egregious ripping off of Schwab's trilogy even the tiny different details are often easily traceable back to other sources from which they have just as blatantly been stolen and cobbledI've been annoyed at books before for stealing basic plot from popular series Wicked Saints for one reminded me too much of Bardugo's Grisha series as did Red ueen There were dozens of teen vampire books that flooded bookshelves after Twilight and after the Harry Potter series there were yet dozens of magic school booksBut those books while sometimes coming too obviously close to the line for the most part were inspired by the worlds they copped from The plot as a whole tended to be new or the characters were different or the magic system had been very changed or the whole thematic point of the book had been shifted Nocturna not only steps right up to that line it barrels across it in ways that are just unforgivable I have never read a book that stole so much from its source material It's not just that the main characters Alfie Finn and Luka are essentially copy paste Kell Lila and Rhy It's not just that the magic system is eerily similar except for a few teensy tweaks It's not just that the dark magic villain comes to power in exactly the same way moves through human hosts in exactly the same way and is defeated in exactly the same way And it's not just that the thematic points of the book are overwhelmingly the same It is all of these and much And it's absolutely deliberate I spent over half the book dreaming of having a PDF version where I could search and find and count all of the many many times this novel uses the phrase shades Shades of magic Different shades Darker shades Over and over and over as if Motayne wanted you to know that she plagiarized from another author's series But yet couldn't apparently be bothered to even mention that series in her acknowledgements I checked not that I expected her really to admit it As for the rest of it? The stuff that's not copped from Shades of Magic?Well you have a prison breakout scene that could be straight out of a Bardugo bookYou also have a relationship between two main characters that is almost exactly Jessica Jones and KilgraveOther than that there's not much different to be honest And it got to the point where those things that were I did not trust to be uniue from Motayne's mind either If I didn't recognize it immediately from another person's work I started assuming it must just be because I hadn't read the work it was stolen from yet It's that badAnd the worst truly the worst part of all of this isDespite lifting things from so many sources not perfect ones of course but ones that nevertheless got the literary job doneThis book was legitimately terribleThe character motivations constantly shifted for no reason I want to find my brother who maybe isn't dead but then again I guess he's dead and I never have to think about him again womp; I want my daughter to be dead for what she did to me but then I guess I want her to be alive and love me again but then I guess I want her dead but maybe also alive It was nearly impossible to keep track of anyone's arc in this thing because no one had a clear one and the backgrounds of every character became so jumbled and lost that you started just expecting to have nothing be satisfying at the end by about a third of the way throughThe plot was also an incoherent mess The main characters all had what I can only describe as a Harry Potter complex the need to do everything by themselves because they were the only ones who could stop the evilbut in fact literally none of them had even the basic ualifications for fighting off the evil and there were I assume hundreds of actual military members and powerful magic users who would have been much better suited to helping The whole thing took place over what actually seemed to be 2 3 days and felt that uick too as the characters mostly just jumped from plot contrived scene to plot contrived scene Nothing felt earned nothing felt connected and by the end I was literally rolling my eyes as I read it because I could not believe that the reader could be expected to actually believe anything that was happening or careAt the beginning of this book I was fine with it It was refreshing to see a YA fantasy world from a Latinx author based on her Dominican heritage It was uite cool to have the magic system work with Spanish words instead of the typical Latin It was clearly similar to Shades of Magic but wasn't a blatant ripoffBut by the middle everything I had liked was gone The world building becomes shoddy at best with mentions of sangria and sugarcane really the only things that separate it from any other typical fantasy world By the end of the book the references to these actually seemed out of place and jarring that's how directly like Shades of Magic it had become The Spanish continues throughout which is fine but without a rich culture to back it up it starts to feel like a gimmick than anything elseThe back of my ARC has a picture of Motayne smiling When I turned to look at it that's when I really knew how much this book angered me Because all I could think was You haven't earned the right to smile This isn't your book It's other people's books And I hope you don't earn a cent for itKirkus Reviews has already commented that getting a second book out of this world will be difficult because of the lack of culture and world buildingBut I think I can tell you exactly how Motayne is going to pull out a second book And a thirdThere's going to be a magic tournament And then the dark magic is going to come back from the voidMaybe after they'll all go to Red London for drinks

  7. Melanie Melanie says:

    review to come but i really enjoyed this one 3 ✨ Content and Trigger Warnings murder blood manipulation abuse suicide slavery loss of a loved one thank you so much JohelyBlog | Instagram | Youtube | Ko fi | Spotify | TwitchThis was our September 2020 pick for the Dragons and Tea Book Club 🐉☕

  8. Emily May Emily May says:

    ARC provided in exchange for honest review 🔮

  9. Lea (drumsofautumn) Lea (drumsofautumn) says:

    BIG OLD YIKES It's hard for me to write this review because I really wanted to love this book and I was so excited to have a Fantasy book with an all Latinx castSadly this book has one big issue that I need to talk aboutThis book is about a prince and a thief in a magical world The prince can travel from one place to another by making basically any wall a door The thief steals something from the prince and they meet The prince's cousin who's like a brother to him gets poisoned and in order to save him the prince uses the help of black magic that's been locked away for years The black magic gets unleashed and roams through the city leaving destruction in its wake It uses people as vessels making their veins black and raised but some are too weak and simply turn to dustThere's a piece of the black magic that the prince and the thief keep and it helps the prince bring the thief through one of his doorways even though he usually can only go alone That piece also wears the prince out because it tempts him to use itDoes this sound familiar? If it doesn't you probably haven't read the Shades of Magic trilogy by VE SchwabI hate to be that person but as someone who loves VE Schwab and the trilogy and is also know for that it would feel wrong for me to not point these similarities out It is UNCANNYI know that there's rarely any truly uniue books out there any A lot of the elements in the plot of both NOCTURNA and SHADES OF MAGIC can be found in plenty of other books But the fact that there's so many matching things in both does seem weirdAnd it's not only the plot but also the characters the way they behave and the dynamics between themAlfie the prince has the ability to see magic which comes VERY close to Alucard's ability While Alfie's brother who was supposed to be King has died prior to this story his cousin who as I said above is like a brother to Alfie reads a lot like Rhy And while Alfie did remind me off Kell often times the thing that really rubbed me the wrong way is the fact that Finn the thief IS Lila Bard Like let's just take a look at some of these uotes “Nothing makes me feel small without paying the price That creepy thing owes me a debt for that and I always get what I'm owed”“But if Finn was known for anything it was jumping headfirst into things that were very bad ideas”“'I don't have much fear in me Prince I'm not going to waste it on him' she said her mouth curling into a snarl around that word She tossed him a smirk that almost covered the turmoil churning beneath it”“She'd always imagined the weight of someone's hand in her own to feel like an anchor tugging her into a forced stasis when she only wanted to run to be free Yet now she wanted nothing than to stay She felt freedom in this moment than all her years combined Freedom she was coming to understand could be found in a person instead of a place” I'm a hardcore Shades of Magic fan but you probably could've sold these to me as something that Lila has said and I would've believe you that's how much this sounds like herShe is in general scared of staying too long in one place she is scared of commitment and getting attached to other people This also shows in her dynamic with Alfie where both clearly like each other a lot but don't wanna admit itAnd the book ends with Finn leaving on a shipIt's just all a tad too close And again I hate doing this I don't want to call this book out like this but there is absolutely no way to unsee the similarities So here I am just putting out what I personally observedIn the beginning I still enjoyed this book regardless but when there were and similarities I started disliking this book and as well On top of that I thought the second half was incredibly boring funnily exactly when it started going into a different direction plot wiseSo I'm sure this book will work for some people I didn't dislike it because it is bad but because I think it is absolutely too close to my favourite trilogy of all time It feels uncomfortable to read this book with all its similarities but also in comparison it just cannot hold up at all♦ Booktube Channel ♦ Twitter ♦ Instagram ♦ I received an ARC through Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review

  10. helena helena says:

    FASCINATINGi always wanted to read a latino inspired ya fantasy there are lots of fantasies inspired in europe or the us even arabic inspired but i searched and searched for something latino something like nocturna and i never found itthankfully maya motayne exists and her book is AMAZINGthe world building is incredible i’m gonna be honest with you when i started reading it i couldn’t stop thinking that nocturna is actually a darker shade of magic but in south america but as the story progressed the the world was well built and it completely showed for what it came forthe characters were well written and flawed i loved all of them period except the villain of course i wanted him to chokethe writing was lyrical metaphorical and deep i am a huge fan of metaphorical writing and not only she gave me what i always wanted maya delivered it in That Writing ICONICthe plot was perfectly sewed everything happened for a reason and all this events were tied in the end even stuff that happened pre book just amazingthe main characters had such chemistry the romance—or the start of it—was soooooo good i want them to marry and have babiesthe light dark duality was so interestingly built there is a plot in this book about light and dark and it works around showing was that we are actually built with both inside of us i just love itThat Latino™ Stuff WOW that’s what i’m talking about castallan is a country that is clearly a mixture of south american countries including brazil i said in an update that it’s very common for foreign stuff to talk about latino countries and completely ignore brazil in that matter we are mostly not considered latinos because we don’t speak spanish but maya included us and i couldn’t be thankfulthe characters speak mostly spanish but castallan had sugarcane fields the magical words were in spanish but there were dueños spanish and bruxos portuguese i think you get my pointreading this book was a delight an embrace i highly recommend

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Nocturna Set in a Latinx inspired world a face changing thief and a risk taking prince must team up to defeat a powerful evil they accidentally unleashedTo Finn Voy magic is two things a knife to hold under the chin of anyone who crosses herand a disguise she shrugs on as easily as others pull on cloaksAs a talented faceshifter it’s been years since Finn has seen her own face and that’s exactly how she likes it But when Finn gets caught by a powerful mobster she’s forced into an impossible mission steal a legendary treasure from Castallan’s royal palace or be stripped of her magic foreverAfter the murder of his older brother Prince Alfehr is first in line for the Castallan throne But Alfie can’t help but feel that he will never live up to his brother’s legacy Riddled with grief Alfie is obsessed with finding a way to bring his brother back even if it means dabbling in forbidden magicBut when Finn and Alfie’s fates collide they accidentally unlock a terrible ancient power—which if not contained will devour the world And with Castallan’s fate in their hands Alfie and Finn must race to vanuish what they have unleashed even if it means facing the deepest darkness in their pasts