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Summers French Kiss 1 The Perfect CatchNoah and Sophie's story is one that had to be toldHe is heir to a fortune but is on a water polo team and delivers pizza at night She comes from a broken home and believes beyond a doubt that she is frigid But when Noah comes into her life she starts having strange feelings and rather than be disappointed tries to deny themWe also have meddling parents her father and his mother and they are very keen to keep the pair apart permanentlyThis is a story of all the ups and downs they go through and in the end it is 'the perfect catch' in ways than oneI loved their strengths and weaknesses and the trust that was building between the two of themAlix Nichols has done a splendid job in this short story and I am happy to recommend it2 Playing with FireThis is Zack and Uma's story She is a virgin and moves in to au pair for him and look after his son who is an epileptic Zack is the captain of a pro Polo Water TeamOf course there is a very cute kid in this story Zack's son and Uma grows to love him dearlyZack and Uma have an affair and its almost too late when he finally plucks up the courage to tell her he loves her and this story does have a happily ever after in it Thank goodnessIt is written in the usual Alix Nichols style and is a short story but fast pacedThere are some heart wrenching scenes in it some very romantic as well as some very funny ones and all in all I am uite happy to recommend it3 What if its LoveRob and Lena what a delightful couple they turned out to be This story is full of emotional ups and downs and I felt uite angry when Rob almost gives in to his need for money and almost betrays Len's trustThe story itself is a uick read and uite entertaining and I am happy to recommend it4 Amanda's Guide to LoveThis was a LOL funny story and I couldn't put it down Such wit and smooth writing that just flowed from scene to scene It held my interest and attention throughout and I highly recommend it The best tonicAnd of course it's a love story in the genre of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and just as brilliantI voluntarily read an advanced reader copy of this book and this is my honest and unbiased review The stories in this box set are all amazing Even though others have differents ideas for the first 2 couples Noah and Sophie fall for each other and then Zach falls for Uma his au pair The feelings are definitely returned cultural differences aside Then Rob is paid to spy on Lena's dad via her and things backfire Finally Amanda and Kes learn that no matter how different they are love always wins I highly recommend this box set of love stories set in Paris Summer's French Kiss 4 hot and humorous beach reads set in France is a collection of stories by USA Today bestselling and Kindle Scout winning author Alix Nichols This review will focus on the story What if It's LoveMBA student Rob is working as a waiter at Bistro La Bohème when a customer offers to pay him to listen in on spoiled heiress Lena's conversations with her oligarch father and report back Rob decides to take the job because he needs the money to pay his tuition fees and he's running out of time and options Grad student Lena goes to Paris to work on her thesis but has no friends until she meets the jaw droppingly handsome waiter Rob at her local bistro La Bohème Lena and Rob hit it off and they're soon happily dating until Rob confesses that he gets paid to spy on her Lena is the type to run away if there's a risk of getting her heart broken and she marries someone else even though she can't stop thinking about Rob Years later Lena admits to herself that she's a coward but is she brave enough to fight for Rob and is it too late?Alix Nichols delivers a fun angst filled suspenseful and steamy story full of twists and turns that you won't be able to put downI voluntarily read an advanced reader copy of this book Here we have all of author Alix Nichols' snarky goodness TIMES FOUR Whoa A past master of the meet cute Ms Nichols has created her own little world within Paris where everyone is linked within a few degrees which I find to be so true in my own life and you will freuently run into folks in one book whom you've met in another what gamers would call cookies Cafe Boheme the original link among her books remains a favorite hangout where you will meet people from all walks of life learning the art of love From a USA Today bestselling author comes a delightful smart romance bundle filled with humor steam sunshine and hot Frenchmen you won’t want to forget Together the four sexy romantic comedies included in this box set have over 350 rave reviews on THE PERFECT CATCHWhen brooding French goalkeeper Noah meets perky American realtor Sophie sparks fly hot and fastPLAYING WITH FIREAu pair Uma is all kinds of wrong for single dad Zach She is his son's nanny a 23 year old virgin and a guileless ingenue to bootWHAT IF IT’S LOVE Dante Rossetti WinnerWhen the hottest man in Paris Rob Dumont shows interest in geeky introverted heiress Lena she suspects something fishy And so she shouldAMANDA’S GUIDE TO LOVE Kindle Scout WinnerOne snooty career girl who worships Perfection One handsome gambler who worships Freedom One wild night that changes everything This great box set of four books offers something for everyone All four books have well written storylines and very likeable and relatable characters that made me feel like I was peeking through a window watching as their stories unfoldedI voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book Summer's French Kiss by Alix Nichols is a good collection of fun and sexy reads These four stories are entertaining and engaging Full of drama emotions and heavy doses of realism Great for fan of emotional and realistic romances I am posting an honest review after reading an ARC copy of this book These are uite simply four delicious and well written romance stories The characters all have wonderful chemistry and the plots work well About the only criticism is that this tale’s Paris location is merely incidental to the stories Don’t read this if you’re looking for a paean to “a Ville Lumière” or the glories of France Do read it if you want some genuinely well done and fun Romances 4 Stories based in FranceThis is a good collection I enjoyed some of them than others but they are all good with great characters and believable situations that happen to the characters throughout the 4 stories As awesome bundle Can't beat this collection from Alix Nichols Full of humor scenic adventures passion and love

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