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The Ocean in My Yard 'It was easy becoming a voyeur' Saleem Peeradina poet artist teacher and compulsive people watcher gets extraordinary views of neighbourhood life from the twelve windows of his Versova Road house From the age of four he has been drawn into the thrills of a voyeuristic life a passion that was nurtured in his young adulthood by his interest in poetry and painting In The Ocean in My Yard he gives us rare and exclusive pictures of the dramas he witnessed almost unobserved sketching the interior landscape of hearts and heads In lyrical prose interspersed with his own poems Peeradina brings to life the vitality as well as the predictability of suburban Bombay of the 1950s and 1960s where cycling down narrow lanes with school buddies or peering into a film studio to catch a glimpse of a movie star or having a ball of shaved ice was heaven itself All of this is offset of course by run over animals rotting at the neighbouring garbage dump experience of growing up Muslim in a large joint family the adoring grandparents who light up his life all too briefly the trio of eccentric uncles who confer on him the most favoured status a difficult doctor father against whose strong will he pitches his own and a self effacing mother whom he begins to appreciate only late in life He also exposes religious and class issues and reveals how even as a boy he stood up against the ingrained sexism of Indian society As Saleem candidly serves up anecdotes of his sexual awakening massaging his aunt's body to ease the tension after a long day in the kitchen and trips to Anchor Cabins where his uncle conducted photography sessions that were to inspire his own nude paintings we realize all too well how easy it is to become a voyeur and how easy to fall under Peeradina's spell

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  1. Satyabrata Mishra Satyabrata Mishra says:

    Written with a poetic heart; this book is all about exploring the little imperfections in the human essence What it lacks in substance; it than makes up in style and honesty

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