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  1. chai ♡ chai ♡ says:

    I thought of various ways to preface this review; I was even tempted to embroider to sugarcoat to essentially reinvent but now it seems in the interests of candidness most expedient to come to the point I really did not like this book And none is stricken by this than meThe spell We Hunt the Flame tries to cast does not land My memory of the story vanished as uickly as a breath blown over cold glass My indifference was such a palpable thing that my turning the last page was accompanied by a sensation of weightlessness as though a bitter burden had fallen away I don’t know what I’d expected from this experience exactly but the world certainly hadn’t been kicked out of its orbit So what is this book about? Sometimes people were reckless in their desperation—and no one was desperate than the HunterThe Caliphate of Demenhur has lived on the edge of starvation ever since the cursed forests of the Arz emerged like a cold mist rising from the earth winding itself about the trees and snow mounded up where sand once held the day’s heat And only one person walks through the darkness of the Arz as if it were a pool to bathe in The Hunter17 year old Zafira bint Iskandar is the Hunter and in order to save her people she has to dwell in their most harrowing fears Forced to masuerade as a man because of the wrong headed people in Demenhur to whom she would only ever be a woman Zafira braves the soft boiling darkness every day fear grating along her ribs tramped only by an infallible instinct to defend the weakuntil the darkness parts one day and a silver cloaked witch comes forth portending Arawiya’s doom lest Zafira treks to retrieve an ancient book known as the Jawarat—a lost artifact that will shore up the threatening tide of darkness and restore magic to ArawiyaBut while Zafira is grappling to bear up the weight of this daunting uest Nasir Ghame—a boy innocent in youth in whom the seed of his father’s hatred found fertile ground—is sent to hunt her The crown prince of Arawiya known as “the prince of Death” has a reputation of doling out death at his father’s behest leaving paths of gore in his wake But when their paths collide realization strikes Nasir and Zafira alongside some uneager allies whom they happen upon on their hunt will have to pour their strengths into keeping a much perilous darkness at bayThe bones of the premise are nothing new We Hunt the Flame does very little to differentiate itself from the dozens of other YA fantasy novels that have appeared recently except that it shifts the center away from western folklore but not even that saves this novel from being a high concept disappointingly executedThe full promise of We Hunt the Flame is swallowed by an overreliance on clichés and gratuitous plot machinery Once the main arc disengages fully from the shadows it turns out to be fairly standard for a fantasy novel A long lost artifact to retrieve The threat of dark magic hanging over everything like a shawl Evil sources scheming Enemies turning reluctant allies Everyone is of course burdened by a tragic backstoryThe bare boned plot of We Hunt the Flame meanders listless and lukewarm towards a conclusion that doesn't pack as much suspense as it could Each page felt the length of a night and the boredom of it all was so profound it made me want to scratch my eyes out Zafira’s uest is utterly non earthshaking and the novel often shies away from the full impact of the magical stakes and as a result some of the grander moments were robbed of the barest scrapings of gravitas It is a sign I think of how addled I was with tedium and indifference that it took me some time to realize that I was supposed to stagger look bewildered or react somehow to some of the plot twists and revelations but I was as blank in my unconcern as empty shellsNot only does the plot come late but it also felt like the story was making the deliberate decision not to raise too many uestions about the worldbuilding in order to focus instead on the character arcs which weren’t even that gripping to begin with There’s nothing too disagreeable about the writing either but the pacing and the density of the prose sometimes don’t balance well with the narrative This was all bad enough but what had lowered my spirit still further is the fact that I picked up this book expecting a story grounded in a stellar Arabian setup unfortunately We Hunt the Flame doesn't linger there long—too much of the world is glossed over or left naggingly blank As for the characters of We Hunt the Flame they are a collection of stereotypes that we oftentimes see in YA books Most of them are only special to the extent they serve a purpose and once that purpose is met they are no longer needed I would have been charitable if the novel wielded some wit or clever bits of banter that would serve as a vivid splash on an otherwise dull palette; instead the exchanges felt forced and utterly tepidI really wanted to love this book but I guess there are some things you will just never really get over Like your first broken heart Or when Netflix canceled ODAAT Or when one of your most anticipated releases of 2019 doesn't live up to your expectations✨ wishlist ✨ blog ✨ twitter ✨ tumblr ✨

  2. Hafsah Faizal Hafsah Faizal says:

    UPDATE if you're in need of a glossary and pronunciation guide look no furtherThe first ever review for my book The story of my heart The characters who tormented me for four years until their plight reached the written page I can't wait to share this story of a girl a prince a general elves and a world worth fighting forThank you to every soul who adds this reads this and cherishes this ♥

  3. may ❀ may ❀ says:

    full review posted i cant even begin to explain how much this book means to me but im going to try and fail with this review i'm just so happy to see a middle eastern inspired fantasy get so much hype and recognition I could weepbut we aint here to cry yet we’re here to scream until our voice gets hoarse BC IT WAS SO BLOODY GOOD Writingword building the arabian world that Hafsah built felt so vibrant and concrete to me the descriptions the imagery the elouence of the language used absolutely brilliant you can definitely tell that she took the time to construct the culture and let the reader familiarize themselves with the world through very specific scenes traveling through the azr a side character’s wedding the snowsand parallel the palace etc etc I loved the different settings we got to visit and the drastic change in scenery and omg the descriptions of the FOOD ”Surrounding the large platters were smaller ones oily dolma stuffed with onions and roasted eggplants round of baked kibbeh garnished with mint the flattest of manakish laden with tangy zataar and olive oil” basically this was me when it came to ‘highlighting the important uotes’ Characters the characters own my heart they were written in such a deep realistic and complex way they all have motivations and fears that are respective to their situation their backstories are realistic and revealed in such a timely manner sprinkled throughout the book I became so attached to them all so uickly I want to cry just thinking about it zafiraartistalso theyre all hilarious witty little monsters that do nothing but snipe at each other andI LOVE IT I'm no hashashin but in my humble observations it seems you can't take your eyes off her Altair drawled in Nasir's earJealous? Nasir askedI would be if I didn't know you stare at me just as much AND THEYRE ALL SO FRAGILE AND PRECIOUS AND EMO especially nasir the love of my life hes so broken 😭😭😭“ Good night he wanted to whisperBut he was the Prince of Death Amir al Maut as his mother had once called him in the old tongue and good night always felt like goodbye” MORE LIKE GOODBYE TO MY HEART BC ITS RUINED sister of her heart I adored the relationship zafira and yasmine shared it was so honest and loving and even though we only got to see them interact for a short period of time the core of their friendship was so strong and sweet “Come back Zafira No matter what Victorious of not come back” and we stan female friendshipsbromancealtairartist the reason for my death nasir and altair these two THESE TWO THESE TWO you want to know which trope beats ‘enemies to lovers’? ENEMIES TO BESTIES Excuse me while I lie down “I hope you can climb” Nasir said“Do I look like a monkey?” Altair asked“That would be a disgrace to the monkey” Nasir answered i just want my beautiful boys to be happy someone give altair a plate of kunafa and a cup of ahwa and get nasir a big warm blanket and hot chocolate Romance nasirartistOhMyGodThis romance slayed my entire existence The chemistry between nasir and zafira was electric when we reached their scenes I was so engrossed I lost track of time my surroundings and my dignity bc I was SCREAMING at them to STOP being so stupidly sTUBBORNartist “If you want me obedient Prince kill me and carry my corpse” Our ueen really SNAPPED with that iconic line i think the most exciting part of their relationship is how EVERYTHING is pitted against them nasir is the prince of the opposing land sent out to kill her and she is the huntress that’s supposed to save her people they hate each other from the start they are both stubborn arrogant idiots who keep DENYING their feelings and causing fights for no reason AND YET Honestly I’m going to stop talking about them bc if I start I will never end ”He stared back without a word the gray of his eyes fractured It she could catch a wish granting jinn all three of her wishes would be spent in mending his heart for not even Umm would know how to treat such sorrow” Side characters benyaminartist EVEN THE SIDE CHARACTERS especially the zumra CAUSED ME PAIN altair altair would probably be offended to even be CONSIDERED a side character he’s ridiculous and haughty and absolutely hilarious and i love how he always has some uick retort ready hes also a tragic baby and I want to protect him deen this soft boy my optimistic son he needs to be protected at all costs and deserves a metal for putting up with zafira and his sister tbh kifah a ueen amongst us peasants she ain’t afraid to cut a bish and remains to be the most level headed member of this zumra of misfits benyamin honestly hes like the rest of us exhausted this boy has been through too much to still be speaking in riddles and yet here he stands one character that I WISHED we got to see of was zafira’s sister Lana We get to see some of the relationship between the two sisters but it kind of felt shallow compared to the other relationships in the bookkifah artist Plot i felt that the plot was structured relatively well the beginning took some time to develop and the middle did stretchhhh along but once the action started the book really picked up and MAN was there action the twists and turns that came towards the ending were so shocking and exciting and left off at SUCH a great place for the second book to pick up i honestly want to weep at the epilogue I was caused Pain i can see the criticism some reviewers have mentioned about how the book felt very similar to most ya fantasy novels it holds many familiar tropes and follows a foreseeable story arc that most readers are aware of but I also find that it stands apart from the others bc of the complexity of the characters and the developed fantasy world the arab aspects of the book were so REFRESHING to read and I thought it added a lot of extra depth to the story so I think the criticism is fair to point out but it don’t think it will ruin your reading experience basically im saying PICK IT UP AND CRY WITH ME BC I LOVE IT SO MUCH AND THE EPILOGUEandif you care to hear of my ramblings ft uotes and badly made memes i did a reaction thread 5 stars buddy read with lil mayi mean i can't be sure but i think this book is going to single handedly save 2019just putting it out there

  4. jessica jessica says:

    ‘we hunt the flame the light in the darkness the good this world deserves’ wow i am pleasantly surprised by this i think it helped that i didnt have any expectations going in and that i was totally in the mood for some exotic ancient arabian magic so this is just what i neededthe main thing carrying this story is definitely the arabic representation it just gives the story a lush and cultural feel that is much needed in the book world had you taken that away would this still be worth 4 stars? maybe maybe not the characters are decent but there is soooo much introspection if abundant detail and constant thought narration is not your thing that im not sure this will work for you but i thought the characters specifically altair were interesting enough that it didnt bother me also the pacing is uite slow the action packed twists and turns dont happen until the very end so if you dont mind a slow burn plot wise then this might be your thing but overall its the magical and cultural feel of the story that makes it worth reading i know this wont be everyones cup of tea but i uite enjoyed it i mean i dont enjoy the cliffhanger and having to wait a year for the seuel lol but this is still an enchanting story ↠ 35 stars

  5. Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin says:

    May Owlcrate Box Click on the link below my picture to see all of the goodies THE GOODIESI hate when I don’t like books with freaking awesome covers 🤬Mel 🖤🐶🐺🐾

  6. Kerri Kerri says:

    i had an opportunity to read this early and i'm pretty jealous of myself this book is INCREDIBLE and i'm pretty sure i've found my book husband official blurbHafsah Faizal’s voice is not one that simply speaks but sings across the page WE HUNT THE FLAME is a spellbinding tale filled with deception political intrigue and atmosphere that lives and breathes—I am obsessed with this story

  7. Hamad Hamad says:

    This review and other non spoilery reviews can be found The Book Prescription “ People lived because she killed People died because he lived” Disclaimer ARCs provided by the publisher through Edelweiss in exchange of an honest review🌟 I have been waiting patiently for this book since it was in the writing stages and was recommended to me I mean a fantasy with Arabian Settinng written by a Muslim Author? I couldn’t ask for 🌟 Now the book had a solid start the first two chapters have the above uote each line is for a chapter I felt like I am going to love it I mean I like when authors have beautiful prose and there is a subtle kind of comparison and similarities in lines🌟 I feel like this is going to be a negative review and you can stop here if you will feel offended I can’t give a book 2 ratings without going into details so here goes nothing🌟 I am going to give a very uick summary and tell me if it rings any bells There is lost magic in this fantasy world There is Zafira our protagonist who disguises herself as a guy and embarks on a journey to restore magic There is a dark king wearing a necklace who is ruthless to his son the prince Nasir Nasir wants to prove himself to his father and embarks on the same journeyI was so sure I read this somewhere before and then DING DING Throne of Glass I felt like this book did not offer something new I felt like it is a collection of stories I read before but in an ancient Arabia settings🌟 The second thing is the characters which I did not have a connection to I felt like they had good moments but they sometimes fell flat I only liked Altair because of his banter but the other characters did not spark much joy🌟 Now the writing was the thing that irked me most the mix between Arabic and English was a big NO from me I will give some examples The King name is Ghame which means Dark OK I can tolerate that Then we have the continuous use of the word Kharra which by the way should be written as Khara for the correct pronunciation this word literally means shit The author used it as an euivalent of shit when something bad happens which we don’t use in Arabic Imagine a bad situation and the characters go like “Feces Feces feces we must run” That’s how this sounded to me and it was repeated a gazillion timeI should mention that the whole mix sounded weird because when there is a uote that means I have to imagine the characters said that why is it mixed languages then are you translating to us what they said or are you uoting them as exact The two situations did not work for me I think this will not be a problem for non Arabic speaker but for someone whose first language is Arabic and is multilingual I couldn’t but notice this🌟 I should mention that the representation itself was not bad and I really really appreciate how the author kept the religion out of it🌟 Summary I still think WHTF will get a good success and that makes me happy I was not happy because many things could have been done better specially that the lights are given to a Muslim author which is not a common thing The book could be enjoyed for those who won’t be so critical as me But I think a summary won’t sufice here so read the whole review or the whole book and decide

  8. Kiki Kiki says:

    Let’s talk about expectationsAs a longtime follower of Hafsah Faizal I was initially excited for the release of We Hunt the Flame But by the time it was due to release my long standing interest in YA had waned I was resoundingly tired of it So I went into this with a sort of resignation which was the same way I approached most YA reads in 2019 Having said that I made an effort not to let my personal reader fatigue colour my opinion of this book After all it’s not up to Hafsah Faizal to reignite my passion for the genreI also made the careful choice to listen to this on audiobook rather than buy a physical copy The data I’ve gathered suggests that I am likely to DNF physical copies than audiobooks; if I can clean my bathroom argue with the TV licensing people or rub lotion on my nasty ass goat feet while I read I’m less likely to decide I don’t have time to slog through a story I’m not enjoying There’s nothing I love than multitasking so I listened to this book mostly while I fucked about with the Olympus Mons of laundry piling up on my bedroom floor And I firmly believe that if I had not opted for the audiobook this would have been a DNF Now that you’re all sufficiently bored with the minutiae of my uneventful life let’s dig in Let’s talk about oppositesCompelling narratives in literature are all about conflict Without conflict you don’t have a story But the lack of conflict is exactly the problem with We Hunt The Flame “Lack of conflict?” you might say “There’s plenty of conflict They have to travel across a vast evil desert and fight Stunt Demon #8 and #9 in order to reach the MacGuffin and save the world™”That’s all well and good but what I’m talking about is meaningful conflict ie conflict that resonates with a general human experience That is conflict in relationships That is opposites attracting In Sabaa Tahir’s An Ember in the Ashes we can’t necessarily relate to infiltrating an army base as a fake slave but we can relate to Laia’s feelings of hopelessness as she crumbles under pressure Similarly in We Hunt the Flame we can’t necessarily relate to being trapped in a magical desert as we hunt for an object that could save the world from annihilation but we should be able to understand the emotional conflict between Zafira and Nasir—two people from diametrically opposed lifestyles forced to work together for the greater good When we first meet Zafira she is a huntress who braves a magical forest to feed her supposedly starving people who still somehow manage to afford brightly dyed clothing and a full spread of food for a wedding feast while Nasir is a prince forced to act as an assassin by his abusive father the sultan The problem is that their ideologies uickly converge and they fuse into the same person a bitter teenager compelled to grow up too uickly each with a smart talking friend and a jaded outlook that doesn’t stop them from earnestly risking their lives for the greater good The only challenge of ideology between Zafira and Nasir is a brief mention of his vocation which leads to one of my favourite dialogue exchanges ever Zafira “I don’t go around murdering people on a whim”Nasir “Neither do I Hashashins don’t hold up the brutality of murder We are poets of the kill Working from the shadows”This exchange is nothing if not funny but it doesn’t mean anything because Zafira and Nasir are basically different gendered versions of the same person This could allow for some kind of “kindred spirits” connection but they are clearly earmarked from the beginning for a romance so there’s no tension or doubt to fuel the reader’s interest Of course they’re going to fall in love Of course Zafira’s hatred of the monarchy and Nasir’s lack of understanding of anything beyond himself won’t complicate it The narrative purposely removes every obstacle standing in the way of these lovers including any conflicting elements of character because an easy romance iswell easy We can’t have any difficult uestions or ideological rifts standing in the way of our obligatory YA smoochfest On the subject of the narrative let’s talk about framing Narrative framing is the crucial difference between complexity and simplicity and Nasir is a perfect example of terrible narrative framing Nasir’s background wants to be complex and heartbreaking he is the son of an autocratic sultan forced to be his father’s right hand blade cutting down any dissidents who dare threaten the sultan’s power over the caliphates of Arawiya Poor Nasir Except I found it impossible to sympathise with him not only is his narration excessively morose and melodramatic but it’s soured by some seriously uestionable actions on his part This might be fine if the narrative framed Nasir as a grey character with a dubious morality but it doesn’t It frames him as a poor misunderstood boy with love to give but no one to give it to An example is Kulsum a servant with whom Nasir is having an affair at the beginning of the book Kulsum’s backstory is that when the sultan discovered her affair with Nasir he cut out her tongue Kulsum not Nasir is the one who suffered the most from a relationship built on a power imbalance Later Kulsum betrays Nasir by spying on him and his “friend” Altair viciously mocks him for it This is Nasir’s reaction “Kulsum was the one who had pulled him out of that endless despairNasir knew that finding a person he could love who could love him was near impossible He knew yet he had been too blinded by mere affection to see clearly Fabricated affection” Oh poor Nasir So sad that the girl who was maimed as a direct result of his actions wasn’t willing to throw away her life for the sake of his feelings After all of this Nasir is then rewarded for his ignorance by Zafira falling in love with him without ever ideologically challenging him Nasir being welcomed into the fold of this found family comes off the back of him throwing people up against walls lying about the circumstances surrounding Deen’s death to present himself as a martyr to the reader this seuence accomplished nothing other than to get rid of Deen as a spare part and calling Kifah another spare part with absolutely nothing to do with anything “woman” when he’s angry with her But Nasir’s character is also hampered by his passivity Things happen to him and he reacts to them and at no point do his actions ever drive the plot In fact he could have been backspaced from the book and the story would have remained or less intact I suspect the passiveness was borne of a desire not to make Nasir unlikable and not to risk having to deal with any conflict between him and Zafira or indeed ask any difficult uestions about the nature of dictatorship This book feels oddly hesitant; it is afraid to humanise its villains even though dehumanising our enemies is always extremely fucking dangerous no matter how detestable we may believe them to be And because it refuses to dig into the politics of its world we are left with no idea how this system operates and where Nasir really stands within it or indeed how he benefits from it There’s a great video here that discusses the structures that dictators utilise to legitimise and maintain their rule but this book doesn’t even glance at any of them It just expects us to believe that after being relentlessly subjugated by a dictator who has put no systems in place to protect his position the people of Arawiya would not even consider an uprising Of course all of this transpires in the midst of an endless fucking endless desert and a trickling plot that is paced in such a way as to lull the reader to sleep then give them whiplash On that note let’s talk about pacing Now In planning this review I searched around for texts that nail slow pacing as a tool for building tension But the example I want to use might bejarring Just hear me out Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 adaptation of Stephen King’s The Shining I can already hear the collective inhale I said hear me out is a masterclass in using every available tool to make slow pacing work for a story Yes it’s told in a different medium but the screenplay itself works for the same reasons For the purposes of this critiue I’m going to treat it as an original work and not as an adaptation of a book mostly because as an allegory the movie deals with very different themes And yes I am aware that Stephen King hated the movie but I’m inclined to believe he still sleeps well on his pile of money The Shining 1980 is discussed in a variety of thematic contexts but my interpretation of it was as a detailed examination of an abusive marriage It has all the staples isolation; alcoholism; infantilisation of a wife; a husband jealously competing with his child for the affections of his wife; a husband prioritising his “work” over his family and that “work” not being work at all but merely an excuse to inflate his own ego; and a husband declining to cheat only because it will give his wife ammunition to divorce him in this context the lady in the bathtub is not a gross ghost but merely a projection of Jack’s indecisiveness When he realises that cheating will get him into trouble she suddenly becomes grotesue to him Jack’s connection with Delbert Grady is notable in that Grady rationalises the murders of his own family as an unavoidable conseuence of their “wilful” nature—in this way he is an abuser shifting the blame to his victims The film starts with Wendy discussing an incident in which Jack drunkenly injured his own son Danny which Wendy as a subjugated wife then makes excuses for Danny’s “shining” represents the power of foresight and intuition afforded to children who grow up in abusive households and who are conditioned to recognise the signs of a parent poised to inflict harm This is not intended as a broad stroke appraisal of Kubrick’s work; 2001 A Space Odyssey was unbearable for me and so was his treatment of Shelley Duvall during the filming of The Shining But it’s undeniable that The Shining uses its slow pacing to masterfully build up tension to the point where it feels like the rattling lid of a boiling pot—if you open it up it will scald you but you can hear it click click clicking in your periphery as a constant reminder Every scene in The Shining no matter how slow or uiet serves than one character or plot related purpose This multitasking narrative is exactly why the movie works it keeps its multiple threads taut and every scene imparts several significant pieces of information that keep the viewer engaged An example of this is the scene where Jack interviews with the owner of the Overlook hotel We learn in this scene that the hotel will be unoccupied over the winter; that the previous caretaker killed his family; and that there is something underneath Jack’s calm ordinary demeanour The story of the previous caretaker throbs not only because of what we already know about Jack but because of his forced mildness his overblown interest in the hotel and the way he slumps in his chair as if he already belongs there Another example is the hedge maze scene We see Wendy and Danny enter the hedge maze outside and Jack staying indoors behind a glass window separating the family into two camps Jack in the past and Wendy with Danny their family’s future We see Wendy and Danny struggle to escape from the maze which we know will be a point of conflict later We see Jack standing over a small model of the maze which positions him as a vengeful godlike figure looming over his wife and child and throwing them into his all encompassing shadow He controls the hotel as he controls them and the maze they are escaping from is his toxic influence We Hunt the Flame is slow and it feels slow because it fails to employ the same tools as The Shining scenes like the trip to the ice cream parlour Zafira saying goodbye to Yasmine a terrible waste of a potential ff romance Nasir and Altair getting tangled up with the Dandan Benyamin reeling off the boring story of his past don’t achieve anything other than what they say on the tin They hone in on one character or one small plot point and moon over it while everything else is dumped at the wayside This is also the reason why after so much wandering in the desert I had forgotten where we were going and what we were looking for and who the hell the lion of the night was It’s because these threads are left slack for most of the story then clumsily yanked on toward the end of the book The narrative crawls along stacking one block at a time and then expects the reader to be excited about something that was briefly touched on once at the very beginning of the bookSome threads are also completely dropped namely the Arz and the danger surrounding Sharr Our characters build these regions up to be inescapable prisons of death but they traverse them with ease and without the appropriate euipment for survival in harsh climates The Arz is the most problematic in that Zafira’s uniue and genuinely interesting magical aptitude for direction is built upon the threat of the Arz However the Arz is conveniently magically removed before she and Deen are due to cross it to reach Sharr Why include the Arz at all if it has no bearing whatsoever on the plot?Continued below

  9. Reynita Maharani ★ The Night Reader ★ Reynita Maharani ★ The Night Reader ★ says:

    THE REVIEW IS POSTED I dived into this book ecstatically because it sounded so good and intriguing and honestly I thought that I would love this book after reading it well the book was indeed good but I have to admit that I didn't love it I wanted to love the book but I couldn't I liked this book though and I did not regret spending my free time by reading this book The writing style in this book was pretty and I liked it and I also loved that this book made me open dictionary a lot because of the vocabularies that I didn't know because that way I could increase my knowledge about vocabularies the plot of the book was slow paced but it did not drag on or boring I think this is the kind of slow pacing that does not make you feel bored because in that moment you also get to know the characters and all the things that happen are also interesting to know The characters were also pretty good They weren't boring at all especially Altair He's pretty funny and made me laugh and roll my eyes a few times and I loved Benyamin he's so wise and his words soothed my heart I have massive respect for this guy He's my favorite character in this book But the main characters Zafira and Nasir I don't know what to say about them Zafira didn't annoy me but she's also not my favorite character She's just fine On the other hand Nasir uite annoyed me Look I feel sorry for him but most of the time when I read his POV I felt annoyed I both understood and didn't understand him Does that even make sense? there's romance in this book To my delight it was slow burn and enemies to lovers kind of romance YAY but to my disappointment the romance wasn't as good as I thought It lacked romance spark or intensity or whatever it was that could make me sueal or melt my icy heart I initially thought that there was a love triangle but thankfully it's not So if you're like me that you avoid books that have a love triangle then don't worry it may seemed that way but I don't think it is I liked this book but not enough to want to continue reading the seuel Thank you for reading and liking this review I appreciate so much and hope you all have an amazing day ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••I'm currently reading this book It sounds good and intriguing I'm also in the mood to read a fantasy book and I'm ecstatic to start reading it ☺️Have you read it? And did like it? Or do you plan to read it?

  10. ✨ A ✨ ✨ A ✨ says:

    “We hunt the flame the light in the darkness the good this world deserves” Zafira is a huntress who disguises herself as a man also known as the Hunter of Demenhune to help feed her starving village Decades ago when magic disappeared a curse fell on each of the caliphates of Arawiya and a dark and dangerous forest known as the Arz is slowly taking over the landWhen a mysterious Silver Witch appears with the opportunity for Zafira to free magic she knows that it is her lifes calling to save Arawiya from its curse Nasir son of the tyrannical sultan who took over when magic vanished also has a mission of his own Travel to the accursed island of Sharr find the Hunter and use them to retrieve the magic What I liked I thought the writing was beautiful the author is really good with descriptive writing and oh my word all the food talked about in this book had my mouth wateringThe feminist themes were great and the emphasis on friendship and sibling bonds were outstanding I really loved Altair I thought he was such a fun character and the ball of sunshine that this book needed The UK addition has a glossary at the back with translations of the Arabic words and even a pronunciation guide where you can see exactly how to say the names correctly I thought that was cool What I didn't like During the first 100 pages of the book I was very optimistic I don't usually mind slow pacing especially if we get good world building and development Majority of this book was very very slow The plot only picks up finally in the last 100 pagesReading this felt like I was experiencing Deja Vu I'm serious Everything felt so familiar until I realised that the plot was basically a combination of other big YA books Like The Hunger Games; Uprooted; Throne of Glass I am not saying the author copied from these books It was just too familiar and felt like I was reading something else all over again ‹ I'd like to emphasise that this is just one of the contributing factors as to why I didn't enjoy this book as much as I'd hoped Yes we get plenty of history about the characters but they still felt one dimensional and flat There were these random scenes where the side characters would start sharing their pasts These scenes really came out of nowhere and didn't flow well like ‘oh hey i'm a deadly killer but let me just go ahead and share my past traumas so that we can bond and become besties even though I've only known you for a few days’The banter was sometimes great and other times it felt forced and as if it was inserted to make the crew seem interesting Zafira and Nasir are both sullen and grumpy types and then we have these two jokers who i guess is supposed to lighten up the crew but their personalities were too similar it started to irk me They were basically the same person The romance was a big no no from me It had no bases just a couple of heated looks and bam we suddenly have feelings for one anotherI really wanted to love this book Especially since I've been following the author for uite some time and have found her to be a genuinly nice person and such an inspiration for the Muslim bookish community Alas it was not meant to be I know my review seems very negative but I know many friends of mine who really enjoyed this so please don't let my review discourage you from picking this one up Remember that my experience will not be yours and if you're going to read this book I sincerely hope you enjoy itBuddy read this with Ameerah ✨ Thank you to Pan Macmillan for sending me this copy in exchange for an honest review

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We Hunt the Flame People lived because she killedPeople died because he livedZafira is the Hunter disguising herself as a man when she braves the cursed forest of the Arz to feed her people Nasir is the Prince of Death assassinating those foolish enough to defy his autocratic father the king If Zafira was exposed as a girl all of her achievements would be rejected; if Nasir displayed his compassion his father would punish him in the most brutal of ways Both are legends in the kingdom of Arawiya—but neither wants to beWar is brewing and the Arz sweeps closer with each passing day engulfing the land in shadow When Zafira embarks on a uest to uncover a lost artifact that can restore magic to her suffering world and stop the Arz Nasir is sent by the king on a similar mission retrieve the artifact and kill the Hunter But an ancient evil stirs as their journey unfolds—and the prize they seek may pose a threat greater than either can imagineSet in a richly detailed world inspired by ancient Arabia We Hunt the Flame is a gripping debut of discovery conuering fear and taking identity into your own hands Glossary and Pronunciation Guide