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  • 12 March 2016

10 thoughts on “Hope Never Dies

  1. Rincey Rincey says:

    This is just 1000% camp y fan fiction Don't read too much into it Like there were points in the book where I was like ObamaBiden would never saydoact like that but then I would shake it off and just keep on keeping on The mystery is fine nothing really to write home about Also someone give this cover designer a raiseWatch me discuss this book in my July wrap up

  2. catherine ♡ catherine ♡ says:

    Why is this the best and most hilarious thing I've ever seen in my life

  3. Betsy Betsy says:

    You know at first I wasn't going to read this but let's be real after however long we've been living in this ungodly hell of the Trump adminstration it can't be just a year it feels TOO LONG I'm obviously going to read this

  4. Leah Blackwell Leah Blackwell says:

    I don't even know where to start on how happy this book made me From the minute I saw the cover pop up on a friend's goodreads shelf it has done nothing but make me laugh I even drew some fan art not even kidding This book is clearly absurd Not thought provoking Not written with beautiful prose or mind bending plot twists But it is magical I'm buying cases of this book for all my friends and relatives this Christmas Thanks NetGalley

  5. Casey Casey says:

    Let's face it reading the news these days has replaced cardio for many of us as our heart rate skyrockets from the headlines alone Remember when we had a coolsometimes embarrassing dad president with a charismatic veep who just called out malarkey when he saw it? No it wasn't 100 years ago but it sure feels like it latelyIn this delightful romp of a book Biden is feeling a little sorry for himself since Obama seems to never call because he has a lot of hip young friends like Bradley Cooper However a suspicious death along Biden's beloved Amtrak line brings the team back together this time with Uncle Joe leading the bumbling investigation It's a cozy mystery with a muscle car a bromance with Secret Service detailWhile Shaffer could have leaned into nostalgia alone he's written a solid mystery with the characters fleshed out as than just cliches The reader really feels Biden's longing to be helpful and his anguish over seeing 44's legacy undone so uickly by an individual who shall remain nameless The presidential zings in this book are incredible truly The tension between the two rings as true as it did when they were in office like when Biden suddenly decided to support gay rights and had everyone else scrambling to fall into line By all means this book shouldn't work as well as it does For a few hours I got to enjoy the company of politicians who behaved like adults mostly It sure was niceDoes Biden wear aviators? Does he enjoy some ice cream? Does Obama play basketball? You'll have to read to find outI received a complimentary copy of this book from uirk but that in no way impacted my review since I was already excited about this book from Shaffer's previous work

  6. Brandon Brandon says:

    The 2016 Presidential Election has ended Former Vice President Joe Biden doesn’t uite know what to do with himself As he watches his former boss Barack Obama vacationing with the likes of Richard Branson Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Hollywood superstar Bradley Cooper he feels discarded and hopeless All this changes when Obama arrives on Joe’s doorstep one evening with the news of the death of a dear friend of Joe’sHope Never Dies is a fun read with an interesting premise – “Hey I got an idea How about Biden and Obama team up to solve a murder?” When the story begins it doesn’t appear to be anything deeper than a total bromance between the internet’s two favorite political pals however there is actually a pretty solid mystery at the novel’s core Shaffer kept me guessing right up until the end due to several sly red herrings thrown in to misdirect this readerI received a free copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest reviewI can’t say I know much about Joe Biden so I’m not sure if this characterization comes anywhere close to that of the former Vice President I’m not sure if that even matters to be honest Biden is described as a broken down man struggling to come to grips with a directionless life Some of the similes and descriptions that Biden explores are surface level deep and downright groan worthy although I believe that’s the point Above all else it’s his incorruptible character that makes him the perfect fit for an amateur sleuthOn the other hand Obama is played like the ultimate bad ass dripping with swagger which is a far cry from the casual Dad jeans wearing forty fourth president we all remember That said he ends up being the perfect Yin to Biden’s Yang To put it another way if Biden is Carlton than Obama is Will Smith Shaffer succeeds in writing some entertaining back and forth dialogue between the two even if I could never imagine them saying some of the things that come out of their mouthsI have to admit I really only asked for a copy of this book because the cover made me laugh When I finished it I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed it While I generally like my mystery novels dark and bleak it’s nice to try something lighter once in a while Hope Never Dies is the literary euivalent to a fun buddy cop movie; an ideal summer readCheck out my interview with Andrew

  7. Sara Sara says:

    I think if you're going to write a murder mystery wherein the former president of the United States and his hetero lifemate VP solve a murder you've gotta go big or go home I either want to be laughing my ass off or bowled over by just how accurate the characters are Alas neither was the case with this very tepid relatively well plotted mystery that paints Obama and Biden as a sort of old married couple on the outs Barack hasn't called since the end of their stint in the Whitehouse and Joe our narrator is too stubborn to reach out himself It isn't until a conductor on Joe's well loved Amtrack line dies under dubious circumstances that Barack appears to suggest the two may want to take a closer look at what's going on While the mystery itself isn't bad I actually didn't have a problem buying these two as detectives given the nature of the crime and the resources they'd have access to etc it just didn't hold my interest I mean its the entire world's favorite bromance couple for gods sake Do something interesting with it The source material is literally endless The memes alone should have given author Andrew Shaffer one liners for pages and pagesThere are some attempts at witty reparte between Obama Biden and the reluctant secret service agent who'd rather be protecting an active president but has to follow them everywhere and the occasional joke about the uselessness of trying to wear disguises so they can investigate things incognito but for the most part they just kind of drive around trying to figure out whats going on occasionally butting heads with various police officers and government agents Its boring which if you'll recall is always always worse than bad in my book At least bad gets my attentionThere's no reason for a mystery with this awesome of a title and this magnificent of a cover to be anything other than glorious and this justwasn't

  8. Barbara Barbara says:

    35 starsFormer Vice President Joe Biden is in low spirits Since leaving office he's been idling around his Wilmington Delaware home feeling boredMeanwhile Biden's 'best friend' former President Barack Obama has been hanging out with celebrities all over the world parasailing windsurfing; kayaking; and BASE jumping in Hong Kong with Bradley Cooper As Biden is throwing darts at a picture of Bradley Cooper on his office wall he's fuming about Obama not calling texting emailingor even sending a postcard It seems Obama has cut loose his dead weight loser vice president and wants nothing to do with himOr maybe notWhen Biden hears scuffling sounds in his backyard it turns out to be Obama and a Secret Service Agent named Steve who've slipped in to deliver some bad news An Amtrak conductor named Finn Donnelly whom Biden has known for decades was hit by a train and killed Obama delivers the news personally because Donnelly had a map showing Biden's address and the Secret Service fears Biden may be the target of a terrorist attackBiden reaches out to cop friend and learns that Donnelly was suspected of using drugs and had a baggie full of heroin when he died Moreover the police believe Donnelly's death was probably a drug related accident or a suicide in which case Donnelly's family won't get his life insurance Biden doesn't accept any of this He doesn't believe Donnelly was a bad guy or a drug addict or a drug pusher and he doesn't want Donnelly remembered like that by his loved ones So Biden decides to investigate Donnelly's death himself and Obama jumps on board to help Obama even offers up his new car the 'Little Beast' for transportation The Little Beast purchased with Obama's own money is an ard Cadillac Escalade that's as bulletproof and bombproof as a personal car can beAs Biden starts making inuiries he learns that Donnelly's wife is terminally ill and residing in a long term care facility He also discovers that Donnelly had sold his house and was living in a cheap motel To further his inuiries Biden plans to visit Donnelly' wife; attend Donnelly's funeral; talk to Donnelly's daughter; examine the accident site; speak to Donnelly's Amtrak co workers; scope out Donnelly's motel room; etc Obama or less tags along for the ride and jumps in when he's needed Biden insists on 'disguises' for himself and Obama which consists of things like baseball caps; sunglasses; and an aloha shirt and shorts for himself This isn't very effective and most people recognize the former Commander in Chief and his right hand man Secret Service Agent Steve tries to keep Biden and Obama from doing anything dangerous but he's only partially successfulespecially when the detective duo ditches himBiden's inuiries infuriate Lieutenant Selena Esposito who's in charge of the Donnelly case Esposito warns Biden off repeatedly but the former Vice President keeps investigating and charges in where he shouldn't go Thus the amateur detectives come across a beautiful blonde swathed in nothing but a towel; a dangerous gang; and another dead bodyIn the end Biden demonstrates some serious cojones Obama proves to be a valuable sidekick; and the truth about Donnelly's death comes to lightAs you might expect there's a good bit of humor in the book a few laments about the current administration and Biden's speculations about running for PresidentIn one funny scene Biden and Obama play a game popular in the Capitol called POTUS SCOTUS OR FLOTUS In this game one player names three women and the other player decides which should be POTUS; SCOTUS; and FLOTUS Biden names Nancy Pelosi Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clintonand Obama decides who to put where This is a good story and fictional Biden and Obama make a great sleuthing team I'd recommend the book to fans of uirky amusing mysteriesYou can follow my reviews at

  9. Edita S. Edita S. says:

    Y’allWutThis is campy as hell no doubt about that Containing some amazing moments such as slight spoilersview spoilerAn intense fight on a trainObama on a unicornA very dramatic “GET DOWN MISTER PRESIDENT”The former POTUS wielding a sawed off shotgunAnd a whole lot of Joe being slick as shit in a sweet pair of Ray Ban aviators hide spoiler

  10. Char Char says:

    As soon as I saw the cover of this book I knew I had to have it Thanks to NetGalley and to uirk Books for granting my wish Andrew Shaffer takes the former leader of the free world joins him back up with Joe Biden and together they work on a mystery Amtrak Joe lost a friend an engineer on the train that he rode nearly every day before he before he became Vice President This story is told from Joe's point of view After discovering a few unsavory facts about his friend and discovering a few things about himself he teams up with former best friend Barack Obama and together they set about learning what happened Will the two solve the mystery of the Amtrak engineer? Will they continue to be friends after this case is over? You'll have to read this to find out I'll admit here and now that I was and am a big fan of both of these men It's because I miss them and because the cover made me laugh that I reuested this book HOPE NEVER DIES doesn't get into politics much and I appreciated that I did enough comparisons between these two and our current administration in my head I didn't need anything spelled out I have no way of knowing how close this book comes to the real personalities of these two and you know what? I don't care It was a fun and entertaining story and that's all that I was looking forThat said I had only one big issue and it's likely mine and mine alone I know that Joe Biden loves cars well Corvettes at least for sure So do I and I've worked with them in some capacity my entire adult life With that in mind I couldn't understand why a lot of the vehicles referenced in this novel are referred to incorrectly Ford does not make Impalas I'm pretty sure Plymouth didn't make Firebirds either They made Thunderbirds and Superbirds Firebirds were all Pontiac I did receive an ARC of this book so perhaps those things were tidied up before publication? Even if not most people probably wouldn't even notice Other than that HOPE NEVER DIES was a lot of fun It's not going to break any literary records or anything but as a humorous detective story featuring two of my favorite politicians it certainly fit the bill I recommend it to anyone who thinks this premise is funThanks to uirk Books and to NetGalley for the e ARC of this book in exchange for my honest feedback This is it

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Hope Never Dies It's been several months since the 2016 presidential election and Uncle Joe Biden is puttering around his house grouting the tile in his master bathroom feeling lost and adrift in an America that doesn't make sense anyBut when his favorite Amtrak conductor dies in a suspicious accident Joe feels a familiar desire to serve and he leap into the role of amateur sleuth with a little help from his old friend President Barack Obama code name Renegade Together they'll plumb the darkest depths of Delaware traveling from cheap motels to biker bars and beyond as they uncover the sinister forces advancing America's opioid epidemic

About the Author: Andrew Shaffer

Andrew Shaffer is the New York Times bestselling author of than a dozen books He lives with his wife novelist Tiffany Reisz in Louisville Kentucky where he teaches at Lexington's non profit Carnegie Center for Literacy and Learning and Louisville Literary Arts