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A Trap for the Potentate The Dark Herbalist #3 The great hunt is over In the end Timothy managed to keep his invaluable prize A victory Perhaps But glory and adrenaline are very powerful narcotics and tolerance builds uickly Once deprived of them life immediately becomes gray and bleak What’s his beautiful lover to be accurate both of them is beginning to transparently hint that she could find herself a interesting beauWhat is a talented player to do in this case The solution suggests itself rush headlong into the most dangerous adventures taking risks and walking the blade of a knife Timothy must do everything in his power to survive in places where making a clean escape is entirely impossible delighting the viewers with his utterly uniue playing style and proving decisively to his lady to be accurate both of them that his previous success was no mere coincidenceWill it be hardVeryBut old reliable friends are still by his side and that means victory is possible 2 previous book were amazing I hated this one a lot Both Timur in real life and his alter ego Amra in the virtual world survived everything the second book of the series threw at them So poor Timur thought everything would be fine and dandy until his direct boss called him and harshly criticized his actions this happened right in the beginning of this book I could understand his point of view Timur or Amra to be exact was supposed to make goblin herbalist interesting I mean it was one of the least popular race to keep up with modern times can we accuse the players of racism? and the least popular specialization Our hero was too busy surviving to care about this So Timur was given an ultimatum raise the skill of herbalist to a certain high level during next several days or else Timur was not too worried as his small but growing army was slowly but surely moving towards new unexplored lands; he was hoping to discover new herbs in new locations At this point he had no clue that he was heading straight towards river Styx which in their world was as nasty as it was in Greek mythology Timur was also clueless about the fact that some time ago a big army of top level players was completely decimated on the shores of the river And yes Charon was present as well This is still a decent continuation of the story Some events were able to break my suspension of disbelief but they were still few and in between Timur's sister Valeria finally was able to overcome her disability I mean the one she created in her head not physical and I liked her character even despite the fact that she was not always present being preoccupied in the real world as opposed to Timur who had to spent of is time in the game The ending or to be exact literally last several paragraphs had such interesting revelation that I had to read first couple of chapters from the next book just to check whether what I thought happened really happened Speaking about making reader want to read he next book without using cliffhangers The final rating is 4 stars on the lower range of the rating I just could not believe some of the events described were ever possible in the virtual world even if the computing power increases exponentially compared to what we have now Well if you read this review you know the books so I will not repeat the best parts the way he describes the life in the gameNow it was really hard for me to rate it Until 80% it's 5 stars then suddenlySPOILERWTF?????? Why do we have again and again the same tropes and the main character begins to act as a compete retard1 Those who want to kill him are immigrants for the middle east Would it be possible once for bad guys not to be arabs? 2 Kira? She disappears and cut all bridges without any explanation Nobody in real life would behave like that given the relationships between characters Worse he does not even react really and comes back to the game3 Where is the police? So the internal security of a company replaces the police? And the main character is not even able to use something called a cell phone to record anything and to prove his point? In such a world where they would be really common4 Why women are ALWAYS the same ones You have the one to protect from hard the sister and so on all the ones who are willing to do anything to earn power and are obviously pretty can't we have normal people for once? So we have there the dancer and the goblin the one who's the love interest and who does not listen to anything and who is too dumbshort heated to listen to adult explanation Kira here but you could have said Anastasia from the Shaman or some from Perimeter Defense 5 Now the real WFT is the death and the way the AI is reacting Come on? You are the company and you can't even control the inventory andor characteristics of your own programs? A wish? And nobody noticed? There is also a last problem1 He had been killed and there is NO WAY for the burial to take place in less than two days come on this is a criminal investigation2 He has not been killed and then where is the family and where is Kira? Would you REALLY come in game before seeing your family? So the boss would like to get something whie you know that your sister is probably waiting for you? And you don't even ask her how she feels given her new legs?CUT THE LAST 30 PAGES and give us another sound ending ExasperationBbbbllllaaaarrrrggghhhhh I try to get out but then you pull me back in Wow this was a fun book new twists intrigue deception and of course brave little big ears in WAY over his head Can’t wait for Keep writing and I’ll keep reading

  • Kindle Edition
  • 394 pages
  • A Trap for the Potentate The Dark Herbalist #3
  • Michael Atamanov
  • English
  • 27 June 2016

About the Author: Michael Atamanov

Michael Atamanov was born in 1975 in Grozny Chechnia He excelled at school winning numerous national science and writing competitions Having graduated with honors he entered Moscow University to study material engineering Soon however he had no home to return to their house was destroyed during the first Chechen campaign Michael's family fled the war taking shelter with some relatives i

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