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Love In the Jim Crow South I don't knowIt was okay not great it was really slow pace read but I wanted to make it to the end And it didn't get better at all this just my opinion but this book was missing many elements that could have made it good The main characters were okay nothing amazing really about them It's too bad because I wanted to like this book but it was a miss for me Great great writingBeautifully written book with wonderful descriptive writing that kept me entranced from start to finish I loved Eva and Renard's friendship that soon turned to love This book was not only a history lesson but it was full of life lessons for all of us Great story and I can't wait to read from this author 375 Started off great I liked the fact that Eva was a healer in the black community and Renard was nursing a serious war injury that conventional medicine wasn't helping The way they meet is believable and well written and their journey to each other is great Somewhere around the middle the story falters a bit For me there wasn't enough build up of the relationship for Eva to side with Renard over her people's advice especially with everything that was going on I totally understand people being in love and making illogical decisions but I felt it took away from the story as Eva would just acuiesce at the strangest times One minute she's mad and then the next it's like ok The inclusion of Amelie Renard's evil 'wife' was too much The author just barely saved her from being an over the top caricature Having Amelie do the things she did because she was 'bored' gave her no depth whatsoever and it was a missed opportunity At least the circumstances surrounding her birth were interestingAll in all this is an interesting well written story with great sex but the romance suffered from the lack of build up and I didn't feel as strongly as I could have about this couplepossibly until the second epilogue which just ended abruptly I love that Sam and Henri were included in the endI would read by this author though as I think she is extremely talented Somehow I've made it My mission to read all of Kendra ueen's books this week and yet again she hasn't disappointed Eva is the healer of her little bayou town of Rou Cher Anne goes about her days helping her community with the skills passed down to her by her mother Regard is a wounded soldier with the dissatisfaction for his current life and unhealthy peers and a witch for a wife who's tried to kill him He is recommended to Eva's careA friendship and then love blossoms amidst the hatred and disapproval of the white citizens of Roy Cher And danger looms as his ex wife and her father threaten the black citizens of Rou Cher to acuire their rightfully owned land A very entertaining read that brings a bit of charm to a reality mired in the ugliness of the Jim Crow erra An Honest to Goodness Love StoryOooh where do I begin?There was so much to love about this bookRenard was everythingI liked him immediately from the beginning and it just grew over the rest of the bookI liked Eva Lalaurie too and couldn't help but cheer for them from the sidelines to get their HEANow it wasn't easyand not just because of raceThis book had some honest to God villians lolThat ex wife and her daddy were just plain sinister and creepy as all get outAnd what they did to the African American community of Rue Cher made me so mad I couldn't see straightThis book was fiction but I feel pretty certain what those thugs did to that community has happened in real life multiple times in the pastThis was a reallyreally good bookI was sad when it endedAlso this author never disappoints with her EpiloguesRead it you seriously won't regret the time you spend in this book The book was very interesting how did s he get out that room the healer left her in and was her baby a slaves babg?The book was very good reading my kind of reading like very much but how did she get out room and was her baby a slaves baby how did get to have a black baby? Another Great ReadAs usual Miss ueen has delivered a powerful novel that had me gasping with nervous anticipation in parts full of twist and turns Beautifully told an intense read with heavy subject matter Brilliantly detailed and developed with a great cast of memorable characters who are so real and honest with their emotions and than anything it felt real An amazing storyline that flows easily captivated me from start to finish I have no hesitation what so ever in reccomending this novel A MUST read Thank you K 😁 Would you sleep with the enemy In 1920’s Louisiana love is a dangerous game Even talking to a white man could get Eva LaLaurie killed But the richest man in town has his eye on her He wants to dominate herclaim herposess her She’s going to risk it all for love and he better do the same But in Klan Country nothing’s ever just black and white Surprising readIt wasn’t what I was expecting In a good way The hoodoo aspect was a familiar angle for me culturally This book was descriptive and riveting Some parts I uestioned like “does Amalie just stop being a conjure woman?” “Could these dummies be just a touch discreet before these white folks burn everything?” And “They need need to hug Henri ”Also all I could think about was their timeline they were edging up to the depression The calm before the storm But that’s just my mind wandering around the story In my opinion a definite recommend Enjoyable readI enjoyed Eva and Renard story Their love affair was doomed from the beginning but they fought hard for their happily ever after There were in an interracial relationship in the 1920 in the deep South They had many obstacles but found a way I would love to come back to this couple with another book maybe a few years into the future to see how they are doing

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