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Cousins I found this in the Chappaqua, NY library, and believe what first caught my eye was the N.M Bodecker cover, which I recognized from my frequent rereading of Edward Eager I desperately need a dust jacket for my copy. The charm of Southern traditions in a story of three young people who follow a family mystery and find romance, as they search for an elusive lady named Felicity [PDF] ✅ Le déshonneur des Montergnac Par ISABELLE BUFFET – Kleankitchen.co.uk as they search for an elusive lady named Felicity

About the Author: Evan Commager

Evan Commager was married to historian Henry Steele Commager, and lived with him in Amherst, Massachusetts She wrote four books for children, and her Southern upbringing is reflected in her writing She also spent summers in Vermont which she loved as much as her native South Carolina.

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