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Gamble on Love This is the second bk in the Ladies of Distinction series Readers of this series will enjoy reading on how Denise who comes across as a spoiled brat learned to extend her heart to a very caring man and face the two main demons that have been haunting her life a family secret and a bad habitJaden Bond is a very private person with a couple of demons of his own but while Denise is than a handful he is as attracted to her as she is too him but he would like to take a little control of the relationship But uiet patience will win out Lacking some clarity but ok for a uickie Demanding Denise Dixon is everything self made millionaire Jaden Bond has come to hate in a womanThe Black American Princess is spoiled rotten But with the looks to rival a genuine beauty ueen and a sassy attitude to back them up Denise is a blowtorch to Jaden's cold hearted cynicism and his legendary self controlDenise knows she has met her match in the sexy Mr Bond But as their relationship heats up she realizes her days with Jaden may be numbered It's only a matter of time before shameful secrets—a hushed up family scandal and her personal demons—are revealed

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