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  • 11 December 2014

10 thoughts on “Rebel Girls

  1. Betsy Betsy says:

    More rebellion pleaseMost people wouldn't touch this topic with a ten foot pole so I'll give Keenan tons of credit for finding an eleven foot pole Rebel Girls explains the different viewpoints in the abortion debate in a way that's accessible to teens It leans a bit pro choice but the story's focus is really on understanding others' views That alone makes it worth a read My major problem is with the book's title Rebel Girls doesn't involve all that much rebellion but I guess Work Within the System Girls doesn't uite have the same ring to it Athena the main character is actually one of the least rebellious of all the characters She takes rules to their limits but her actions are really very tame Some of her friends and a few of the adults do engage in a bit of rebellion The title set my expectations for Athena's actions too high so I'll knock off at least one star thereThere are enough picky little problems with details for me to subtract another half a star Without spoiling anything the repeated references to a court stocking plan irked me You could stack a court or pack a court but stock?? The details of Athena's cello pursuits are messy too Sorry this is going to be the nerdy musician in me talking Athena and her friend Melissa who are both overachievers would never be so meh about being placed second chair in their sections of the orchestra Usually placement auditions in youth orchestras are like crazy death matches Athena and Melissa also go to orchestra practice each week but they would never call it that Music students learn early on to call it rehearsal or face the wrath of an irritated director As one of my directors would always say You don't come to band practice you practice to come to band Overall Rebel Girls is about a 35 but I have enough issues with it that I just can't round up to a 4Thanks to Harleuin and NetGalley for giving me a DRC of this novel which will be available for purchase on September 10th

  2. MissBecka MissBecka says:

    This was a cool trip down memory laneA large chunk of my rating is for the nostalgia aspect of the 90's eraThe characters were interesting and the story was decentI would have liked rebellion for a book called Rebel Girls With the setting being a Catholic school I suppose they did what they could within those confines Thanks you NetGalley and Harleuin TEEN for my ARC

  3. Kyra Leseberg (Roots & Reads) Kyra Leseberg (Roots & Reads) says:

    It's 1992 and Athena Graves is figuring out who she is in her Baton Rouge Louisiana Catholic high school  She has feminist views a love for punk rock and an appreciation for the up and coming riot grrrl movement after hearing a Bikini Kill demo while visiting her mom in Washington state over the summerAthena is shocked to hear a rumor spreading that her younger pro life sister Helen had an abortion over the summer  While the sisters know it didn't happen Helen is embarassed and stunned when the guidance counselor removes her from the clubs she participates in based on the accusation  How can a girl be punished for a vicious rumor and zero proof?The sisters work together despite their different views on abortion to fight the unfairness of the situation  The title implies rebellion but these girls are not rule breakers and they're still young enough to fear conseuences even if they feel they're standing up for what's right  They work within the boundaries of the school's rules to speak out against the injustice in vague but obvious ways while holding back anger against the authority figures who are allowing the problems to continue  In other words the characters are completely realistic I knew what the riot grrrl ideals were Support girls around you Don't be jealous of other girls Avoid competition with them Being loud and crying in public were valid ways of being a girl Being a girl didn't mean being weak or bad Claiming your sexuality no matter what that meant to you was a good thing And the revolution was open to anyone The story is genuine and it will offer nostalgia for readers who grew up in the 90's  The atmosphere was perfect for the time period and the events are historically accurateRebel Girls is a YA novel that looks at both sides of the abortion debate within an ultra conservative and religious state  It does so in a way that will be highly relatable for teens because it focuses on peer reaction and makes an honest effort to fairly portray each side without being preachy or politicalWhile the guidance counselor and the main mean girl could at times be caricatures of the controversy it didn't go completely overboard  There is some romance that didn't add to but also didn't overshadow the story  My favorite thing about Rebel Girls other than the copious amounts of riot grrrl references is that it focuses on girls supporting girls  We do not have to share the same beliefs in order to lift one another up and encourage each otherI recommend this book to readers who enjoy contemporary YA and feminism that looks at timely controversial topics in fair and relatable waysThanks to Inkyard Press and NetGalley for providing me with an ARC in exchange for my honest review  Rebel Girls is scheduled for release on September 10 2019 uote included is from a digital advanced reader's copy and is subject to change upon final publicationFor reviews visit wwwrootsandreadswordpresscom

  4. Jackie Jackie says:

    I won this in a Goodreads giveaway Touches upon opinions of abortion at a Catholic School in the 1990s Interesting read about how political religious and a solely women’s issue shape one’s opinions of someone else

  5. Jaye Berry Jaye Berry says:

    In fairness because this book isn't out for a couple months I won't leave a rating because it's a low one Still love the cover thoughWhile I appreciate the attempt and idea behind this book it just isn't it Everything is so messy and I'm sorry to say even the writing wasn't good This book is all about a girl whose sister ends up in the middle of a bad rumor that is ruining her life at their Catholic school in 1992 until she decides to fight backThat's one of my issues though a lot of this book is about other people doing things and not the MC Athena ever taking an active role Even when she finally does it is all because of her pro choice and feminist best friend not because of her own ideas and drive I would have 100% liked this book if it was from the best friend's POV Also there were a lot of weird comments coming from Athena and everyone else talking about her sister Helen's body and how jealous she was her sister is 14 and it weirded me outAthena's love life or messy attempts at getting a boyfriend took a weirdly large part of this book and I was just so uninterested in her going on about him Even reading about their dates together where they were just listing bands back and forth was so boring to me While I understand this book takes place in the '90s I didn't need to be hit with references on the head every other page eitherAs for the whole feminist aspect yeah no Ugh It was not done well at all Helen is super pro life despite her parents and sister being pro choice Why is Helen like this? No reason The only time Helen learns that huh telling other women how to live their lives is wrong is because she gets accused of having an abortion herself and the rumors hurt ????Athena also happens to spend the entire book hating on other girls There is a little bit of girl power teaming up for a cause but really it was so shallow when the book still had so much girl on girl hate Also the evil teachers in this book were so bizarre and cartoony I'm sorry but Athena is the worst feminist ever and this book missed every mark it wanted Read Moxie and Girls on the Verge instead

  6. Sarah Ames-Foley Sarah Ames-Foley says:

    This review can also be found on my blogdisclaimer I received an advanced copy of this book from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for review consideration All of the opinions presented below are my ownThis book was unfortunately a struggle for me I loved the cover and was excited to read a political feminist YA It just didn’t uite feel like that’s what I got At first I really enjoyed Athena’s thought processes and politics What initially got me was how she ruminated upon the conflict one can face when trying to be a “good” feminist and respect other women while also struggling with the instinct to put them down when we feel threatened something mainstream culture seems to have primed us to do It gave me hope that the rest of the book would expand on this and frame other struggles similarly I slowly realized that this wouldn’t go any further; sure Athena thinks these things but she doesn’t do them She is judging women and putting them down based on her superficial slotting of them into roles Every character here is just a trope and Athena herself doesn’t make any effort to see them differently than that We are told that Athena is a good feminist who struggles to fight against what she has been conditioned to feel for other women but we aren’t shown this to be true This gave the book a superficiality that made it impossible for me to become invested inTo get into the characters themselves they’re truly just an amalgamation of the pop culture they consume Everyone is described only by what they listen to or read except the mean girls who are cardboard cut out characters who have absolutely no redeemable ualities and are given absolutely no sympathy I truly don’t understand how a book supposedly about justice and girl power could write women like this but oh well The constant pop culture references got stale very fast and I found myself rolling my eyes every time they were brought upThe plot was also confusing I didn’t really understand what the author was trying to accomplish The focus of the book is that Athena’s sister Helen is accused of getting an abortion The book is mostly about Athena trying to figure out how to dispel these untrue rumors but it’s also about Athena’s relationship with some guy who she had zero chemistry with? The scenes between them felt awkward and pointless and he only existed to further the mean girl plot In an otherwise well done book I could have seen it as a play on how women are used as plot devices but I truly don’t think that was the intention here It felt like it was just thrown in to add to the drama Athena was going through Not to mention that I essentially had to drag myself through the book; I kept checking the Goodreads page because I couldn’t believe that this was only 300 pagesI feel bad because I really wanted to like this and there was the potential for some good rep Athena’s best friend is half Vietnamese and her other best friend is black but none of the characters were sufficiently utilized or explored Between that and the lack of an interesting plot this just really fell flat for me

  7. Nemo (The Moonlight Library) Nemo (The Moonlight Library) says:

    This review was originally posted on The Moonlight LibraryI received a copy of this book from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my reviewCheck out the original review on The Moonlight Library for gifsYou would think for a book that calls itself Rebel Girls that there might be some actual rebellion going on in the plotIt's not the author's fault I hope Publishers can change the title of a book to whatever they want And sure the idea of a good little Catholic girl rebelling in her school really appealed to meBut this book could accurately be called 'Girls who push boundaries but don't really break rules' and not appeal to the masses as much as 'Rebel Girls' 'Girls who work within the established system' Because Athena is a Good Girl TM and nothing will change thatThat's the thing that annoyed me the most about this book I kept expecting actual rebellion not teen girls helplessly looking at each other while your typical Mean Girl TM ran amok actually ruining lives with their one dimensional cruelty armed with nothing but nasty gossip rumours and the ability to anticipate and get there with a sob story firstSeriously Leah is meaner than Regina GeorgeAlthough I didn't get the rebellion I was sold I did like the characters and their motivations Athena and Helen butted heads on their deepest beliefs and their mother wasn't around to help guide them Their dad was largely absent due to work and actually triggered the inciting incident through his failure of managing domestic tasks because nearly 6 foot tall Helen had to go to school in her first day of freshman year in her much shorter sister's skirt people were already assuming that she was promiscuous Due to wearing a short skirt Yeah this is the 90s it totally happened and it's totally believable Everything in this well researched obviously much loved novel is totally believable even the relationships between a girl and a guy best friend his bitchy girlfriend and the Nice Guy TM our heroine Athena falls head over heels in sta love withI also really enjoyed watching the teens navigate their friendships especially Athena with the senior girls her own other best friend a purple haired Asian girl and Athena with Helen's indistinguishable at first friends I liked seeing girls come together support each other and work on a problem that's the power of feminism Also I found it really refreshing how although Athena and Helen were on opposite sides of the abortion debate they could put their differences aside and work together and neither of them changed their stance so it never felt preachySo although I didn't get the rebellion the title of this novel sells I still did enjoy the book mostly on the strength of its love and nostalgia for Louisiana in the 90s and realistic portrayals of teen friendships in high school before social media existed which is a thing I think modern day teens might enjoy tooI received a copy of this book from in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review

  8. Jessica | Booked J Jessica | Booked J says:

    Blog | Twitter | Instagram | Review can be found here at Booked J35 As always a copy of this book was provided by the publisher or author in exchange for my honest review This does not effect my opinion in any way As one of my most anticipated reads of 2019 Rebel Girls was at the tip top of my TBR for the end of summer Look at that cover Check out that synopsis I mean surely you can see why it was a priority read for me Sign me up for girls supporting girls which is one of the biggest messages in Rebel Girls and double sign me up for a nostalgic setting If you're looking for something that holds onto a feminist message and taps into our love of the 1990s and exploration of sisterly bonds then this book is for you Before I get started I do want to get into some of the trigger warnings for Rebel Girls there's a lot of ground to cover with this book and it includes mentions of teenage pregnancy abortions racism and That being said there are a lot of heavy discussions about ideals re conservative vs liberal conservative setting Catholic school; a lot of liberal characters a lot of ignorance in others so there is a specific level of tension to Rebel Girls While it wasn't my favourite read of the year it was certainly an enjoyable; feminist throwback of a novel I couldn't put it down and ate it up within a day because it was truly one of those impossible to put down stories Something about Rebel Girls felt wholly empowering and optimistic It never treats its audience in a way that feels like an after school special and I really appreciate that As I read Rebel Girls I found myself thinking of how I wished there had been books like it when I was a teenager There's this frankness to it that I was really keen on It felt blunt and too the point while still having that undeniable shakiness to it that comes with any of us as we come of age I thought that the central story arches and themes found in Rebel Girls REALLY hit home on some serious issues including gossip that can damage reputations and the girls who spread it vs the girls who fight it and stick together despite differing opinions and the topic of abortion At its core Rebel Girls has a fairly simple message support other girls instead of lying or acting maliciously towards them Further it explores the bond between family and friends and is just thoroughly enjoyable in doing so There is some romance sprinkled in but for the most part Rebel Girls is about creating and holding onto specific bonds and relationships And speaking up Ultimately I think that Rebel Girls is a very important novel that should be praised for the manner in which it explores its plotlines It raises some serious and thought provoking moments within the era it is set Truly I thought that the way in which Rebel Girls explored topics was carefully plotted not overly done and pretty straight on the nose in terms of honesty Elizabeth Keenan captures the voices of her characters gloriously You should absolutely add Rebel Girls to your TBR this autumn

  9. Melanie Brinkman Melanie Brinkman says:

    When life gets your fellow girl down you stand back up with herIt's 1992 and the rumor mill of one Baton Rouge high school is churning Word uickly spreads that Athena Graves' little sister Helen had an abortion over the summer Athena knows that it doesn't matter what Helen did or didn't do but at their conservative Catholic High School those words have the power to get her expelled The sisters aren't ready to go down without a fight Along with a few of their best friends they band together behind a plan with the power to save than Helen's reputationA story of girls with the might to take back their rights When times get tough it's time to stand upTrigger warning for girl hate racism sexism slut shaming and bullying Punk rock loving confident Athena was a bit of an outsider at St Ann's She and her best friend Melissa were part of the Riot Grrrl movement but she often grappled with what it meant to be a feminist and whether she was feminist enough The surge of overwhelming love she showed her little sister after the rumors started flying was so moving However I was never uite sure how to feel about Athena Claiming to support all girls no matter what there were definitely times when she didn't practice what she preached I admired not only her determination to do what was right but also her ability to get her point across without being forceful Sister is so much than a noun Biological or found she's the girl you share your dearest memories with She's the girl you might disagree with but woe behold anyone who dares to mess with her I'm an older sister myself so I found the I don't always understand you but I've always got your back relationship of Athena and Helen extremely realistic From Athena's best friend Melissa to Helen's best friends to the other girls in the high school the term sister was so much thicker than blood A great feeling of solidarity radiated from these characters as they stood together despite their differences Seeing the supporting cast in action was interesting but it was incredibly difficult to feel for them on a personal level as we never got to know much about them It also felt like a few characters motivations like themean girls Leah and Amiee were underdeveloped There was so much potential but sadly they were left at the surface leveluiet small acts pepperd throughout this novel proved movements don't have to be loud and flashy to be efficient Littered with 90's musical nostalgia Athena's justified but nervous voice narrated a tale of sisters rumors and rights While the rebellion aspect of the book was a bit tame it was still very impactful Although her work lent a little pro choice Elizabeth Keenan presented the pro lifepro choice at a level that was central but not limited to teenagers' lives Despite some meandering plot lines discussions of feminism religion friendship sisterhood and abortion helped this contemporary deliver its most powerful message of all your voice is important and you deserve to be heard At times a bit dramatic Rebel Girls was honestly thought provokingRebel Girls was a reminder to always stand up against injustice

  10. Danielle (Life of a Literary Nerd) Danielle (Life of a Literary Nerd) says:

    Rebel Girls while enjoyable is probably going to be a mostly forgettable read for me I loved the strong focus on sibling relationships girl solidarity and challenging belief you find harmful or disrespectful but I just didn't connect with the characters as much as I wanted to Sister Catherine was probably one of the standout characters and I loved seeing her throughout the story Unfortunately I didn't like any of the romances in the story they were just too flat for me to care about So while the 90s nostalgia was awesome and the message was incredibly relevant and important Rebel Girls didn't uite get there based on purely enjoyment factor for me personally I received a cop of the book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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Rebel Girls It’s 1992 and there’s a rumor spreading in Baton RougeWhen it comes to being social Athena Graves is far comfortable creating a mixtape playlist than she is talking to cute boys—or anyone for that matter Plus her staunchly feminist views and love of punk rock aren’t exactly mainstream at St Ann’s her conservative Catholic high schoolThen a malicious rumor starts spreading through the hallsa rumor that her popular pretty pro life sister had an abortion over the summer A rumor that has the power to not only hurt Helen but possibly see her expelledDespite their wildly contrasting views Athena Helen and their friends must find a way to convince the student body and the administration that it doesn’t matter what Helen did or didn’t doeven if their riot grrrl protests result in the expulsion of their entire rebel girl gang