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The Best Man Alpha Men #2 It has all the makings of a picture perfect wedding There’s just one detail that could have used a little planning Hulking ex–rugby player Spencer Carlisle has crushed on Daffodil McGregor since high school On the field he knew the moves Off he was a clueless clod who never gained an advantage Rejected and rebuffed his infatuation finally cooled—like iceNow it’s impossible not to feel the chill—since he’s the best man and she’s the maid of honor at their siblings’ wedding For the sake of harmony they’re calling a truceDaff has her reasons for being a cynic when it comes to romance And twice as many for not letting on that she finds Spencer attractive—although she’d rather gnaw off her thumb than admit it Still there’s to the sweet and sexy lug than meets the eye Maybe he is the one who can heal her emotional scars Maybe he’ll give her a second chance Because Spencer could be Daff’s own best man—if it’s not too late to come to terms with the past

  • Kindle Edition
  • 332 pages
  • The Best Man Alpha Men #2
  • Natasha Anders
  • English
  • 21 July 2016

About the Author: Natasha Anders

Since making her publishing debut in 2012 Natasha Anders has drawn praise and attention as a uniue voice in romance Montlake author and 2018 RITA® Finalist Anders was born in Cape Town South Africa She spent nine years as an associate English teacher in Niigata Japan where she became a legendary karaoke diva Anders currently lives in Cape Town

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  1. Val ⚓️ Shameless Non-Snowflake ⚓️ Val ⚓️ Shameless Non-Snowflake ⚓️ says:

    35 4 StarsFirst of all let me say my apologies to Natasha Anders She's a total sweetheart and gave this ARC to me and how did I repay her?By taking MONTHS to finish it For real though Not cool of me I'm sure you can all relate to this but I am a moody AF reader on super steroids I will binge on one trope of romance and blow through six books in one weekend and then I will turn around and not touch that genre for months Also confession time straight contemporary romance with no sports or military angle is a genre that I am usually in the mood for the least What can I say I am a paranormal fantasy MC club mafia dark romance slut of the highest order And I think that accounts for the bulk of my lackluster pace here The other part is probably thisThe main character in this story Daffodil is one ginormous C U Next Tuesday She was a bitch in the first book and she was almost even worse in the beginning of this one She treated Spencer the H like complete shit and I wanted to punch her ass in the face However Once I pushed past that hump I was stuck behind we got to see where Daffodil was coming from and why she was the way she was I still don't think it excused some of her behaviorbut at least I didn't still want to smack a ho at the end of the book Is this book as good as Unwanted Wife? No But then again I love that book so hard I don't know if anything else in this vein will ever come close Still Once I finished this book I appreciated the character development and I think I will like it even when I re read it in the future

  2. Alex ♈ Alex ♈ says:

    I don’t dispute this author’s talentthe writing I always rate and review the plot the characters and the messagemoral of the storyI didn’t particularly like the previous book in this series – The Wingman – and I didn’t plan on reading this one but then I saw some reviews saying that the heroine was a ‘bad’ one even an a§§ And since my understanding of the strong and different heroine leaves me often in the minority I took it as a sign that this heroine could be a sassy maybe even btchy woman nothing like her wallflower sister from the previous book and hopefully not a doormatThe one with a hope is a lucky personReview contains mild spoilersview spoilerThe settingFor the most part I had a feeling the story took place 200 years ago The communication the expectations double standards and benefit of the ‘inexperience’ defining the main role of the woman as a wife and a mother and indicating to the ‘old’dying ovaries etc And I don’t only refer to the old brainless aunts of the h; this streamline went through the whole book Every woman needs a strong man who would save her aka Prince Charming OkayThe heroine DaffI didn’t uite like her but I pitied her a lotLet me start with saying my opinion about the ‘snobby’ side of her character I didn’t see it She said some rough and partly unfair things about the hero – and ‘thanks’ to her another weak sister who didn’t warn her about the hero’s presencehis eavesdropping she was put into the bad light and needed to apologize to everyone till the very end of the book It could be one of the winner books with the amount of times the heroine said she were sorry and yada As she was young and the hero apparently had a crush on her she was still a child and what shall we expect from a teenager girl and an awkwardshyslightly antisocial teenager boy? It’s not that he chased her OTT he wrote her some poems which was sweet btw but then moved on with his life It’s not that he lived like a monk and waited for her it’s not that he tried to show her his appreciation orand sympathy His behavior was weird and maybe it’s not nice from me to say but he was slightly weird too It’s like the universe expected from the heroine to ‘smell’ his good heart and to pursue him? OkaySince we constantly read about the couple from the previous book – the smart ugly duckling Daff’s sister and her fiancé aka the male model who dated a princess I can’t stop to roll my eyes even months after I read it I compared all 3 sisters and saw very many similarities Well the couple from the 1st book consist of a very insecure heroine with very low self esteem who found her Prince Charming and yada yada HEA totally implausible if you ask me; but please spare you this uestion Ditto for the couple in this book and very probably the nextSo what do we have? A family with 3 daughters 2 of them were officially insecure had zero self confidence and apparently many complexes The 3rd one which book would be the next didn’t radiate self confidence eitherAnd here I have a uestionWhat did their parents do wrong???What a mother had raised 3 weak unconfident daughters with low self esteem? What went wrong? A mother should encourage her daughters she should make her daughter believe in her worth she should help her to find her inner balance and to embrace her nature And she should support her daughterThe mother of those 3 women wasn’t successful at all Sorry but not sorryLet’s see Daff left the school and didn’t go to college why not? all fine it was her choice But she had a job for 16 years which she hated And she didn’t uit and no one from her family helped her to move on Daff daten a couple of men but of course had only 2 lovers of course at the end they even made her call some OWs slutsyeah see she wasn’t a bad slutty girl at all Only 2 See??? OkayDaff’s 1st man and her bf of 3 years forced her into BDSM sex I repeat she dated him for 3 years and hated everything he did but never did anything against it She just ‘tolerated’ himOkayWhere was her mother? Where were her sisters???In this book every single Daff’s step was immediately noticed and analyzed – the chatted with a new man over the phone everyone noticed it; she had a new admirer everyone sensed it and started to gossip etc etc etcWhere were all those ‘observers’ when this woman was in 3 years relationship with a man who sexually forced her to the acts she didn’t want? I would even say that he sexually assaulted herWhy no one noticed her depressed mood her fear her sadness???WHERE WERE ALL THESE ‘LIFE COACHES’ aka family friends when Daff suffered for years???Her 2nd bf had the same tastes And she went with itAt the end it’s all was the fault of her evil former BFF who told all Daff's boyfriends that Daff were submissiveI mean really??? Your friend spreads lies about you and you never try to assure your bfs you were NOT a submissive??? Everything about this twist is wrong everyfreakingthingI just can’t even Ugh Just NoAfter she ‘woke up’ and wanted to change find herself she finally saw hero’s beautyabskind heartgood lookswhite horse I guess their ‘foreplay’ was meant to show how the heroine gained her strength and how respectful the hero was But I couldn’t finish any foreplaysex scene because the only thing this h did was to beg I find it anticlimactic Well to each his own; but to me no begging pleaseThe hero SpencerHe was ok I wouldn’t say he was a sweetheart or the opposite of it He was just okI mean this man was for 3 years in the relationship with a woman whom he suspected of cheating but broke up with her only after he found her with 2 guys in bedHe was a good man but not perfect He was always so hurt after the words of the h but when he insulted her and he did IMO it was ok and he never apologizedOkayThe twist with his sister was sweet but his reaction was too slow at the beginningHe and his brother the princess charmer from the 1st book met apparently homeless girl but did nothing to find her for days only spoke about how they would find her and help her and yada It’s a miracle nothing bad happened to her till they finally found the time to go save herOverall not what I expected I really tired of the portrayal of women as damsel in distress waiting for the white horse to save herUps sorry for the Prince Charmit ass of courseI didn’t have a feeling the author loved her heroine I tend to be on the female side in RL and in romance I support women I’m not that objective that I could say I feel for both characters the same I’m a heroine’s cheerleader Women are not my competitors or enemies if you know what I meanI won’t read the next book Male protagonist – UGH Just NO And the hthe 3rd sister wasn’t any stronger than her siblings hide spoiler

  3. Lana ❇✾DG Romance❇✾ Lana ❇✾DG Romance❇✾ says:

    3 STARSAs a long time fan of all things Natasha Anders I don't even bother to read the blurb before adding her books But when I saw that this book will featured Daisy's sister and Mason's older brother from The Wingman I was that much excitedIf you haven't read this series yet and are expecting it to be on the same level of angst as some of Natasha's previous books you're in for some disappointment While there's definitely emotion brimming from the pages of these stories it's not that angsty overload the likes of The Unwanted Wife or A Husband's Regret I love a little variety from authors so this didn't bother me one bitWith a delicious unreuited love setup in the previous book The Best Man was sure to deliver some feels and it certainly did I'll admit I struggled uite a bit to stay engaged to the story in the beginning This is a character driven story and was entirely too slow paced for my particular taste Having said that the pacing fit the story and anything than that would have ruined the effect Spencer Carlisle was a bit of a bumbling alpha in the previous book I fell head over heels for him in this one You truly get to know the heart of this incredible man and it was full of love and depth He's been in love with Daffodil McGregor since high school only to get her scorn and be ignored time and time again almost cruelly This is ultimately where my rating lowered I'm a reader that has to love the heroine in my book and if I don't it will color my entire reading experience And truth be told I struggled hard with Daffodil The author did a wonderful job with her character development and peeling back her true self layer by layer to reveal the scared and somewhat insecure woman beneath the boastful and sassy exterior And even though I wanted so badly to connect with it and empathize most of the time I just wanted to throttle her Her constant hot and cold personality with Spencer drove me out of my ever loving mind I adored how understanding and patient Spencer was with her and even though Daffodil tried to wrong her rights most of the time it just didn't feel like enoughBecause of this I really struggled to completely buy into their romance That's not to say I didn't still enjoy the story because I did While it was frustrating at times it was still satisfying And the set up for the third McGregor sister is nothing short of delicious so of course I can't wait for that ARC courtesy of publisher in exchange for an honest reviewFind me on

  4. BookLover BookLover says:

    ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest reviewI was so excited to get this ARC for the follow up to The Wingman This was Daff and Spencer’s story We got a glimpse of Spencer and Daff in “The Wingman” and I just knew their story was going to be goodSpencer and Daff’s story went all the way back to school where Spencer had a hopeless crush on the popular Daff Caving to peer pressure and the need to fit in Daff was a typical “mean girl” to SpencerOn the surface this seemed like it was going to be a story of opposites attract but I was pleasantly surprised by the depth with which we got to know Daff and Spencer This book did not go in the direction I thought it would In fact based on the way Daff and Spencer were behaving in the beginning I couldn’t see either of them getting it together in enough time to find their way to one anotherThis is a story about two damaged souls One who wants so badly to belong to a family and the other feeling like they don’t deserve to be happy “Let me know if you need help with the cleanup”Somehow Daff didn’t think she meant the cleanup of the house and that made her feel small and petty” Daff really rubbed me the wrong way when we were first introduced to her She really did not do herself any favours and came off as a very stereotypical shallow mean girl It was so nice to really get to know her and see where her behaviours stemmed from Though I have to say that I didn’t really “get” her reasons for the choices she made I enjoyed watching Spencer chip away at her wall “She wished that she could just wake up tomorrow and find herself living the perfect life But she wasn’t entirely sure what constituted a perfect life and she had no idea what would make her happy It was a grim and disturbing awareness” What can I say about Spencer except that he was pretty much a perfect hero God love him for sticking with Daff long enough for the two of them to develop feelings We need to invent another word that describes someone who is patient to the nth degree and then put a picture of Spencer beside it in the dictionary I seriously loved him Every scene with the McGregors had me feeling such emotion at Spencer’s reaction “The news while unsurprising had shaken him than he cared to admit After Mason and Daisy left he’d be alone once ” While I enjoyed Daff’s journey to figuring out what made herself happy I have to say that Spencer made the book for me Very enjoyable read

  5. Vintage Vintage says:

    DNF due to bad heroine behaviorShe was a bitch to him I mean a BITCH in junior high view spoilerHe wrote her poetry and she read it to her as mean as snakes friends Let's face it there is nothing worse than a middle schooljunior high girl for cruelty hide spoiler

  6. Claire Robinson Claire Robinson says:

    5 The menu has changed and you're now on it StarsCan’t lie Natasha Anders is an author that takes me to my happy place I have adored every book that she has written and book two in the Alpha Men series did not disappoint Daffodil McGregor had been treating him like a second class citizen since well since forever really and he was done with her The Best Man gives us Daff and Spencer Carlisle’s story we met both of them in book one; The Wingman and this story is based around Daisy and Mason’s wedding Hh book one You can absolutely read The Best Man as a standalone but you do get of an understanding of this couple if you read the first book beforehand Because initially Daff’s feelings towards Spencer seem to be mainly disdain and dislike while Spencer leans to ambivalence and disinterest Its only as you get into both of their heads you realize that the reasonings for their behavior stem back to their school days and Daff’s treatment of Spencer back then She was beginning to discover that she liked pushing his buttons I won’t lie it was difficult to like Daff initially and it was wholly due to the authors characterization prickly and sometimes outright rude I struggled to find any common ground with her or her behaviour towards Spencer who was an absolute darling but then I realized that the author was doing to Daff’s personality exactly the same thing she is so good at doing with her men on occasion and making her dislikeable in order to have her redeem herself as the book progresses I don’t know how to be what you wantThat’s okay You are exactly what I wantThis was a uick read the plot was pretty predictable although the author did manage to throw in a couple of curve balls along the way You can’t help but love Spencer his actions towards Daff even when she was behaving at her worst highlighted just how deep his feelings ran for her As I said Daff was a tougher nut to crack although as things were revealed in the stories progression I did understand her behavior a little It’s not that I don’t like you It’s that I like you too much And that terrifies me I don’t want to like you Not when I’m just starting to like myselfThe stage has firmly been set for Lia and Sam to have their story told next in The Wrong Man due for release in September and once again it would seem that opposites attract I cannot wait to see what type of story the author gives them although I have an idea after the way things were left between them in this oneNo regretsARC generously provided by the author in exchange for the above honest review

  7. Lady Heather Lady Heather says:

    The Best Man Alpha Men #2 by Natasha AndersExpected publication April 24th 2018 Genre Contemporary Romance Adult A short excerpt“It was just a kiss for God’s sake” Daff said with some of her old spark“Why do you have to overthink things like this?Why can’t we just be in the moment and share a kiss?”“Because we weren’t just in a moment You showed up at my house at two thirty in the morning soaking wet rambling on about liking me and then you planted your mouth on mine in the most desperate excuse of a kiss I’ve ever had the misfortune to experience” 5 Learning to Love StarsThe Best Man is the second book in Natasha Anders' Alpha Men seriesI really enjoyed this storySpencer and Daffodil Daff were great complex volatile characters to get to know and read aboutThis is an emotional slow burn story about learning to love and trustPurchase LinksI voluntarily read an advanced readers copy which has been provided by the author

  8. Nadine Wilmschen Nadine Wilmschen says:

    4 StarsI loved the first book of this series The Wingman It was a ugly duckling story but with 'The Best Man' we get the complete opposite Daff our h is not a nice person She's bitchy self centered and treats Spencer the H like dirt Spencer is in love with her since high school and she never ever even thought about giving him a chance Sounds like a great start for a romance doesn't it? It's a complicated story and I truly understand why everyone seems to hate Daff Spencer is such a great guy but she just doesn't see it Or she doesn't want to see it Throughout the story we learn about why she is the way she is Are her reasons good enough to justify her actions? I don't know All I know is that the end made me very happy This not Natasha Anders' best book If you haven't read anything by her give The Unwanted Wife or Ruthless Proposition a try These two are my favorites

  9. Libby Harrison Libby Harrison says:

    The heroine was a snobby piece of shtDNF'd at chapter 3

  10. Ursula Ursula says:

    Disappointed with the shallow vacuous loser heroine The hero was a darling and deserved so much better Could not get past 33%

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