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Intercepted Intercepted by Alexa Martin is a 2018 Berkley publication Hilarious and super sexy Several years ago Marlee had a one night stand with a guy she thought was an investment banker while on a break from her boyfriend Now not only is she back with her boyfriend who happens to be a professional football player they are engaged Life's good Well except when it comes to the catty football wives Oh and that one night stand? He’s the new star uarterback for the team For Marlee her night with Gavin was unforgettable scorched into her memory but will he remember her after all this time? This book was absolutely hilarious I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun reading a romance novel Alexa Martin writes what she knows since she spent eight years as the wife of an NFL football player now retired Her experience gives readers a little insider’s peak inside the cliues competitions rules and politics of professional football Of course this also means getting a look at the underbelly which is not all that glamorous and could be offensive at times Although I must put my own dig in here and say that in reality I'm sure it's a thousand times worse than anything portrayed in this book For a debut novel I thought this book was well constructed and fleshed out nicely The relationship drama might have dragged out a bit too long however that's better than feeling like the story was too rushed The characterizations were very well done from the good to the bad and points in between The dialogue is razor sharp and ladies Gavin OMG This guy had me melting into a puddle going all dreamy eyed and walking around with a big goofy grin on my face There’s some high drama a little action a little suspense some steamy sexy times and a lovely diverse cast of characters Honestly I had no idea what to expect when I started this book since I don’t read a lot of sports romance especially if it is centered around football While I don’t think this life sounds all that appealing if sports heroes are your secret fantasy you don’t want to miss this one But even if you aren’t a sports fan you’ll still love the romance friendships and humor and GAVIN Unless I am mistaken this novel is also the first of a planned series I obviously enjoyed this one enough to sign up for the next one 4 stars Intercepted was kind of an amusing read but I found several parts to be cheesy as well as hastily dramatic It read like a YA book and while I appreciated the modern setting and current pop culture references the hashtagging was excessive Overall there was just an amateur feel to the story Marlee dates Chris an NFL player on the Denver Mustangs They’ve been together forever but he hasn’t put a ring on it The team gets a new B Gavin who happens to be a handsome guy Marlee met in Chicago once years ago when her and Chris were on a break Cue Drama I’m all about the independent woman but if you don’t want a guy who will go to bat for you when you need him to why bother at all? I know Intercepted is the first book in a series but I do not plan to continue reading the rest A light read with some entertaining parts but at the end of the day just not for me 45 starsI can't think of the last time that I enjoyed a contemporary romance book this much This is one you should definitely listen to the audiobook instead of reading it The intonation of the narrator's voice is just perfection; she absolutely nails the funny lines and there are a LOT of funny lines Also I think listening vs reading will help eliminate some minor annoyance towards the main character's over usage of hashtags #toomanyhashtagsI don't want to spoil any of this book so just know it's absurdly enjoyable Also it's not perfect despite my rounded up five stars which I am solely basing that rating on how fun this was to listen to this is romance people not a literary masterpiece There's definitely still some issues romantic attachmentrelationship that gets started a little too uickly for my taste especially on the guy's end and a break up because all CR books have a temporary break up in it that didn't really make 100% sense to me and was resolved in a kind of awkward fashion But I am totally forgiving this book for those things because I was too busy smiling like a lunatic while listening to itGo listen to this Aside from the weird #hashtag thing this was SO GOOD until some really unnecessary conflict was introduced and resolved within the last 50 pages I would have given this a full 4 stars but I’m knocking it down to a 35 because I can’t overlook how much I just didn’t jive with the ending Wompppppp Although all that aside I am definitely going to pick up the next book in the series because I loved the writing and the characters so 😅 This was okay The hashtags got annoying real uick though 45 starsI loved itit was so goodIt has dramait was fun and the romance was cuteSuch a nice surprise from a new author to meI have to admit from the moment I read the synopsis I couldn't wait to read itGavin is the perfect hero protectiveswoon worthy and sexyMarlee is fantastic I liked her she is so funnyI could easily relate with herI loved that she is so down to earth and not like the other girlsI love the relationship between Marlee and GavinThe are sweet and cute they make me smile most of the time 'You just complimented me while yelling at me Now I don't know if we're still fighting or if I get to kiss you yetI love the writing it was refreshing and easy to readI'm excited to read books from Alexa Martin I still can't believe it's her first book     Find all of my reviews at ’m usually up Berkley’s butt like a real hemorrhoid when it comes to their romance releases but somehow I managed to miss this one and had to wait for my turn at the library to come around Luckily it ueued up at the perfect time – ROMANCE WEEK The story here is about Marlee a graphic designer who has been dating NFL player Chris for the past 10 years – except that one time when A case of mistaken laptops leads to Marlee accidentally logging in to the wrong e mail account where she discovers Chris’ latest little secret and forces Marlee to finally decide that After finally cutting ties with that terminal adulterer Marlee finds she has a new suitor who has apparently been waiting in the wings for her to come to her senses for the past four years That suitor? The newly acuired free agent Denver Mustangs uarterback Part second chance part sports Intercepted is a romance that will steam up your spectacles I will warn you for those who aren’t fans of gimmicky tidbits that have been incorporated in order to make a book memorable you may find yourself screaming Obviously as someone who relies on a gimmick in order for people to enjoy my reviews I have zero complaints about this methodology I also have zero complaints and will most likely never stop discussing these covers that Berkley keeps rolling out I loooooooooove that they have created sort of a “signature look” with these cartoony covers that lets the reader know they are picking up something they are going to enjoy And the catchphrase here????? Oh Berkley all you do is win win win no matter what 3 ½ Stars because I never fully got on board the train to Splooshville with Gavin – but rounded up because this was a pretty pretty pretty good time Marlee thought she scored the man of her dreams only to be scorched by a bad breakup But there's a new player on the horizon and he's in a league of his ownMarlee Harper is the perfect girlfriend She's definitely had enough practice by dating her NFL star boyfriend for the last ten years But when she discovers he has been tackling other women on the sly she vows to never date an athlete again There's just one problem Gavin Pope the new hotshot uarterback and a fling from the past has Marlee in his sightsGavin fights to show Marlee he's nothing like her ex Unfortunately not everyone is ready to let her escape her past The team's wives who never led the welcome wagon are not happy with Marlee's return They have only one thing on their minds taking her down But when the gossip makes Marlee public enemy number one she worries about than just her reputationBetween their own fumbles and the wicked wives it will take a Hail Mary for Marlee and Gavin's relationship to survive the season I’ve had a ton going on in my life so just warning you my reviews are short and sweet while I get these all caught upFirst book new author I wouldn’t have guessed this by the way this author writes I am excited for from herThis book is refreshing it was a sports romance that gave me wonderful feels Gavin Marlee are super cute and sweet Don't you just hate it when you are dating a professional football player and then a guy you had a one night stand years ago joins the team? Totally awkwardThis was a fun sports romance with a main character Marlee who was easy to like Humor was used well throughout the book although I thought hashtags were used a few too many times I preferred the first half of the book over the second as it felt like the story was being dragged on just for drama's sake I liked Gavin but at times he felt a little too simple and one dimensional Overall this is a decent read if you are looking for something light and easyThank you to First to Read for the opportunity to read an advance digital copy I was under no obligation to post a review and all views expressed are my honest opinion

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