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Beowulf Part of the ALL NEW LADYBIRD EXPERT SERIES'This accessible illustrated guide is a great introduction to the story its origins and its enduring legacy' BBC HISTORY Which is terrifying a monster or its mother Why did Berserkers run naked into battle How was the story of Beowulf almost lost foreverPLUNGE into the adventures of Beowulf the 6th Century hero who defeated the monster Grendel became king of his people and slayed a tremendous dragon Surviving in a single burnt manuscript Beowulf continues to entrance readers and inspire major works of fantasy todayWARRIORS MONSTERS DRAGONS GOLDJanina Ramirez's Beowulf is an accessible and authoritative guide to the spellbinding world and daring feats of a poem remembered through the centuries

  • Hardcover
  • 56 pages
  • Beowulf
  • Janina Ramírez
  • 22 August 2016
  • 9780718189730

About the Author: Janina Ramírez

Janina Sara María Ramírez née Maleczek; 7 July 1980 sometimes credited as Nina Ramírez is a British art and cultural historian and TV presenter based in Woodstock Oxfordshire She specialises in interpreting symbols and examining works of art within their own historical contextRamírez went to school in Slough She gained a degree in English literature specialising in Old and Middle Englis

4 thoughts on “Beowulf

  1. Melissa Melissa says:

    uite interesting think I'll dig out the 2007 adaptationGreat endTo read Beowulf is to touch the world of our ancient ancestors to try to understand where Englandcame from and to discover a period in history that formed our nation our identity and the next centuries of our history It is the starting point for understanding ourselves It’s our epic

  2. David David says:

    Þæt wæs god gedihtReally interesting to have alongside my Beowulf translation the notes in that are so academic that in places they loose me The Ladybird format made it feel like a book from my childhood and the illustrations are spot on I will be refering back to Dr Ramirez's book often

  3. Kirsty Plumb Kirsty Plumb says:

    Love the way this is set out a very easy uick and digestible read Was hoping for a bit about the storyline before I read the poem but to be fair it never claimed to be a summary of the plot

  4. Rae Rae says:

    Epic poetry Background information Great illustrations Short Ladybird Expert series

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