Where the Wild Cooks Go MOBI ¾ Wild Cooks MOBI

Where the Wild Cooks Go A gastronomic gallop across the globe in the company of the ever entertaining Cerys Matthews Each cuisinecountry she explores is illustrated with poetry music history and anecdotes of her experiences The recipes are not too complex and all chosen because Matthews actually cooks them herself She gives you variants if you want vegan or vegetarian options and tips on how to serve and what to drink with things This book is like a brilliant conversation with someone you meet in a pub and end up talking to for about six hours Wonderful I love Cerys Matthews and this is a lovely cookbook by her It’s personal and pleasing You won’t find anything revolutionary in terms of recipes in fact many of them are well loved old favourites but the presentation is really nice This is a cookbook you can read And there’s a cooking playlist and cocktails What’s not to like? A wonderful insight into Cerys Matthews travels musical tastes and love of tasty food Different to usual biographies or cook books this is a great addition to anyone's bookshelf BBC broadcaster and musician Cerys Matthews tours the world from her kitchen mixing up recipes with the music poetry and cultures that have inspired her over a lifetime of cooking and travellingA kitchen these days is a wonderful place You can cook your way right round the world without spending a fortune and without even leaving your home This is exactly what Cerys Matthews food enthusiast finds herself doing with tried and tested recipes from all over the globe Shall we go Spanish Japanese Scottish Shall I cook inside Light a fire Here low meat vegan and vegetarian options as well as cocktail recipes offer up the world as your oyster Accompanied by stories and folklore from each country with a wonderful list of tracks to inspire while you cook and eat this is a failsafe way to keep things interesting in the kitchen With a recipe base and song list built over years of touring and discovering new places Cerys has found that a simple list of ingredients and a great playlist on the go means there's always a ticket to ride

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