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Octopuses THE PERFECT STOCKING FILLER FOR INUISITIVE MINDSPart of the ALL NEW LADYBIRD EXPERT SERIES Why is it octopuses and not octopi or octopodes How did octopuses evolve to be so clever How can octopuses see and speak with their skinEXAMINE these crafty hunters of the seabed shape shifting skin signalling and using complex tools their remarkable abilities are still being uncoveredBENDY BODIES BIG BRAINSWritten by celebrated marine biologist and documentarian Helen Scales Octopuses is an enthralling introduction to these utterly uniue creatures the myths and fiction they have inspired and what they can tell us about the roots of intelligence

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  1. Dani Lensen Dani Lensen says:

    I loved this little bookIt contains the most beautiful illustrations and it's a great summary on octopuses The cover also makes it a great eye catcher Great for people that want to learn something about octopuses within a day

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