Alpha Girls Understanding the New American Girl and How

Alpha Girls Understanding the New American Girl and How She Is Changing the World The bestselling coauthor of Raising Cain hailed for its insights into the psyche of boys breaks new ground with this startling picture of today's American girl—independent self confident highly motivated and fundamentally different from previous generationsThere's a new type of teenage girl growing up in America today and she is having a profound and beneficial influence on society That's the conclusion of Dr Dan Kindlon the widely respected child and adolescent psychologist and the coauthor of the bestseller Raising Cain Dr Kindlon supports his startling discoveries about the new alpha girl with groundbreaking research including profiles case studies uestionnaires and In Alpha Girls Dr Kindlon• presents innovative newsworthy material about teenage girls that directly contradicts the thesis of Reviving Ophelia • looks at the many ways in which the accomplishments of the alpha girl's mother have helped to liberate her daughter• examines the dramatically different relationship between father and daughter today—and how it can transform a girl's psychological makeup identity and sense of selfPart of the first generation that is reaping the full benefits of the women's movement today's American girl is maturing with a new sense of possibility and psychological emancipation Dr Kindlon provides us with an in depth portrait of the alpha girl—a born leader who is ready to explode into adulthood and make her mark on the world and by her example serve as an inspiration for women everywhere

10 thoughts on “Alpha Girls Understanding the New American Girl and How She Is Changing the World

  1. Anne Rioux Anne Rioux says:

    I give it 2 and a half The book buys into the so called post feminist hype of the 2000's when so many young women assumed the world was now their oyster and choice in every aspect of their lives was now possible Over the past five or years we've grown increasingly aware of how much feminism still has to accomplish in order to create the world these girls thought they were living in I kept wondering what will these girls think once they get out into the business world or academia Will they still find it so easy to have it all?

  2. Sara Sara says:

    This book was referenced by one of the other books I read recently “Manning Up” and it certainly reads well as a companion to that newer work Published in 2006 this book’s research was done in part to refute some of the earlier literature about young women — works like “Reviving Ophelia” and “ueen Bees and Wannabes” which suggested that girls were emotionally vulnerable felt threatened or intimidated by boys and struggled with self image and body issues throughout adolescence Kindlon argues that these images of young women are outdated and passe that today’s young women are assertive bold and go getters He looks at the role of parents in the development of their daughters’ ideas of gender roles examines the academic and school environments for young women and the impact that these alpha girls are having on the role of young menKindlon’s primary research was conducted through interviews with 113 girls as well as a uestionnaire administered to over nine hundred adolescent boys and girls throughout North America an admittedly small survey sample and one which was skewed towards private schools and affluent white communities Kindlon also cautions that his arguments apply primarily to western first world societies However he does provide counterarguments in the form of interviews with other professionals and researchers as well as acknowledging that much progress still needs to be made for girls who have less opportunities and resources available to them from birth Still Kindlon’s enthusiasm for the new Alpha Girl seems to toss boys to the side as he closes one chapter “Perhaps the coming generations of feminized men may be happier than men of the past men will be able to drop some of the burden of maleness and become loving The alphas will provide — fishing for termites bring home the bacon — while men will have of a chance to indulge themselves in sublimely pointless play” 176 — as if women want to hear excuses for immature behavior from men

  3. Dale Dale says:

    Rings true to this classroom teacherAs a classroom teacher that first came into the profession at the height of the Reviving Ophelia type of research done by Mary Pipher I have participated in classes seminars and training sessions about how girls are being short changed in the classroom and in our culture It was not until I ran across some research I was doing in my Master's Degree program some 15 years later that my eyes were opened to a new possibility the girls are on the whole doing just fine The boys on the other hand are falling by the wayside in heart cringing numbers Go to any public school and you can just about guarantee that 7 or of the top ten will be girls Look at the special education numbers and 7 out of 10 will be boysDan Kindlon's Alpha Girls Understanding the New American Girl and How She Is Changing the World does not address what is going on with boys but it does look at a relatively new phenomenon the hyper achieving academically gifted socially skilled generally athletic well connected Alpha GirlsWhat makes an Alpha Girl? Read at

  4. Cara Ball Cara Ball says:

    I have been putting off reading Reviving Ophelia and the other teentween books about girls because I just wasn't ready to deal with no self confidence eating issues etc Much to my surprise teens and tweens have changed AS LONG AS they are Alpha girls Thankfully I've got two of them The Alpha girls have self confidence do not feel inferior to males and don't lose their voice After feeling satisfied with the up coming generation I stopped reading this book about 34s of the way through The topic remained compelling; however the data was surrounded by dated current events References to the current Bush administration scandals of the late '00s in the academic arena and the foretelling of a future which never took place began interfering with the information in the book Still an interesting read Parents of girl teens and tweens will find this interesting

  5. Laura Craner Laura Craner says:

    This book was a little heavy on the personal anecdotes and little too into itself to be really great The idea that not all girls are ueen Bees and Wannabes is a important though Given the dates and the criteria the author used I was probably an alpha girl in high school although the author seemed prejudiced against people with mood disorders so he might not have counted me His book made pretty clear that my choices of a traditional marriage and staying home with my kids turned me into a loser I respectfully disagree with him Also the end chapters about lesbians and how many many alpha girls will never find a man to satisfy them was soooo Charlotte Perkins Gilman Anybody else ever read Herland Crazy stuff

  6. Alexa Hamilton Alexa Hamilton says:

    Usually a couple of years makes no difference but it made my head hurt every time the author mentioned the fact that there were no women running for president in a major party and no women as speaker of the house or any other high ranking political positionThis is a pop science book written by a PhD psychologist and overall not particularly illuminating I learned that alpha girls are the new generation of women who act like their fathers and love their mothers anyway Though I think parental relations are important in a person's life my guess is that the author read a little too much Freud during an important part of his life

  7. Leah Leah says:

    I give this book 25 stars This book was written by the same person that wrote Raising Cain I didn't find it nearly as interesting mostly based on survey research instead of therapy sessions Also it was primarily written about one study of one group of upper middle class girls The book addresses the high achieving high school girls out there that will grow up to become leaders in society I thought it was going to be similar to Raising Cain addressing the problems facing youth today It wasn't

  8. Roger Roger says:

    A book extolling the virtues of men would be met with skepticism by me and this one is no different The fact that he has two daughters also calls into uestion the inferences he makes While it is understandable to have immense pride for your own daughters can you really separate your heart and mind and look at the facts?Let's not fool ourselves This is not an academic proof and it does not strive to be impartial This book is a ra ra text to inspire womenOverall I felt that this book did not give me any insight

  9. Shantay Shantay says:

    What I wanted was a well researched meaty book that would motivate and inspire me as a mother What I got was fabricated research and conclusions dispensed as fact It was very fluffy like a magazine article that somehow came in hardcover While I love love love the topic See Jane Win and Flux are much better books

  10. Linnea Arneson Linnea Arneson says:

    Kind of refreshing after reading a lot of books about how girls' self esteem is being destroyed by the media Everyone knows someone like that but for every Ophelia I know five alpha girls who totally get that magazines and stuff manipulate you and who are confident and strong and good at everything

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