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Here and Now and Then To save his daughter he’ll go anywhere—and any whenKin Stewart is an everyday family man working in IT trying to keep the spark in his marriage struggling to connect with his teenage daughter Miranda But his current life is a far cry from his previous careeras a time traveling secret agent from 2142Stranded in suburban San Francisco since the 1990s after a botched mission Kin has kept his past hidden from everyone around him despite the increasing blackouts and memory loss affecting his time traveler’s brain Until one afternoon his “rescue” team arrives—eighteen years too lateTheir mission return Kin to 2142 where he’s only been gone weeks not years and where another family is waiting for him A family he can’t rememberTorn between two lives Kin is desperate for a way to stay connected to both But when his best efforts threaten to destroy the agency and even history itself his daughter’s very existence is at risk It’ll take one final trip across time to save Miranda—even if it means breaking all the rules of time travel in the processA uniuely emotional genre bending debut Here and Now and Then captures the perfect balance of heart playfulness and imagination offering an intimate glimpse into the crevices of a father’s heart and its capacity to stretch across both space and time to protect the people that mean the most

  • Hardcover
  • 336 pages
  • Here and Now and Then
  • Mike Chen
  • English
  • 06 December 2015
  • 9780778369042

About the Author: Mike Chen

Mike Chen is the author of Here And Now And Then a finalist for Goodreads Choice Best Sci Fi CALIBA Golden Poppy and the Compton Crook Award and A Beginning At The End a brilliant fragile path through the darkness Library Journal His short fiction is featured in Star Wars From A Certain Point Of View The Empire Strikes Back and he has covered geek culture for sites such as Tor

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  1. Larry H Larry H says:

    35 stars rounded upI know I'm not the only one who finds novels about time travel utterly irresistible It's not the science of time travel that fascinates me although I'm always drawn in by the possible paradox of running into yourself somewhere in time For me it's the thought that one single action even the smallest gesture can set off a chain of events that could change the world as we or the characters know itIn Mike Chen's new novel Here and Now and Then Kin short for uinoa—when he was born the world was obsessed with naming babies after food is a special agent for the Temporal Correction Bureau TCB in the year 2142 When a simple mission back in time to the 1990s gets botched Kin finds himself stranded in the San Francisco suburbs—for 18 yearsAfter his initial panic gave way to acceptance Kin realizes that he must live his life in the here and now of the 1990s even if it isn't uite his real here and now So he finds himself building a life—working in IT; keeping his marriage to Heather a driven science fiction obsessed attorney on track; and trying to maintain his relationship with their teenage daughter Miranda It's not all that difficult but through the years he struggles with memory loss debilitating headaches and blackouts—evidence his brain is destabilizing due to all of the time travelKin tries to write off his episodes as PTSD but as they increase in freuency and intensity they take their toll on his marriage and his relationship with Miranda When the TCB's retrieval agent finally locates Kin and readies to bring him back to 2142 Kin isn't sure he wants to leave the life he has known even if he knows he never should have had it in the first place And when he returns to his present day Kin is shocked to find he had a completely different life he left behind How can he return to his old life when his wife and daughter are back in the past?Did a missing past even matter any compared to human touch in the here and now?As Kin tries to re acclimate to his life and those in it he longs for his daughter When his efforts to keep in touch with her across the years inadvertently put her in danger Kin realizes the only thing he can do is travel back in time to save her even if it means the end of his life and the end of his relationships in current time It will take courage and strength he's not sure he has any and the luck of time which he hopes is on his side one last timeI thought this was a fun poignant book full of suspense and emotion At times it got a little too technical for me science is so not my thing even if it's fictional science but the story had so much heart and you wanted to root for everyone even if that meant not everyone would get what they wanted Kin is a terrific character even if you wanted to smack him sometimes so he'd just say what he was feeling Here and Now and Then is an enjoyable addition to the time travel genre But even if you're not a time travel fan there's enough emotion heart and character development to sink your teeth into And who knows? Maybe it will even get you thinking about who you'd travel through time forNetGalley and MIRA provided me an advance copy of the book in exchange for an unbiased review Thanks for making this available See all of my reviews at itseithersadnessoreuphoriablogspotcom or check out my list of the best books I read in 2017 at

  2. K.A. Doore K.A. Doore says:

    This book THIS book THIS BOOKHere and Now and Then is a perfect little sci fi gem with just a touch of literary When time traveler Kin gets stuck in the 20th century he does what any reasonable person would do fall in love and start a family This turns out to be a perfectly good plan until suddenly the rescue team shows up almost two decades too late Now Kin is back in the 22nd century where for everyone else it's only been a week but for him it's been an entire life He really tries to settle back in but when the daughter he had in the past is threatened well he's not about to let that slideIt's a poignant story written with a deft hand There's a heckuva lot to unpack emotionally when you're dealing with two lives and two families and a heckuva lot of ways to go wrong but Chen lands each emotional beat with not only style but a punch to the gut I'm not usually one to cry while reading A Fault In Our Stars was the last one to get me so it's been years but I went through half a box of tissues in those last few chaptersMoreover the women are all fully formed fully realized characters with just as much depth as the men and there's no Big Bad Wolf just people being people It's morally gray in the best way and the technobabble is just enough to be believable without going overboard Tense exciting emotional and full of heart this one's going in my rec to everyone list

  3. Angela M Angela M says:

    I enjoy time travel stories every once in a while and I just accept the moving from one time to another paying little attention to the details of what gets the character there and back and sometimes back again The important things for me are the characters and their relationships and how they manage in the different years So I tried to ignore the technical details put forth here although some of it of course was important to how the story plays out The “technical” details in the story didn’t grab me I prefer a simpler way of moving from time to time without a lot of explanation For some reason I can be accepting of it that way Having said that I was taken with the core theme a father’s love for his daughter and the lengths he would go to save herA time travel mission for The Temporal Corruption Bureau goes wrong when Kin travels from 2142 to 1996 to catch a rogue agent who is attempting what is taboo in time travel trying to change history When he gets stranded in the past not remembering his presentfuture life he marries and has a 14 year old daughter Things become complicated when he is rescued against his will and he has to leave his wife and daughter behind Things are complicated further by the fact that he has someone in his life in this time as well With the ability to search websites of the past Kin is able to find out the fate of his wife and daughter and is determined to make things right for his daughter Miranda and insure that she has a good life He begins to communicate with her by e mail and is caught by his employer and his mission is now to save his daughter This is fast paced uick to read if you gloss over the technical details like I did Time travel stories can be far fetched and some of what happens here especially near the end felt a bit too much for me But it’s a touching story and overall I enjoyed it I would definitely recommend this to time travel aficionadosI received an advanced copy of this book from HARLEUIN MIRA through NetGalley

  4. Katherine Riley Katherine Riley says:

    Here and Now and Then is a superbly plotted technological twister about a husband and father forced into an impossible choice The science is precise and clever and Chen deftly serves up each unexpected turn in the process constructing his own impossible — two poignant and disparate lives simultaneously experienced by one person As a writer I read with admiration and as a mother I sometimes needed a handkerchief

  5. Crystal Brown Crystal Brown says:

    Y'all I have a special place in my heart for time travel and I love reading about future tech It's the reason I love Black Mirror so much seeing possibilitiesI don't read nearly enough speculative fiction and Here and Now and Then has given me the nudge I neededOne of the things that made this book so enjoyable for me is that there is plenty of technology involved but we don't get bogged down in specs and the kind of extraneous detail that sometimes makes my eyes glaze overI think it works so well because although time travel is the glue that holds the story together I would consider it the B plot The A plot is about family and relationships love and sacrifice and all the joy and pain that comes with itThe cast of characters are strong enough that I really cared about all of them The empathy I felt made Kin's mission feel as important to me as it was to him and that is a rare treatThis is a fast paced fun read but it's also touching and evocativeHere and Then and Now is another debut novel that is just superb The writing is on point and the dialogue is seamless and despite it's futurepast setting it's uite believable55 stars Expected date of publication is January 29th 2019I received an ARC from MIRA Books via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review  The opinions expressed are mine

  6. Carrie Carrie says:

    Here and Now and Then by Mike Chen is a science fiction fantasy novel This particular time travel adventure takes a look at what happens if things in the past are changed by the time travelersKin is from the year 2142 when time travel becomes common and is an agent for the Temporal Correction Bureau TCB The agents of the TCB are tasked with going back and protecting the past from corruption as any little change can change their future that is yet to comeHowever Kin gets sent on an assignment back to the 1990s to take out someone interfering and while he does succeed in his mission he also ends up with his locator damaged Kin hops that despite the damage someone will come for him in two days when scheduled but instead finds himself trapped for the next eighteen years where he slowly loses the memories of his true timeAlthough the idea behind Here and Now and Then is not a new one in the fact that change in the past can change the future I still enjoyed this author’s take on it This is one that most of the plot is pretty much given away in the blurb so if you didn’t read that yet you may not want to if it sounds like a good oneFor me while I enjoyed the ideas on time travel and the story I did think this one read a little on the dry side and I just didn’t feel it oozing with the emotion it should have which is what led to my rating 35 stars Maybe I was focusing a bit too much on the tech side or perhaps it was the male POV or writer that was a bit off to me but regardless it was still a solid and entertaining storyI received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalleyFor reviews please visit

  7. Nicki Markus Nicki Markus says:

    Here and Now and Then was a perfect mix of family drama and sci fi adventure Kin and his predicament caught my interest from the first chapter and held it throughout The time travel elements were well thought out and blended seamlessly into the tale I was never left uestioning the viability of anything that took place Kin was an engaging character as a reader I desperately wanted him to succeed and overall this book was a real page turner that was hard to put down at the end of each reading session I would definitely want to read from the author in the future and I recommend Here and Now and Then to fans of time travel works and lighter genre bending sci fi talesI received this book as a free eBook ARC via NetGalley

  8. Wendy Heard Wendy Heard says:

    This is a beautiful literary genre bending sci fi novel about a time traveler and his love for his daughter Kin's mission to reach across time and space to save his beloved daughter is both touching and terrifying Fans of THE TIME TRAVELER'S WIFE and DR WHO will love Mike Chen I can't wait to see what he writes next

  9. Gary Gary says:

    Mike Chen’s debut novel Here and Now and Then begins with a man out of time Kin Stewart is an agent for the TCB Temporal Corruption Bureau who gets stuck in the late 1990s when his retrieval beacon gets damaged It takes two decades for the Bureau to find him and by then he’s broken their cardinal rule not to mess with the past by marrying his wife Heather and fathering a daughter Miranda Corruption to the timeline is negligible so the TCB allows him to return to his job and agrees to let Miranda live as she had little effect on history Kin longs to know how his daughter’s life turned out and the actions he takes when he finds out puts both their lives—and the world as he knows it—at grave riskHere and Now and Then succeeds at all the fundamentals strong premise likeable characters focused plotting steady pacing The novel takes few risks though It ignores intriguing dramatic possibilities in favor of the standard action movie scenario of a father trying to rescue his daughter from certain peril and there is minimal pulse raising in terms of suspense and upping the stakes It’s a pleasant and emotionally satisfying time passer if not very distinctive

  10. Joy Clark Joy Clark says:

    This is why I love NetGalley I pick up a book that I normally wouldn't look twice at and end up finding a gem This is a uick original read that says a lot about the love of a parent for hisher child It's much than a typical scifi with layer upon layer of goodness and depths of feeling that many of this genre fail to reach I really enjoyed it and am looking forward to the movie adaptation cause I don't see how someone won't buy the rights to this one Oh and I forgot to add that any book with Doctor Who references automatically becomes 100% cooler I mean timey wimey makes an appearanceThank you to the publisher for providing me with an ARC through NetGalley

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