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The Gypsy Code I was interested to learn about the Gypsy life in the UK as I'm new here and it did teach me a bit but this guy just seems like a hothead who didn't learn lessons and got himself in trouble Also was very simply written but at least a uick read This book caught my interest as I wanted to learn a bit about life as a gypsy but I was left feeling slightly disappointedIt was written very simply and was a very uick read my favourite character being Alfie the dog There is love loyalty and a bit of cultural insight although just lacking in a bit of emotion It makes a good holiday read and I would give it 3 Thanks to Net Galley for my ARC I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review 25 rounded up The Gypsy Code follows author Mike Woodhouse as he recounts his past troubles with a gypsy family who then take it upon themselves to exact revenge and start a lifelong feud Love loss and the constant companionship of loyal dog Alfie spins an interesting story as Mike faces untold hardship and a bittersweet turn of events in Rhoda a gypsy woman he comes to love Mike Woodhouse comes across as a very ‘salt of the Earth’ character He doesn’t mince his words when regaling his life running from the gypsies he’s been targeted by and his swift downward spiral into a life living in fear I wouldn’t necessarily say that his actions are blameless but he comes across as a man who really understands the conseuences of his past crimes and this makes him a lot likeable than he might have otherwise see I think this is because his story feels very honest never shying away from showing the author in a less than positive way when called upon It feels believable The writing style is ok I found that towards the end the story looses a lot of its momentum and I did start to loose interest I think it’s hard to tell a story of this nature and maintain that high level of emotions This tries but wasn’t uite there This is an apparently true account of one man’s changing relationship with Gypsies Mike Woodhouse was a successful man He was also someone who was far from risk averse happy to change direction and try new things and make a success of it An engineer by trade he had tried his luck at running a nightclub then when that got too much threw it in and took a job as a welder before working his way up an engineering company While there he had his first run in with the Smiths a troublesome Gypsy clan involved in criminality Having disturbed a robbery at the company Mike gave chase and ran them off the road This sparked a feud that would follow himMike moved away and started his own business but the Smiths were never far away A passionate rugby man and unafraid to use his fists he was not the kind of guy to back down He also could call on other like minded and eually capable people This was most obvious when local farmers asked him to help drive Gypsies from their land something he engaged in with gusto But Mike met Rhoda a Romany Gypsy and he fell in love This was the start of a change in his attitudes and while still despising the Smiths he learnt that Gypsy culture is far richer than he had dreamed This change in attitude was solidified when through a betrayal he ended up losing everything and having no choice but to move in to a trailer with Rhoda in effect living the Gypsy life himselfThe Gypsy Code is an interesting book it’s very well written and compelling Gypsies and travellers are often a source of contention for middle England their caravans and trailers unwelcome in town’s and villages throughout Britain Their communities suffer discrimination and exclusion; some are involved in crime and they are disproportionately reflected in the prison population This book doesn’t shy away from the criminality associated with some members of the community the Smiths being a thoroughly antisocial family but eually in the latter part of the narrative the author shows how all too often the whole population is tarnished with the same brush Unfortunately he’s not consistent however Towards the end of the book Mike runs a stall at a traveller fare and relates how the Romany gypsies were well dressed polite and proud the Irish travellers in tracksuits and troublesome Is this really the case? All Romany’s are upstanding members of the community while all Irish travellers are criminals? Is he not doing what others do to the community as a whole and if he had fallen in love with an Irish traveller instead of a Romany would he not perceive things the other way around? That said this is a biography not a journalistic account or academic study of gypsytraveller life and that was obviously how he perceived things at the time Without giving away spoilers Mike’s earlier activity of fighting with Gypsies and running them off farmer’s land comes back to haunt him and the book ends on a bitter sweet note The Gypsy Code is a book that I thoroughly enjoyed Well written and moving it will be interesting to read what the author writes next This is a true story of how Mike Woodhouse was against the traveling community the trouble and mess they caused and the violence that came with them when they illegally moved onto a farmers field Set in Norfolk Mike gave them as good as they gave by causing them as much disruption as possible His bugbear was a family named The Smiths who he had many run ins with He was a successful businessman with plenty of money in the bank a nice home a smart car and a love of playing rugbyThen he meets Rhoda a gypsy girl who's father is royalty among the gypsy fraternity and his life changesThis book is gritty but had me in tears at times at the frustrations they face I thoroughly enjoyed this book and couldn't put it down This is a true story of Mike Woodhouse who seemed to have it all a successful business and comfortable life until the day he caught a group of Gypsy travellers stealing from his warehouse He then sets about a vigilante style revenge with some like minded friends and gets himself into some dangerous situations that eventually lead to him loosing everything he has built up and a life living in fearHis hardships and decisions he has to make as his life spirals out of control change his perception of the travellers he has been fighting and he learns the conseuences of his actions Honest gritty and honest even when he portrays himself in an unfavourable lightNot a fan of his writing style however it felt at times he was on the verge of turning this into a novel rather than a true story although I think as a novel it would have worked fine As an insight into this world it worked but seemed to lack emotion for me so only 3 stars for this reason Total rubbishBio of man who likes Rugby Had a few businesses that failed experienced some anti social behaviour Could be anyones bio Except everyone doesn't take to throwing petrol bombs at people's homes without any regard for life He then fears these people coming after him I wonder why Except they don't really come after him apart from getting a few thumps but he is still afraid That sums it up really This book is probably one of the worst books I have ever had the misfortune to read Drivel A true story about Mike Woodhouse He had a comfortable life in a small village in Norfolk and has a run in with the travelling community So much so that he takes matters into his own handsFast forward a few years and Mike meets and falls in love with a traveller girl called Rhoda they make a life together for themselves but then his past comes back to haunt him So much to thisA good and interesting read Well written 35⭐️ rounded up to 4Mike Woodhouse had it all an engineering business a wine bar a home a Range Rover and a boat Then one morning he caught some travellers stealing form his warehouse This is the point where Mike's life changed The story is truthfully told how he petrol bombed travellers caravans falling for a gypsy woman and living in fear of being recognised by the travellers he had targeted He tells how he was a wealthy man to being penniless living in a caravan with no electricity or running water The only faithful companion he has is his beloved dog Alfie This memoir tells us how one stupid action can follow you around and have you looking over your shoulder for the rest of your life I would like to thank NetGalley Penguin UK Michael Joseph and the author Mike Woodhouse for my ARC in exchange for an honest review Mike Woodhouse had everything an engineering business a wine bar a home a Range Rover and a boat Then he caught a group of travellers stealing from his warehouse A car chase petrol bombing and court case later and everything had changedA marked man Mike was forced to leave everything behind and move to the Peak District for a fresh start But his old life was never far behind and when he fell for Rhoda a Romany Gypsy kin to the very people he was hiding from he knew he wouldn't be safe for much longer The Gypsy Code is a story of secret identity revenge and forbidden love that's perfect for fans of Running with the Firm Undercover and Soldier Spy

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