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Lost Christmas Memories Gold Country Cowboys #4 A witness with amnesiaCan she trust this Gold Country Cowboy with her lifeTracy Wilson witnessed a murder but after a head injury she can't remember what she saw Now someone plans to silence her for good and only cowboy Keegan Thorn believes her With a killer after her at Christmas Tracy is running out of time to rememberand falling dangerously hard for the cowboy who could break her heart This is the first time I've read one of Dana Mentink's romantic suspense books and it will most definitely not be the last I loved this book The suspense and action started on page one and didn't let up which made for a fabulous story that I didn't want to stop reading Tracy and Keegan were both delightfully real and beautifully flawed characters and while their relationship moved uickly it never felt too fast to me The adrenaline pumping suspense scenes were perfectly balanced with delightful humor and moments that were so sweetly romantic that I sighed in happiness This book was everything I had hoped for and Bottom line this is a phenomenal romantic suspense read that I completely devoured and loved every single word Even though this is book four in a series and I had not read the first three I had no problem at all following this one so they don't have to be read in order but I am now super excited to go back and read the rest of the Thorn brothers' stories If you are a fan of Christian romantic suspense this is one you won't want to miss Highly recommendedI received an ebook copy of this book from the publisher which did not influence my review in any way All thoughts and opinions are one hundred percent my own Lost Christmas MemoriesDana MentinkHoly cow people LOST CHRISTMAS MEMORIES blew my mind totally screwed with my head and then blew my mind once again It was that good All while I was reading I totally had it figured out only to be wrong over and over again I love when an author keeps me guessing I have never read a book by Dana Mentink before but after reading LOST CHRISTMAS MEMORIES I know it won't be the lastLOST CHRISTMAS MEMORIES is a pretty intense story It is the last book in the Gold Country Cowboys series but can easily be read as a stand alone My heart really went out to Tracy and very uickly she felt like someone I knew for a very long time Keegan is exactly what Tracy needed Hold on tight people the ride is a bumpy and crazy one LOST CHRISTMAS MEMORIES is filled with just the right amount of romance suspense faith and hopeThe twists and turns in LOST CHRISTMAS MEMORIES are going to keep you up late into the night trying to figure it out One minute you believe you know who did it and the next you are sitting there shaking your head wondering what the heck just happened I had my suspicions I had it all figured out or so I thought and BAMwrong again Once you start reading trust me you aren't going to be able to stop When everything is finally revealed well you won't believe it I'm so excited to read of Dana Mentink's stories If they are all as suspenseful as LOST CHRISTMAS MEMORIES I know I will be hooked from the very first pageI received a complimentary copy of this book from CelebrateLit Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own 45 stars Buckle up ladies and gents This is a high stakes suspense adventure from start to finish – with a healthy dose of romance to keep things even intenseThe heart in your throat action starts right from the very first page with Tracy witnessing a murder and then running uite literally for her own life This sentence sent chills through me when I read it – and still does now – “Tracy knew at that moment that she would never make it back to the parking lot” Yikes There were several times when I wasn’t sure she’d make it out alive either and since I was fully invested in the story it felt like I wouldn’t make it out alive either haha Further complicating the ‘thriller’ feel to this uick read novel is the fact that a Tracy ends up with amnesia of those events after a head injury and b there’s no evidence of the murder she saw Talk about some stressEnter Keegan perhaps the only person – other than the murderer – who believes her I have been eagerly waiting for his story this bad boy who was adopted by the Thorn family in his teens and juggles those welcoming family dynamics with the strained relationships he has with his birth father and half brother Watching this tough guy’s protective instincts flare to life with Tracy is truly swoonworthy and his nickname for her made me grin and melt all at onceBottom Line Lost Christmas Memories is the perfect wrap up to the Gold Country Cowboys series if we really must say goodbye to this great family Don’t plan to relax the whole time you’re reading this one because just about the time you do gunshots start going off again Mentink’s skill at writing layered characters and action driven plots keeps readers fully invested from beginning to end rooting for the good guys and looking over their shoulder for the bad guys If you haven’t read the other books in this series yet fret not – it works well as a standalone but fair warning you’ll want to go back and ‘meet’ the other Thorn brothers in their own stories tooI voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this bookfirst seen at Reading Is My SuperPower Lost Christmas Memories was such an exciting story It was filled with many situations in which the hero and heroine barely escaped with their lives And poor Keegan and Tracyit seemed that so many people simply didn’t believe that these events were than mere accidents How frustrating for themAlong with all of the danger that was packed into this story the author also explored the effects of harboring a grudge and allowing anger to fester over many years The impact of that bitterness colored choices beliefs and the actions of some of the characters as the story progressedLost Christmas Memories wrapped up the Gold Country Cowboys series nicely yet could also be read as a stand aloneI received a complimentary copy of this book All opinions are my ownYou can read this review on my blog

  • Paperback
  • 224 pages
  • Lost Christmas Memories Gold Country Cowboys #4
  • Dana Mentink
  • 14 May 2014
  • 9781335490728

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